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Girl meets world fanfiction farkle hurt

Farkle spent the entire walk home thinking about what he had done. Guilt is a funny thing. You never feel it when you're doing the thing that is wrong. You sometimes don't even feel it til hours, days, months later, but his guilt came quick. And not only did he realize, but so did Isadora.

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Farkle and Maya

Farkle kept tossing and turning the night after Maya's 17 th birthday sleepover. His stomach was clenching and twisting every few minutes and he had bitten his lip so much it had bled a little. Right now he was lying on a camp bed in the Matthews sitting room.

Lucas and Josh had the armchairs and Riley and Maya were on the sofa. He got up to go find paracetamol in the kitchen drawer a few feet away but another pain so much worse than the others had hit when he was halfway across the sitting room. Josh, Lucas and Maya woke up to his loud cry and turned on the lamp to see his crumpled form on the floor. The pain comes in waves every few minu—' hiss' His explanation cut short by another pain.

Is Farkle okay? Of course I'm fine. Three shocked faces stared back at him. Riley ran before Farkle could protest so he just propped himself against the step more comfortably. Josh, Maya and Lucas were watching him. Topanga was on the phone to emergency personal when the next one hit and the emergency dispatcher asked her some questions like: Is he out of breath easily when the pains hit, how long the pains were, how strong the pains seemed were.

Topanga answered them to the best of her ability and was told then that the ambulance from St James was coming to pick them up. She called Stuart who was on his way back from a conference in Dallas in his helicopter. She got his voicemail. She left this message. Call me when you get this message. The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and loaded Farkle up and Corey jumped in the back with him. Corey gripped his hand and ran a hand through Farkle's long hair.

They arrived and Corey was forced to wait in the reception area and watched as they wheeled Farkle away into a private room. He started filling out some of the medical forms such as Farkle's medical history and details.

What is happening to Farkle that was causing him the pains? Corey rushed over and sat on the bed and Farkle clung to his waist and buried his face into his side.

Corey just kept rubbing Farkle's back reassuringly. The doctor walked in followed by the Ultrasound technician. Corey got Farkle to lie back against the pillows and lower his pyjama bottoms slightly. The Technician smeared some petroleum jelly onto Farkle's stomach and moved it around. They stopped at a place and enlarged it on the screen.

There was a fully formed foetus nestled low in Farkle's abdomen. As soon as Farkle seen the baby another pain hit and this time a puddle of slightly bloody-clear liquid appeared on the bed. Farkle turned really white and his eyes rolled back in his head. The doctor ripped open a small packet and waved it under Farkle's nose. Farkle could feel himself sliding into consciousness.

He took in the doctor, technician, Corey and the Ultrasound screen which still had that enlarged picture of his baby on it. They got him a gown and Corey helped him change and get into a wheelchair. The technician saved the ultrasound and printed it off. He gave it to Corey who promised Farkle he would tell his Father for him.

They wheeled him into the lift and pressed the button for the 4 th floor and were between the 2 nd and 3 rd floor when Farkle felt a pressure down in his pelvis and grabbed Corey's hand and squeezed it tightly as he pushed. Corey's phone started buzzing and he accepted the call from Stuart. I'm in the lobby now, what's going on? Farkle's sweat soaked hair was in his eyes so Corey just brushed his hair out of the way and got a cold cloth from a nurse and wiped his forehead gently.

Corey asked a nurse passing to look out for a tall male possible wearing a blue blazer. She nodded and left the room. Farkle could hear the doctor saying he was 10cm dilated so he could push.

He nodded and Corey made to get up and wait for his father outside but Farkle grabbed his hand and begged him to stay.

Corey looked at him and said "sure bud I'll stay" and sat back beside Farkle. They doctor told Farkle to sit up a bit and Corey helped him shift up in the bed so his lower-middle back was resting against the pillows. The doctor said "Alright next contraction Mr Matthews you count to 10 seconds and Mr Minkus you push for those ten seconds.

A few seconds after the contraction finished later Stuart raced into his son's room. Stuart let go of his son. He looked closely at his son. Corey pulled him aside and showed him the picture of the Ultrasound scan.

The doctor kept Farkle's count as Farkle pushed. A few seconds later Farkle gasped and then cried out in further pain. The doctor checked Farkle and said right the baby is crowning and you can't push you need to breath now Mr Minkus like this. The doctor demonstrated and Farkle tried to copy it.

He whined when a new contraction hit and began his breathing. Corey rubbed his thumb and the back of Farkle's hand reassuring him that his student would be okay. Stuart gripped Farkle's other hand and put his other arm around Farkle's back to help him push later. The doctor watched as the forehead, eyes, and nose appeared before the contraction ended.

The mouth and chin crowned and the baby jolted forward slightly making Farkle yelp. They aligned and Stuart leaned Farkle forward to help him push. Corey counted " Stuart looked to Corey worriedly but Corey just nodded answering the unasked question, is this normal?

Stuart lifted his sons chin and looked into Farkle's blue eyes and said. Another hit and he pushed, another cry of pain was heard and then the small but getting louder wail of a baby.

Farkle slumped against his father's shoulder and neck and closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. His breath kept hitching and getting caught in his chest and he started to panic. Stuart hearing this leaned Farkle back against the pillows and grabbed Farkle's hand and pressed it to his chest and breathed slowly and evenly and said "copy my breathing Farkle".

Farkle stared at his father as he tried to. He settled against the pillows more comfortably and breathed slowly. The doctor said Farkle I need you to push out the placenta as I tug on the umbilical cord. Farkle did so and let out a small moan when it emerged. The nurse came over with a fluffy white blanket and nestled the baby in Farkle's arms.

He adjusted his arms slightly and opened the blanket to count the fingers and toes. He marvelled over how tiny the digits were. He checked the gender of his baby and he found it to be a little girl. Stuart looked up from his son and granddaughter to look over at Corey and said "thank you very much". Corey just looked back at the small family and said "anytime a student of mine is in trouble I will help no matter what, unless it's illegal to help". He left to go to back home.

He passed the nurses' station and entered the waiting room to go to reception and saw Topanga, Lucas, Riley, Maya, Josh, Auggie, Katie and Shawn waiting around for him. The kids were asleep except for Maya and Lucas who were chatting amongst themselves and the adults were chatting together. He cleared his throat and the people awake immediately stopped talking and looked over at him.

They stared at him and he stared back at them amused that their stares were turning into glares when he wasn't talking. He walked back to Farkle's room and saw Stuart outside sitting on a chair. I thought you left to go home to Topanga and the kids. The nurses tucked Farkle in and they left, leaving Farkle with his father and Corey. She hadn't opened her eyes yet so they didn't know what colour they were.

So Stuart waited behind the door so when everyone came in he heard them ask was he okay? He heard Farkle say yes. He heard Maya ask what was causing the pains and heard Farkle call out to him. He moved the curtain out of the way and saw everybody's jaw drop at the site of him holding the baby. He strode over to Farkle and laid the baby in his arms. Everyone crowded around the end of the bed except for Riley, Maya and Lucas who all sat up on the edge of the bed or visitors chairs.

Maya asked "okay Farkle is it a girl or boy. Riley was vibrating with nervous energy and Maya thought to ask before Riley burst into explosive and loud questions. Farkle looked at everyone assembled and said it's a girl. Auggie frowned "Aww I can't play action figures with a girl!

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally.

What happens when she returns? Is Maya and Lucas together? What is Riley doing?

Their ship name is Faya or Markle. Even if they are considered to be frenemies, Farkle used to have a crush on Maya, although she did not feel the same way and only considered him as a close friend. However, Farkle is later shown to be more friendly towards Maya as he isn't as affectionate as he used to be, and she now accepts his friendship openly same applies to him and Riley. Their relationship has a hilarious and touching dynamic to it and they have shown to be extremely protective of each other and care a lot about each other. In Girl Meets Farkle , she doesn't at first want to accept Farkle's suspicion of him having autism showing that she probably thinks of him as being a perfectly fine and normal guy which is sort of ironic considering all four of them Farkle, Lucas, Maya and Riley have learned that everyone has flaws.

I'm a girl meets world fan. I'm not really look at every detail obsessed, but I was thinking about Farkle. Farkle sat at the kitchen table doing homework. He always sat at the kitchen homework. He always checked and re-checked easy math problems until his dad came home just so the first thing his dad would do when he got home was talk to him. He loved his dad and never doubted that his dad loved him back, but sometimes he felt a bit unsure about things. Wouldn't you be uneasy if you knew your dad loved someone more than he would ever love your mom?

I was hesitant whether to post this to not, but thanks to some persuasion from Xxxx4evaSummerxxxx, I'm posting it. Farkle wrapped his sweater a bit tighter around his body as he continued to walk down the road. It had started to rain a few minutes prior, and the dampness in the air sent a chill down his spine. He continued on his walk over a bridge and paused once he reached the center. A lot of turning points in his life seemed to involve a bridge somehow, whether it was a literal or a figurative one.

Hullooo lovelies! So, this is my first ever GMW story, so please review and tell me how I can do better!

I was suppose to upload Ski Lodge Part 2 but I got stuck at one part. It will be uploaded whenever I finish. Also a Smarkle one-shot will becoming soon! Riley was sitting in the school library with Farkle, who hadn't looked up from his computer the entire study hall hour.

It was a typical night after school were gathered to do their homework well everyone except for Lucas who was always late , and Farkle who was usually right next to his girlfriend Riley making the other two gag. Riley was tapping her pencil on her notepad her eyes fixed on the door of Topanga's her worried face on. Maya patted Riley's hand trying to make her at least smile"Don't worry so much pumpkin it will give you wrinkles. Riley sighed softly focusing on Maya still fiddling with her pencil "I usually don't , but he has been off for a few days.

They had argued before and he had yelled several insults at her before but she always just brushed it off as best she could. Lucas and Riley and both been civil towards Paul but Farkle had insisted that Paul was bad news. Maya figured that Farkle was just jealous but after what had happened tonight she realized maybe Farkle was right. To put it simply Paul had hit her on the face and then kicked her. He had grabbed her wrist in the past but tonight was the first time that he actually hit her.

It was a calm, normal day in Mr Cory Matthews' history class at John Adam Quincey Middle School, and the kids were doing their history lesson as was expected of their curriculum. He went on a rant about becoming all knowledgeable like Einstein after learning about Belgium, , before he suddenly passed out, despite Riley trying to get him to calm down. She led him out of the classroom and closed the door. She was holding a large brown envelope in her hands. You got very positive results.

Nov 9, - It doesn't play a big part until the episode Girl Meets Farkle, but you will see symptoms of it throughout the EPISODE: SEASON 1, EPISODE 1- GIRL MEETS WORLD To start off with, Farkle's mother was hurting him, too.

Warning: This is not a happy story. It's nothing like the other Girl Meets World fanfics. Farkle stared down at his textbook. He didn't answer any questions in class. He didn't interact with anybody.

Here is my good friend Starry's request! Finally haha. I have once again split it up in two parts.

Farkle kept tossing and turning the night after Maya's 17 th birthday sleepover. His stomach was clenching and twisting every few minutes and he had bitten his lip so much it had bled a little. Right now he was lying on a camp bed in the Matthews sitting room. Lucas and Josh had the armchairs and Riley and Maya were on the sofa.

Well the Tribal Council has spoken. I have never had so many favorites and reviews happen so quickly.

It starts with one mistake. One day they messed up and then young Stuart Minkus is married and a father of a little boy with the strange name of Farkle. He's busy with school and she's busy, too, so Farkle goes to a daycare- it's expensive, sure, and not very good, but Farkle's taken care of. So Stuart works on making a better place in the world for Farkle and pretends he loves his wife that he never sees.

This will follow Farkle's journey in an abusive home from episode one to the time where his friends find out they will find out, but I'm not going to tell you when. Farkle really does have Aspergers. It doesn't play a big part until the episode Girl Meets Farkle, but you will see symptoms of it throughout the reading. But that didn't mean he always liked them, nor did that mean his parents-his mother, in particular- always loved him. The abuse had been going on for as long as he could remember, and the neglect probably started long before that.

Farkle walks outside to find Lucas sitting in Pappy Joes rocking chair Farkle wasn't sure what just happened in the living room. All he knew was that his best friend was hurting…all at the hands of his other best friend. Times like these, Farkle wishes he knew more about emotions.

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