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Girl and boy musical theatre duets

This is for my musically inclined friends out there! Trying to find the perfect duet to help you and your partner in crime bring the house down? Whether you are looking to tackle a brassy, belt-y piece with your best friend or a saucy love song with your significant other, these are some classic and killer duets that are guaranteed to make you feel like a star! Some of these might seem a little cliche, but bear with me.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Seventeen (JD Part Only - Karaoke) - Heathers The Musical

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Jazz Duet Dance- "Wicked Little Girls"

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They Will Never Leave You! Essential Female Duets for Broadway

From legendary collaborations between musical greats to fresh partnerships from new kids on the block, we give you the top 20 duets of all time for karaoke The only thing better than killing it at karaoke is killing it at karaoke with a friend! Duets offer twice the vocal range, twice the giggles and twice the fun, so with that in mind we've only gone and compiled a list of the top 20 karaoke duets of all time. And, if you're in need of even more inspiration for your next singing session, check out our round up of the top karaoke songs of all time. You can find all of these incredible karaoke duets available to sing on our online subscription service.

A couple of the mentions, I admit, are MY favorites that I keep pushing on them hopefully, but you will see which ones those are. My commentary also points out a few pitfalls and special challenges I have encountered with some of these Broadway books

Almost every musical has one — a musical theater duet for a male and female. Broadway shows are littered with beautiful duets! These are 10 of our favorite musical theater duets for a male and a female; each one is strong enough to stand on its own during a performance. Check out the original Sutton Foster version here. This duet is a great option for a man and woman with personality and a sense of fun.

8 Theater Love Songs To Duet With Your S.O.

They are looking to do a musical theatre number for festivals, they both have good voices with a good range aged 14 and I was going to suggest that as well! It's a good song and upbeat. You could also try 'for good' if they like wicked but want something slower. It's a really pretty song and doesn't have any chorus bits like 'what is this feeling'. If you wanted something a bit more solemn, I Still Believe, and Room Both from Miss Saigon are lovely but dont think theres much dancing involved, its more acting. What about anything you can do I can do better, that will call for lots of attitude and acting aswel as performance. Also depends how original you want it to be. No offence anyone ;- but we see a lot of many of these which is fine if you don't mind that, but some adjudicators like to see more original ideas. Sometimes you can be clever and turn a solo into a duet.

Duets for Music Theatre Singers

I've often said that musical theatre is the domain of female performers, at least as far as my heart is concerned. Decibel for decibel, men may tend to have more vocal power than women, but there are few pleasures in life more thrilling than witnessing a great lady of the stage blow the roof off a theatre. As has often been the case historically in musical theatre, more is more. Why stop the show with one actress singing when you can stop it that much more dead in its tracks with two actresses singing? Of course, musicals are not just fun rides; they tell a story, and not every musical can have a female-female duet.

Search Actor Hub using the power of Google. Choosing a song for a musical theatre or drama school audition or showcase can sometimes be pretty overwhelming.

A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece, often a composition involving two singers or two pianists. It differs from a harmony , as the performers take turns performing a solo section rather than performing simultaneously. A piece performed by two pianists performing together on the same piano is a " piano duet " or " piano four hands ".


It was challenge to narrow the songs down, but I decided to go with numbers I think will do well at competition. The formula is the same as past articles: a strong relationship, full story arc, and performance length. We hope you enjoy!

Boy-girl duets are compositions set to be sung by two singers. This article lists some popular duets for a boy and girl to sing, either for competitions or karaokes. If you are singing a song with another person, the overall musical composition is referred to as a duet. In a duet, each compositions is meant to be sung by two performers, who sing their parts separately or in unison during the chorus. For those who love to sing, it can be a learning experience to sing along with someone and match scale, range, and singing skills with one another.

15 Broadway Duets Guaranteed To Bring Down The House

Are you looking for a great piece for a competition! Or maybe just for a concert or cabaret? These songs are FREE to perform in festivals, competitions, and auditions - all that we ask is that you send us an email when you use them. We love knowing that our music is out there in the world. From our joyful take on Greek Mythology, Off to Olympus ,. The setting: Diana is the goddess of the forest, but she has never seen an actual man before.

Here is a great selection from Musical Theatre Worldwide shows, and even shows This a great, QUICK duet for a guy and a girl that will wow them in a festival.

So many co-sung tunes are a man and a woman trading bars about love and heartbreak, but only a handful of them have enough tone, intent, content, and chemistry to resonate. Here are 20 of the most memorable. Talk about the pathos of thug love: On this NYC mixtape hit, Mashonda and Jadakiss embodied the pain felt by drug dealers and the women who love them. Ne-Yo and the Barbadian dynamo trade off lines about being crazy in love — in the bad way, alas — and the way their voices soar and blend is enough to make one hope that they eventually figure out a way to work things out, or at least duet again. One of the most substantial love tracks in the entirety of the new wave catalogue, its phrasing and story is so Eighties downtown New York that it's amazing Human League were British.

Duets are musical compositions for two performers and have been part of the structure of musical theatre from the earliest shows in the 20s until now. Duets serve many purposes. They may involve a conversation between two characters; express love or strong emotions; and generate or resolve a conflict. Duets are particularly popular in comic scenes.

Betsy Wolfe is expecting! Why the hate for moulin rouge. Bombshell Benefit Concert. What musical is said to be unpopular and obscure, but actually isn't?

The best duets in musical theatre help the audience fall more in love with a show by getting to know the characters better. In this song, Fabrizio and Clara admit their feelings for each other and Clara accepts his marriage proposal.




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