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Looking for girlfriend > 50 years > My boyfriend doesnt want to meet my parents

My boyfriend doesnt want to meet my parents

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My boyfriend doesn’t want to meet my parents

Every month, Thomas will be answering your pressing relationship Qs. If you've got one, email mail popsugar. The guy I'm seeing refuses to meet my parents.

We've been dating for around four months and I've met his family three times! But every time I try to organise something with my parents, he pulls out last minute. They're really important to me and the more he puts it off, the more it's making me worry about how committed he is to me.

He's met my brother, but that's all. Am I in the wrong here or is family fear a real-life male problem?! Look, family is important. Trust me, I know. I come from a Greek family and for the first 15 years of my life I never met anyone who wasn't a blood relative — my first girlfriend was my second cousin.

I joke. But seriously, I understand where you're coming from. Let's deal with the first dating nugget you dropped — you've been seeing this guy for around four months, which is a tricky time period, depending on your dating style. Things can either be casual and kicking along or getting serious. But either way, it's still kind of early days, so be careful not to read too much into it just yet. The thing that makes it weird is that he has introduced you to his parents plus he's hung out with your brother.

So it's clear he doesn't have a problem with the concept of family. Maybe if his parents had been wiped out in a Bruce Wayne-style tragedy it would make more sense. But you've met them and they're alive and well. It could be that he is nervous or has been burned in the past. My first "proper" girlfriend took me home to meet her parents and it was beyond traumatic. We were in our final year of school and her mum asked me if I planned to "enter her daughter while on Schoolies. There was a lengthy discussion about my hair, tattoos and whether or not I had "funny teeth.

Eventually I got a seven, but still — bizarre and scarring. I didn't even want to meet my own parents after that, let alone anyone else's. The point is, parents are scary. You're essentially meeting two strangers and saying, "Hey, you know that thing you made, loved and raised?

We do sex now and it rules. That said, I do appreciate that his fear of your family is causing you to question the commitment. So here are some tactics that may sort your situation:. Option 1: Next time you want to invite him somewhere, frame the invite so it's coming from someone else in the family. Need proof? My girlfriend's mum once asked me if I liked her succulents — which is a weird question in retrospect — and I said, "Of course I do, I'm a huge succulent fan," even though I'm not.

Now we go on bi-monthly shopping trips to Flower Power and she calls me her "Succulent-in-Law. Option 2: Bring in the brother. Take advantage of the fact that your brother and your boy have a pre-existing relationship and get him to do the dirty work. Send them out for beers and word your bro up that you want to get to the bottom of this problem.

He'll probably blow it but at least you're getting him involved. Option 3: Suggest a mutual parent meeting. Host a lunch where he brings his folks and you bring yours — maybe safety in numbers will get him across the line. That way you're also knocking out two birds with one stone. Word of warning though, this will undoubtedly be the most stressful lunch of your entire life and will probably come to a mortifying end when someone's mum has too much sauvignon blanc and says something mildly racist.

Option 4: When it comes to matters of the heart, honesty is the best policy followed closely by manipulation and mind games.

But in this case, I think maybe you might be best placed to simply say, "I really like you and I love that you've introduced me to your family. I've tried to repay the favour but the more you duck and weave it, the weirder I'm feeling about it.

Option 5: Ramp up the major family events but stop inviting him. If he's really serious about you, then he'll start to freak out. Be sure to tell him that there's something important on — "I can't hang out this weekend, my uncle is being knighted" — but don't extend the invite. Soon enough it'll trigger concern on his end and I reckon he'll bring it up.

Let's be honest, with these five foolproof options you really can't lose, and your biggest concern now should be what happens when your crazy family scares the love of your life off for good.

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If Your Man Doesn’t Take You To Meet The Family It Could Mean…

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We met online and after a year we met up in real life. My problem is that ever since we have met, it is always me going to his house and he has never been to mine. We keep arranging for him to come here and he always seems willing but each time there is a reason that he can not.

Every month, Thomas will be answering your pressing relationship Qs. If you've got one, email mail popsugar.

In any serious relationship, there comes a time when each of you is going to have to face — I mean, meet — the parents. It's a big milestone because it reaffirms that you're taking things seriously, but it can also be a lot of pressure. You both want to make a good impression and hope that your family loves your partner too. In other words, you want to do it right. So how do you know when the timing is right?

5 Red Flags Your Partner Isn’t Ready To Meet Your Family, According To Experts

I have been in a relationship with a guy for 2 yrs now. When this happens i tell him he is not serious in the relationship. Whenever i say he is not serious, he gets angry. I dont want to hide the relationship from my parents. I once asked him how he see the relationship in the next 5yrs and he said marriage. Also there is a guy who has been my friend proposing to me and asking my hand for marriage. That is not fine.

How To Find Domestic Violence Counselling, Helplines And Support In India

Join the group that will actually change your life. Join the Wildheart Revolution. Where all us ladies get to have our questions answered by a super cool guy, who is totally in love with his girlfriend and thinks about relationships all the time score! Check the bottom of the post to ask your own question! He may not believe you have, or will ever have, a serious relationship.

So yesterday Monday , me and my bf started over again, we broke up a couple weeks ago but we decided to forgave each other and date again.

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My boyfriend won’t meet my family



“He Doesn’t Want to Meet My Family”


Nov 30, - My boyfriend and I have been dating for two and a half months. I am 25 and he is Just as we started dating he told me there was another.








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