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Old male celebrities with younger partners

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Reed , 30, and Somerhalder , 39, started their relationship in They were engaged in early and were married in April that same year. The couple welcomed daughter Bodhi Soleil in July Levine , 39, married Victoria's Secret model Prinsloo, 30, in Prinsloo gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Dusty Rose, in and announced a second pregnancy on Instagram in September According to "E!

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Famous men who married much younger women

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In the world of entertainment and in general it is no longer a taboo issue for older men to date and marry much younger women. This list of famous men who married much younger women is a testament to how mainstream it has become to act as though age is just a number. There is no such thing as ageism in love. We salute these men and women for looking past social norms and decide for themselves who they want to be with.

Hollywood marriages are a fickle creature any way you look at it, even when there is no age gap between the stars, so why should it matter here? There is still a social taboo for an older woman to take a younger lover, but we see that working itself our within the next few years with stars like Demi Moore and wives like Deborra-Lee Furness coming into the fold with their much younger husbands and ex-husbands.

Nothing in Hollywood is done the traditional way, so why make this any different? This list of men who married much younger women can be seen as either a way to remain younger for longer, or finding love in the most random places. Jerry Seinfeld, famous for being the star of the show, well, Seinfeld, had audiences laugh out loud to his comedy skits and have their eyes glued to the screen on the show.

Jerry married Jessica Sklar in when he was 45 years old and she was Jerry had always had an eye for younger women as he was previously linked to a year-old student when he was 30 years old. Jerry and Jessica are still married today and have one daughter and two sons together.

However, he is on this list for his second marriage to Anne Stringfield. Steve was 62 when he married Anne, who was 36 at the time of their wedding.

Steve and Anne are still married and have one child together. Steve became a dad quite late in life when you think about it, but we are sure he is amazing at the job. They began dating when Harrison was 60 and Calista was 38, at the time it was a big to do! They finally married in and adopted their only son, Liam. The two are often seen together on red carpets and Hollywood events. Alec Baldwin needs no introduction. He was previously married to model and actress Kim Basinger, with whom he has a daughter, Ireland.

These days he is remarried to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas they married in Wasting no time whatsoever, the couple went about have three back to back children.

When the two married, Alec was 53 and Hilaria 27! They are still married today and seem to be taking a break from having any more children. Paul McCartney, one of the founding members of The Beatles and legendary musician, as a result, has been married three times in his life. His first marriage was to what some would say was the love of his life who sadly passed away, his second one a mistake that ended badly and the third one the charm.

Paul married Nancy Shevell in when he was 69 years old and she was Clint Eastwood was married a few times and almost always was the case where he was the much older party involved. Clint married Dina in when he was 66 years old and she was Clint has since moved on with another young woman but has yet to marry again.

We are surely keeping a close eye on him though. Businessman and one of the wealthiest men in the world, Rupert Murdoch, was married twice before his marriage to then year-old Wendy Deng in Rupert was 68 when he married Deng.

The two were married until when Murdoch filed for divorce. He later remarried to former model Jerry Hall!

He is also known for marrying a stunning model 22 years his junior. Stallone married Jennifer Flavin back in when he was 51 years old and she was Today, they are still married and are the proud parents of three daughters — Sophia, Sistene, and Scarlet. For the longest time, Kelsey was married to Camille Donatacci. They ended their marriage in in one of the nastiest divorces to hit Hollywood in a very long time.

Kelsey went on to marry Kayte Walsh that very year when he was 56 and she was Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have a sort of fairytale romance going on, truly transitioning beyond the age gap between them. Michael was 56 years old and Catherine just 31 years old when they married in The two are still married today and have two children together. Warren Beatty, actor and romancer for days, has been married to actress Annette Bening since and the pair is still going strong an eternity in Hollywood for anyone who knows.

Warren was 55 years old and Bening 34 when they married. William Shatner, known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. He has also been in several films and television shows like Miss Congeniality, Osmosis Jones, and Dodgeball. Shatner has been married three times, his latest marriage to Elizabeth Anderson occurred in when Shatner was 70 years old and Elizabeth was The two are still married today.

Casablanca star and Hollywood icon Humphrey Bogart married fellow actress Lauren Bacall in when he was 45 and she was just 20 years old. Back in when Kevin married Christine Baumgartner, he was 49 years old and she was 27! They have three children together, born in , and , respectively. This makes the total of children for Kostner stand at a whopping 7. Late actor Alan Thicke, who was taken too soon from us, was married three times during his life. His first marriage produced his well-known son Robin Thicke.

However, Billy and his third wife, Katie Lee fit perfectly into our criteria. Billy was 55 and Katie was 23 when they married in The couple was married until when they each filed for divorce. A rocket like Rod Stewart was bound to be on this list. Rod was 45 when he married Hunter in , she was just 20 years old. He is now remarried to yet another young women, Penny Lancaster. Rod was 62 and Penny was 35 when they married. English actor John Cleese has been married several times in his life.

His latest marriage, though, seems to finally be The One. Cleese married Jennifer Wade in Cleese was 73, Wade was We wish this adorable duo many more years of wedded bliss! Clapton was 51 and McEnery was They totally work together, though, as they are still happily married and have three beautiful daughters together. Clapton has an older daughter from an affair with his former manager in the mids. Clapton has been in films as well as produced music that has changed the face of a generation.

Musician Bing Crosby was married twice in his life. His first marriage ended when his wife sadly passed away from cancer in , and his second marriage to Kathryn Grant occurred in when he was 57 and she was 24 years old.

The couple was married until Bing passed away in Bing and Kathryn had three children together, adding to the four children Bing had with his first wife. Trying to keep it all in the family we do have Woody Allen on here and now we have Mia Farrow as well! Sinatra was 51 years old and Farrow was just 21 years old when the two married back in He is on this list, however, due to the fact that he married Luciana Pedraza in when he was 74 years old and she was just Somehow they make it work, though, as they are still married today and are showing no sign of trouble.

The late and legendary politician Nelson Mandela was also a man who fell in love with a MUCH younger woman when he was pretty late into his own life. While that is late in life for sure, it still is quite an age gap. Legendary television and radio host Larry King is known for being spot on when it comes to delivering news and opinion pieces on his respective shows.

Larry is also known as a guy who married way younger than him. King married Shawn Southwick in when he was 64 years old and she was Anthony Hopkins was married twice in his life before he seemed to find his third winner.

Hopkins married Stella Arroyave in when he was 66 and she was 47 years old. The two are still together and living in Los Angeles to Anthony could be closer to the studios where he films his movies. Whether this was a publicity stunt or not, former Brady Bunch member Christopher Knight married model Adrianne Curry in following a stint they both had on a reality television who. Knight was 47 and Curry was The marriage ended up imploding in with both parties filing for divorce. Luckily, there were no children involved in their explosive relationship.

Olivier Sarkozy, also known as the half-brother of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, is a banker, but more importantly, he is also the much older husband of Mary-Kate Olsen.

Olivier was married once for several years and had two children, he then met and married actress and fashion designer, MK in when she was 28 and he was The duo started dating in when Allen was 56 and Previn was 19!

Allen and Previn married in and have been married ever since. They have two adopted daughters as well, Bechet and Manzie.

Age disparity in sexual relationships

Union opened up about their nine-year age gap in a interview with Essence , revealing that it didn't take her long to see that their difference in years didn't matter at all. I thought you were 12'," she said. He's an old soul. The pair eventually married in , and welcomed a baby girl, Kaavia James, via surrogate in They have two sons together, Milan, 6 and Sasha, 4, and incidentally both share the same birthday, February 2 10 years apart, obviously.

When it comes to falling head-over-heels in love, a lot of stars just don't care about age. After all, it's just a number, right?! Goody is just a year and a half older than Kate's daughter, Lily Sheen.

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Celeb couples with big age gaps

To some, age is just a number. These actors, comedians, singers, and moguls all take that phrase to heart, marrying women as many as 60 years younger than them. Read on to find out which celebrity men married much-younger women. There was quite an age difference in this relationship. Best known as the founder of Playboy, Hefner had many girlfriends through the years. The entrepreneur was married three times before he died at the age of His third wife, Crystal Hefner, is 60 years younger than him. These two have a pretty major age gap. The President of the United States has also had three wives.

These Celebrity Men Married Much-Younger Women

Age disparity in sexual relationships is the difference in ages of individuals in sexual relationships. Concepts of these relationships, including what defines an age disparity, have developed over time and vary among societies. Differences in age preferences for mates can stem from evolutionary mating strategies and age preferences in sexual partners may vary cross-culturally. There are also social theories for age differences in relationships as well as suggested reasons for 'alternative' age-hypogamous relationships.

Braff and Pugh have kept their relationship low-key and out of the public spotlight ever since they seemingly became close friends in The couple was on vacation when the thenyear-old Hamptons-based architect popped the question with a six-carat Glenn Bradford diamond ring in front of a church, according to Page Six.

Katherine Schwarzenegger , 30, married year-old "Avengers: Endgame" star Chris Pratt in a low-key ceremony on June 8, The two had been engaged since January , and were reportedly dating for many months before that. The couple shared matching posts to their Instagram accounts after their wedding ceremony. Both called it "the best day of our lives" and said they feel "nothing but blessed.

9 famous older women with younger husbands

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Age difference: 17 years. Photo: WENN.

Many of Hollywood's leading men have married much younger women. Some famous men married younger women later in their lives, while others married younger women multiple times. One famous man even married a woman 60 years his junior. Who is the most famous man who married a much younger woman? Donald Trump tops our list.

44 celebrity couples with huge age differences between them

When people find someone to spend the rest of their lives with, it is often someone who is in the same age bracket. This is because they are at a similar stage in life, are more likely to have shared interests and they will often mix in the same social circles and this gives them the opportunity to meet. However, not all couples are a similar age and for some people, a large age gap works well. This is just as true of celebrities as it is of couples who do not live in the limelight. The only difference is that the media will often make a storyline out of a celebrity couple who have a big age gap. Here are 20 male celebrities who have married women who are much older than them. Technically speaking, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were never married.

May 23, - Some famous men married younger women later in their lives, while others The Donald proposed to Melania Knauss in , when he was 58 years old and she was One of his ex-wives is the actress Brigitte Nielsen.

Many stars have found happiness with partners who are either significantly older or younger than them. And although they may often face social scrutiny , these celebrities have shared their own feelings about their relationships and the multi-year age gaps they deal with. After months of speculation about a possible romance between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor , Paulson confirmed their relationship in a interview with The New York Times, stating, "What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor. The pair has a year age gap and Paulson has been candid about the benefits that come with it.

50 celebrity couples with huge age differences between them

In the world of entertainment and in general it is no longer a taboo issue for older men to date and marry much younger women. This list of famous men who married much younger women is a testament to how mainstream it has become to act as though age is just a number. There is no such thing as ageism in love.

14 Celebrities Who Dated Younger Men, From Kourtney Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra

We often hear about older men dating women younger than they are, but in modern times, the pairing of older women with younger men makes sense. Dating expert, Amber Soletti, agrees. French President Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte first met in high school, where Emmanuel was a 15 year old high school student and Brigitte was a drama teacher. It is commonly believed they started dating when Emmanuel was only 16 years old.

The day after year-old Dennis Quaid sent the chatterati abuzz with his announcement that he was engaged to a year-old graduate student, fellow one-time movie hotshot Sean Penn was photographed heading out to a movie date with his much younger girlfriend. The age difference between Penn, 59, and actress Leila George, 27, is not as great as that of Quaid and Laura Savoie — 32 years, as opposed to

Before the reported engagement between Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas , many noted the year age difference between them. Besides, there is a double standard that allows middle-aged Hollywood men to proudly trot around the globe with their much younger girlfriends on display Scott Disick , Leonardo DiCaprio , and Bradley Cooper , just to name a few while older women face incessant scrutiny. These 14 celebrities prove that dating a younger man is really not all that taboo. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were married on September 24,

20 Famous Men Who Married Much Older Women



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