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How much money you need in dubai for a week

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How much does it cost to visit Dubai? I know some people were interested to know how much stuff cost in Dubai and how I managed my budget. So here it is! This is including my flights, my accommodation, and all food and activities. And now lets get into the detailed breakdown in each category.



Cost of Living in Dubai

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How much does it cost to visit Dubai? I know some people were interested to know how much stuff cost in Dubai and how I managed my budget. So here it is! This is including my flights, my accommodation, and all food and activities. And now lets get into the detailed breakdown in each category.

I splurged on the stuff that really mattered to me and saved on others. Okay not much to talk about here. I did not stay in the city center. I stayed in the residential Indian neighborhood of Kamara with a lovely young Indian family.

My private room was large and comfy. The bathroom was shared but they have a daily cleaner, so it was always clean. I was originally debating between staying here or in a room right next to the Dubai Mall which was a tad more expensive, and the room was literally a box.

Taking public transportation was convenient and easy from there. Now, the neighborhood. And there was SO many delicious Indian restaurants within walking distance of my place. My hosts said that the Indian food there is even better than back home in India!

Maybe just at the food court in the mall?! The only thing about the Airbnb was that their 4 year old son is rather… boisterous read: likes to run around screaming early in the morning. But the family was lovely. If anyone wants to visit Dubai on a tighter budget, I highly recommend the Airbnb I stayed at. You can go as cheap or as expensive as you want on food! I balanced out pricier meals with cheaper meals.

Was it worth it? Worth every penny! You can read the full post and see all the pictures. The food is also delicious and the portions huge. I would definitely recommend a visit. You can go for a LOT less. Andrea and I completely over-ordered. This price was only for 3 drinks once at a local pub and once at a fancy lounge! We did go to The Vault on the 70th floor of the JW Marquis Marriot, which is the tallest hotel in the world to see the night view. Which meant that we had to purchase overpriced drinks.

Most of the other time, I ate in my Kamara neighborhood. I was so happy living off of Indian food! I picked a morning sunrise safari that had more of the activities I wanted to do. I only went up to the th. For most people, this experience is a must. It also has an degree view. But they open at 5 pm, so you can stay for sunset without the exorbitant price. Definitely worth it for that. Read my post on free or cheap things to do Dubai! Going out of the airport is very expensive because taxis need to pay a parking fee.

Going to the airport is about half the price. I just did a taxi to save the hassle, but there is actually a metro that goes from the airport into the city. The metro into the city costs just 5 AED. Part of this taxi price includes taxi to get around Abu Dhabi as well. See how that works in this post. The bus station is located right next to the Al Guibaiba metro station. Very easy. I walked A LOT too. I did pretty good, I think.

Etisalat is the largest provider in Dubai. Kind of expensive, but oh well. I still have yet to mail it…. Tell me, do you guys like seeing budget breakdowns? I hope this breakdown helps for anyone thinking of planning a trip to Dubai! Anna is a former civil engineer who traded her hard hat and stability for a backpack and indefinite adventures when she met a boy with big dreams. Street food lover, constant hunter of desserts, carnivore, yet an animal lover, and willing to try most things but refuses to eat bunny.

Can be found squealing at anything furry and taking way too many pictures. This is great! Ooh I always keep track of my spending each month, so I really should be doing more budget breakdown posts.

It was kind of a shock at how much this trip costed, but living in SEA definitely balances it out! I really like reading these. We need to be better at tracking our spending like this on trips, I bet it makes you think twice about purchases. And it also tells you if you need to go more on a budget the next month. Yes yes yes I absolutely love this budget breakdown!! I love reading how other people spend their money ahaha… I bet if I went my food cost would be MUCH higher, I can never resist and my eyes are way too big for my stomach.

I think that including flights etc. That amount for 14 days stay is amazing! Good work finding that one. I have done guesthouses before through Airbnb and loved them! I track my spending for each month and trip just to see how much I have to work with.

And if I go way over for a trip like this! Kids eh. Anyway, back to the budget — I love how you break things down and explain how you spent your money and why.

I think we are quite similar in those things :. Hahahaha where do kids get the energy at 7 am?! I would probably already freak out on the 50th floor, haha! Accommodation and flights are usually the most expensive parts of a trip so no surprise there but food is so cheap in comparison to Norway!!

I think just saying out loud the total amount of trips can make anyone palpitate a little too. I know it happens to me whenever I do a tally at the end of a trip. What I love about your article is how real and honest you are about how much you spent and why.

I visited Dubai but spent a lot of money! However, like you mentioned it depends on what you want to splurge on and save on : The pictures reminded me of how awesome it is there! Thanks for sharing! Dubai has been high on my list.

At least I have a rough idea of how much to spend when I decide to visit. I love a good budget post! This is actually surprisingly cheap — we were expecting double! What an awesome post — love the graphs and all the info! I have to take my hat off to you, this is an awesome breakdown and a post everyone should read if they are thinking of travelling to Dubai! Love the graphs, amazing detail! Pinned for future reference. Brilliant post and very very useful for anyone thinking of going to Dubai.

I feel like I would spend way more though — I spend a LOT on food and drink and think it would probably cost me the same or double without any of the expensive extras you did!

Definitely saving this for later when I do eventually visit! I would definitely splurge on the safari, that camel is so cute! Great breakdown on your cost trip to Dubai. You did well with your location and places to eat around your Airbnb.

How Much Money Do You Need to Visit Dubai

This is our best shot at nailing down just how much it costs to travel around the world. If you want to see our hard number, jump to that section. There are really only a few things that people spend their money on when they travel: Plane tickets — Getting from region to region.

Nothing could be further from the truth. So how expensive is Dubai really?

Some of our links are affiliated, we will earn a commission when you buy a service or product. This will have no extra cost for you. For further info please refer to our Privacy Policy. Neha from Dubai Wikia blog is sharing her experience with us and talking about how much does it cost to travel to Dubai, on a budget or in a very luxurious way. The nomadic life across the world is fun, interesting and exciting.

Cost of Living in Dubai

Beautifully crafted jewellery at the Gold Souk Exotic spices and frangrances at Spice Souk Clothes, accessories, electronics and more at Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. Hit the desert sands in a 4x4 SUV and indulge in some dune bashing Try an Abra ride, a traditional floating vessel, for as less as 1 Dirham! Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world A look inside Dubai museum will take you back in time to a more traditional Dubai with artifacts on display. While the elite love Dubai, considering what all it has on offer, you can plan a great trip to Dubai on a tight budget as well. Book an affordable ticket here. Panorama Grand Hotel: Panorama Hotel is located in the heart of Bur Dubai and offers a range of amenities at highly affordable prices. Guests at the hotel can choose from a variety of spacious rooms and suites. Book Your Stay at Sea View. Paratha King : Famous for its traditional and eccentric parathas.

Discover Dubai

A single person monthly costs: Cost of living index in Dubai is 3. Rent in Dubai is, on average, Cost of living rank th out of cities in the world.

Are you considering a trip to Dubai, but have no idea how much it costs?

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How much money should I take for a week in Dubai? - Dubai Forum

Dubai is probably the most expensive and least backpacking-friendly country I have ever been to. Accommodation, food, alcohol and any sort of activity always turn out to be very expensive. On top of this, public transportation is quite limited, therefore on occasions, you are forced to take a taxi.

Me and my boyfriend are looking at booking a week away in Dubai in May and were wondering how much money we should take. That's almost impossible to answer. We don't know what you plan to do, where you plan on going and how you might get around,. You haven't said where you are staying so we don't even know if your hotel is in Dubai. The biggest chunk of expenses in Dubai goes on hotel, meals and drinks which you have covered. Apart from that what attractions or activities you plan on visiting or doing?

How much spending money to take for 7 days in Dubai - Dubai Forum

Hi, going to Dubai with a friend for a week staying near dubai marina but was just wondering how many pounds to take? We have already pre booked atlantis waterpark but are wanting to go to bars, clubs in the evening. What is the nightlife generally like? There are usually ladies night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where ladies drink either for free or get free drinks. That was more than enough. Take your credit card, just in case.

A helpful way to calculate how much money you'll need to save for a round the world trip. Answers the question how much does a round the world trip cost. AirTreks Global Support Message for week of April 27th, See Video Messages · Trip Planner Renting a Mercedes in Dubai might cost $ Generally, though.

How much money will you need for your trip to Dubai? All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. A vacation to Dubai for one week usually costs around AED7, for one person.

How Much Does a Round the World Trip Cost?







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