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How do i get girlfriend out of my house

I will assume that your ex-girlfriend does not wish to leave the house and your are inquiring about your legal ability to have her removed. If she has established roots at your residence such as receiving mail there , then it is not as simple a matter of having the police escort her from the property as a trespasser. The police are unlikely to get involved in a situation that looks like a non-criminal domestic dispute. If law enforcement cannot solve the problem for you, and your ex-girlfriend refuses to leave, then you may wish to speak to an attorney. Even though the guest is not formally a tenant, certain principles of landlord-tenant law may apply. The law typically defaults to a month's notice if no specific term is included in the lease or, as in the case of the hold-over house guest, there is no lease to begin with.

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Get Your Ass Out Of My House

I received this email from a woman involved in a lesbian relationship. This site is for men involved with abusive women. I hope you can help me. I am a woman. A gay woman. A gay woman in the middle of trying to lose her extremely disturbed girlfriend. We were together for 7 years. When we met, she was married with three children and four grandchildren. She fell in love with me. She left her husband and children.

I got hooked. Nevertheless, we bought a house together and she quit her job to go to college full-time. I supported her for five years. The fighting, rage and abuse was always present. Initially, I questioned and blamed myself. Was I not sensitive enough? Was I communicating badly?

Did I really not understand the pressure she was under? The abusiveness really escalated 3 years ago when I wanted to start a family by artificial insemination. At the beginning of our relationship, she thought a child was a great idea, but when it came down to doing it, it was a very different story. Well, that backfired. She told the counselor I made her life hell and that if I would just change, we would have a wonderful relationship.

My physical and mental health declined rapidly. The emotional pressure i. My financial pressure was extreme. I stopped jumping through hoops and began to detach from the relationship the night she told me she had more love, respect and loyalty to her ex-husband than she did for me. Her timing was beautiful. She had just completed her Masters exams, which I emotionally and financially supported her through.

Over the past year, I have very slowly distanced myself from her. But her rages continued. I fought her off me. It lasted two hours. She got up the next morning, showed me her bruises and told me I needed help.

How could someone as small as she was defend herself? I was in absolute shock. She attacked me and sustained bruises when I pushed her off of me. After this episode, I knew I need to get her out of my life. I got a solicitor to try to remove her from my house. He sent two letters requesting that she vacate the premises. She ignored the first two letters until my solicitor sent a third one stating that he was going to petition the courts.

She responded claiming she had been very busy on her Masters exams and that is why she ignored the letters. This was a lie as she had completed her program a year ago. My solicitor then responded by telling her she has 1 week to come to an agreement and that if she does not not that [I] will cancel the electricity, house insurance, life insurance, waste management and remove fittings, furnishings and appliances from the premises.

She received this document 2 days ago. I know because of her behavior. For the last 48 hours, she has been slamming doors, sitting in front of me, humming, getting up at all hours to take over the bathroom to cause me to be late for work and playing loud music to prevent me sleeping.

Prior to this, there had only been one rage outburst in the last three months. I think purely because I have not engaged on any level with he. I used to be really good at assessing people, but all I seem to think about is getting rid of her and what her next move is going to be? By your description, this woman sounds like a total nightmare and probably has one of the Cluster B personality disorders. Additionally, Cluster B individuals refuse to hold themselves accountable for their behavior most of the time and have zero to little capacity for empathy, which seems to apply to your girlfriend.

Your girlfriend is beating you up emotionally and physically enough for the both of you. Now is the time for you to get very clear, attend to the business at hand, protect yourself, your reputation and your property and focus on how great your future will be without this woman. When you try to end your relationship with this type of person she will typically escalate the craziness and abuse and can become physically violent. How dare you leave her?

Who do you think you are? Ending a relationship with a woman like your girlfriend also represents a loss of control—over you, the relationship and her distorted view of reality. It challenges her world view and self view. These women react by amping up the craziness in a frenzied effort to get you back under their control. When she realizes she can no longer control you, she will then set out to try and destroy you. She will try to take all your money, all your possessions, your relationships and your reputation.

The goal is to have you walking around wearing nothing but suspenders and a barrel and to be shunned as an object of ridicule. Talking trash to your neighbors and shaming you at your place of work are classic smear campaign tactics and is common behavior for women like your girlfriend.

These women will often tell the most outrageous lies and make up abuse allegations to anyone who will listen—your family, friends, boss, colleagues and authorities.

Your best defense is a good offense. Abusive women like your girlfriend maintain their power by keeping their abusive behavior hidden from the outside world. Exposing these women for who and what they are diminishes their control. Oftentimes the best antidote for abuse is to shine a light on it.

Some people will believe her lies. However, the people who know and care about you will be supportive and want to help. It will only reinforce her bad behavior. Stand your ground. Calmly observe her as you would an out of control 5-year old child.

Protect yourself and strengthen your resolve. The treasure, in this case, is getting your life and your sanity back. You might also want to consider hiding a video camera to record her antics. Then, when she engages in her truly abusive behavior again the physical abuse and the loud music playing into the night call the police, show them your evidence and have them remove her from your home.

The recordings may not be admissible in court, but you need physical evidence to prove her behavior. Is the house is in your name? The fact that you supported her through school could gain you some leverage. You may also want to consider inviting a friend or family member to stay with you until you get her out of the house. These types will often behave themselves in front of witnesses. I encourage you to also discuss these matters with your solicitor.

Hope this helps. Her practice combines practical advice, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes. If you find the information I provide free of charge helpful and valuable here on Shrink4Men, please consider making a donation via PayPal to help me maintain the site.

The data was all there before, but until I was able to detach from it and view it from a third person perspective, I just did not see the wood for the trees. So true. I like your description, I just love it. You are dead right about these kinds. All these acts are just a way to provoke you to say or do something that will send you on a guilt trip later and to compensate for their lack of logic. I am not sure why these people are allowed to destroy lives the way they do.

I mean the devastation they cause should be either criminal or insane in that case they should be confined to mental health institutions. If we can quantify and put figures to the financial divorce, etc and psychological Kids, future partners that must pick up the pieces, strings of victims impact of this lot — its way too much.

For Ruth, good luck. We are all pulling for you. Good morning Dr. Just wanted to thank you for the site and its informative articles. I am a woman who recently escaped an abusive relationship with what you describe as a narcissistic man with many addictions, issues, dishonesty, and demons that he was unwilling to face.

How to Evict My Girlfriend

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Hi, first time here and I'm looking for a way to get my harassing ex out of my place. So here's the story: She has been staying there since April.

Once a relationship has progressed, you and your girlfriend may decide that it is a good idea to move in together. It is typically much cheaper to live with your partner rather than maintain separate households. You save money on rent, utilities, gas, and even food.

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Can I kick out my girlfriend and change the locks?

The above article is quite useful. I have become highly satisfied with this above article. If you really want to get a stress free eviction process, then it would be good to take the helping hand of any professional, who can give satisfactory assistance for evicting your tenant. The service of this well-known organization is quite noticeable regarding this aspect. I took their helping hand for the eviction procedure and really became highly satisfied with their services. My SON is 34 years old still live with me with all giving me so much stress I'm 65 years old working as a caregiver just to survived, can I file a eviction against my SON, by the way now he is filing a domestic violence against and I don't know why. What if you and kids are living w a former bf who's mom pays all bills for him.

Question: My girlfriend and I have lived together in her house for seven years but our relationship is not going at all well these days. If she wants to kick me out, what are my rights? There is no mortgage on the house but I have been paying all our regular household bills — energy, phone, council tax, the lot. I have nowhere else to go.

Things are not working out.

Please help me out guys. After a nitemare couple of years its finally over and I want her gone quick. Its my house in my name and I pay pretty much the lot. Its time she left and took all of her shit with her.

I received this email from a woman involved in a lesbian relationship. This site is for men involved with abusive women. I hope you can help me.

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. How do I tactfully ask my girlfriend to move out? My girlfriend and I have been living together for about 4 months. She moved in to my house after about 6 months of hinting and hoping that we could live together. I asked her to move in because she was having some issues at her previous place not important. However, I have been really uncomfortable with us living together since the beginning.


Jun 4, - Its harsh but I'm not afraid to evict my girlfriend to get rid of him. I told him the other day to leave and get out of the house and he said I be out.








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