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I want a man who will protect me

Most of the time women are talking about very similar desires—and it goes MUCH deeper than mere physical protection from outside influences. This applies to ANY situation that makes her uneasy. The more areas of your life job, finances, masculinity, emotions, etc. Sure, turn on the charm and the sense of humor. The acid test here is if you find yourself talking about or doing things that most, if not all, other people would have zero interest in, if even talk about themselves, STOP IT.

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A Gentleman Protects His Girl These 7 Ways

When a man is confident within himself, and understands his self-worth, he can be a source of strength. On the flip side, a man lacking confidence can be draining or even dangerous. Men are naturals when it comes to protecting the people they care about.

Why are men protective? A true gentleman protects his girl by deep moral standards within. Throughout his pursuit of her, she feels safe because a true gentleman keeps the creepers away. As we already discussed in 21 Lost Gentleman Traditions , he walks closest to the street to protect her from puddles that might splash.

He makes a commitment and keeps it; no games needed. He asks her on a real date, and is clear on his intentions. He protects her heart by guarding his own. A true gentleman is one that apologizes anyways, even though he has not offended a lady intentionally.

A gentleman is never passive aggressive. He prays with her and for her. He prays for his future wife. A gentleman understands words are powerful. Truth, peace, honor, respect, and virtue are weapons, and he uses them like a champion gladiator.

A gentleman does more than protect his woman from harm. He protects her heart, her reputation, and her feelings. He guards her sexually and spiritually. In short, he protects her mind, body, and soul.

I know how to be s gentleman especially with a women. I am a gentleman always in public. Its when i am at my house i get fussy and irratated agitated frustated and i protest and show my carelessness and dare you to be agitated irratated frustrated and fussy. If only I had my ministry and businesses underway I would be a gentleman all the time. Am I right.

Surely you are invested so much you have to keep going with faith, hope, courage, fearless, perseverance. UO me and IOU that much. Put together a committee or a board of directors or something like that with funders with creative ideas and have an interest in what happens to their generous offerings and allows me to be most of the part making final agreement.

Just do it. Now or never. I used to have some of these mindset as well, John. What do I mean by that? Start living as if you already have it.

It really gave me an Epiphany to think about. I almost started to give up on men being gentlemen until I happened to meet one. I can truly say that he was the first gentlemen that I have ever met before in my life. He was a little aggressive when it came to me and other men trying to get my attention. I have a question. What you do if another woman call your girl the B word or anything else? Every girl is different. My partners bosses girlfriend, sent me disgusting insulting and messages via text, a number of times, insulting me in as many ways she could.

She also insulted my partner. All this because we started a friendship about 6 months ago, but I soon found out they were lying to me about something I kept asking them out right about. I also found out that they do drugs and use cocaine heavily. Another reason I do not want to engage with them. He did nothing to stand up for me. After a lot of talking to him, he said he will talk to his boss and ask him to ask her to stop messaging me. The boss just laughed.

I sent her a message saying I strongly suggest you stop harassing me. I woke up the next morning with more insulting attack messages from her. Yesterday, my partners bosses girlfriend drove up to their work, she had a bunny in the car. My partner said hello to her, spoke to her for a bit, in his words, was polite with her , and checked out the bunny, engaged for about 5 minutes with her. And then left. I feel like there is no show of solidarity with me from him.

And no sense of protecting me or my honour. But the least he could have done was not engage. And she will find satisfaction in that. It sounds like a number of issues are occurring. Does an HR exist at the company? Have you spoke to your partner about this? And my partners contract ends with the company at the end of June this year. If someone hurts my wife, they get shunned by me, even at my cost.

Wife of 27 years here…I completely disagree with your partner. While I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, I need to know that my husband has my back and I have his. Allow us to grow our relationship and actually love each other. After 2. How could I evolve to love and protect her with that wall in front of me? I am always the gentleman and listen intently to her. The heart trumps the brain every time. Name required. Email will not be published required. Scythian Arrows February 4, at pm.

Kris Wolfe July 22, at pm. The Diamond October 3, at am. Kris Wolfe October 7, at am. Thank you for commenting. Are you still with him? Kris Wolfe February 25, at am. Whats normal May 17, at pm. I feel really hurt by the fact that he engaged with her at all, considering. Please can you advise if I am overreacting? Kris Wolfe May 18, at am. Whats normal May 18, at am.

Hi Kris, thanks so much for your response. Kris Wolfe May 21, at am. Kay December 5, at pm. Bob B. December 3, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.

Why Do Women Want to Feel Protected By Their Man?

Evidence of this can be found in the almost weekly TV news reports shown across in the world. This is as true for women today as it was a thousand years ago or even 10, years ago. Instead, her ongoing need to feel protected is simply about the fact that we still live in a very challenging and sometimes dangerous world.

I have a big mouth and a quick temper. In the past, I experienced abusive relationships and my quick wit failed me in those times. No amount of clever jabs could protect me from my abuser and it was a terrifying realization.

When a man is confident within himself, and understands his self-worth, he can be a source of strength. On the flip side, a man lacking confidence can be draining or even dangerous. Men are naturals when it comes to protecting the people they care about. Why are men protective?








May 7, - Want to know if you are a "Real Man," or in a relationship with a Not that a woman can't protect and defend herself, but he is there for her.








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