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What to get a girl for her birthday reddit

Thanks to Target, it's easier than ever before to find a chic, stylish or high-tech gift for every woman you know. Target has curated thoughtful gift lists filled with lots of ideas for all the special woman you know. If she's a wine-lover and who doesn't love a glass of wine now and then? If she's into photography, give her a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera for an old-school one-step approach to selfies.

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101 Best Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

These unusual items will surprise and delight even the most discerning lady. You bring your own vodka and this kit does the rest with two infuser bottles, funnel, strainers, all the gin herbs and spices you could ask for, and plenty of recipes and tips.

Okay, so she probably already has coasters but I doubt she has anything as neat as this. This set of handmade wooden coasters has the roadmap of famous cities carved into them and there are over 75 cities from across the globe to choose from. Giving her a coaster set of the street layout of this special place shows a deep sense of thought put into the gift while still giving her something practical she can use every day and think of you.

There should be a glass of champagne in her hand and she should not have to get to up get it. These cute champagne socks are sure to get a chuckle. Plus the gold-glitter writing acts as anti-skid strips for better grip when walking. Friends will have fun taking turns trying to figure it out the Think Before Drink puzzle. This map is a nice reasonable size at 24 inches by 17 inches and includes a teak magnetic frame. You also get a scratching tool to remove the gold foil and reveal the colorful map underneath, a magnifying glass for small details, and 10 colorful flag pins for marking off particular places, either as goals or favorite locales.

Improve her lounging game with this Dkeli Hanging Chaise. The fully contained chaise-style hammock comes with its own arcing stand, chair pad with pillow, and armrests. If you feel like the woman you need a gift for already has everything, help her keep everything secure with a Tile. This set includes four Tile Mates. These things are super clever and useful. Tile works with Bluetooth and the Tile app to make sure you never lose whatever you attach it to again.

Tile Slim is best for keeping in your wallet or secured to your phone or laptop, or even in the glovebox of your car. Tile Mate is thicker but has a secure loop to attach to your keys or bike chain. If your wallet is stolen, you can mark the item as lost and then the app will make that Tile findable by all other Tiles.

If any Tile user comes within feet of your missing wallet, it will ping you with a map of where your item is. The app just uses their Bluetooth to detect your Tile. This is perfect for anyone who travels with expensive equipment or anyone who could lose their keys in a paper bag. Guilty as charged. While the Criminal Justice Information Services Division reports that larceny-theft has been slowly decreasing, they also report that in there were over 6,, instances of theft in the US alone.

Every little thing you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe counts. You can fix that. The artist will include most accessories like a watch, bag, or simple chair for free and more complicated props can be negotiated. When you make your order, you send along a photo of her and your thoughts about posing and specific details that are important. You should specify if you want the head to be fixed or on a spring. There are never enough spaces to hold our things and the BedShelfie creates a perfectly positioned tray to hold your laptop, phone, tablet, book, or drink.

The eco-friendly bamboo tray attaches by a clamp so there are no tools needed to install or uninstall. The clamp is strong enough to hold up to 15 pounds on the tray and comes in a variety of colors. Nanoleaf modular light sets come with nine individual lights that you can connect in hundreds of configurations to create a unique shape for your living space.

You have full control over these lights in terms of brightness, solid color, shifting colors, and even the ability to have your lights pulse to your music The lights are controlled through the app, Alexa, Google Assistant, or a physical controller depending on which kit you get. There are two different shapes of lights to choose from.

The popular Nanoleaf Light Panels are triangular and the newer Nanoleaf Canvas lights are square and have added a touch function and convenient buttons on the control square. The unique lighting possibilities on the app are endless.

Both kits come with several color scenes preloaded but you can create your own or browse and download color scenes designed and uploaded by other users. You can create any type of atmosphere you can think of from bright pops of color that dance to your music to softly shifting fireplace tones to set a cozy mood to functional bright white for a well-lit workspace.

With the touch function on Nanoleaf Canvas , you can assign commands to gestures. I have swiping up on my panels assigned to increase the brightness for example and swiping down lowers the brightness. The app pairs well with my phone and though I had some minor frustrations with the buttons on the control panel on the Canvas at first, I think the key is touching them lightly instead of pressing them.

The original Light Panels skip this button issue altogether so they may be a better choice for some folks. I love that you can play around with the configuration with the Layout Assitant on the app. It even has a VR function so you can see how the lighting will look on your wall before you commit to a placement. You can see Nanoleaf lights in action in this YouTube video.

The tray extends as wide as 42 inches and has silicone grips on the bottom to securely rest on the sides of the tub. There are adjustable compartments on the tray along with a soap holder, cup holder, wine glass slot, smartphone slot, and waterproof tablet or book holder. The naturally water-resistant bamboo has been further sealed against the moisture so you know it will last. You can write on the slate with chalk so you can label your cheese for your guests which is a nice touch.

The groove that surrounds the slate keeps your crackers contained. This wind spinner brightens up any yard as the metal petals twirl opposite directions as the wind blows.

The petals have a beautiful multi-colored finish that flashes in the sun. The center glass orb has a lovely crackle effect and it glows with solar-powered light at night.

With the color-shifting glow, you get to enjoy the spinning petals even after sundown. This genuine leather Chloe case by Wolf opens up to three levels of storage with 15 compartments and seven ring slots. The fabric actually absorbs the gasses that could cause metals to tarnish and can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

This makes it perfect for heirlooms and sentimental pieces. I love this adorable mirror compact printed to look like an old library card with due dates stamped on it. If she loves retro things or is a bookworm this is a perfect little gift that looks more expensive than it is. It opens up to two mirrors and is a perfect small size for any purse. It comes ready for gifting in a gift box. The ring itself is rhodium-plated sterling silver so it will keep its shine longer, resists tarnishing, and is much more scratch-resistant than silver itself.

The ring holds a white cultured pearl, blue topaz that glints like tropical waters, and a piece of sea glass. It measures 4. This model has a zippered tent-style door and velcro windows you can open to provide some ventilation to help with the hardening off process. It magically mimics the brush stroke effects of Japanese ink paintings but only using water. By painting with water on the special board you can create temporary works of art that fade as the water evaporates which encourages a mindful mindset of living in the now.

You never have to buy more paper or canvas or paints and all you need is water. And if you ever make something you really love, you can always snap a photo of it for Instagram. This inch electric fireplace is meant to hang on your wall. The hardware and wall bracket are included along with step-by-step instructions to hang it. It doubles as a space heater so you can have the flame display alone, with the heat on low, or the heat on high. Having mango sorbet on demand in your kitchen makes avoiding ice cream a lot easier.

It comes with a recipe book for ideas but you can also experiment with your own combinations. Now that groceries are selling bags of mixed frozen fruit for smoothies, it makes this machine even easier to use. You can control the intensity of the bubbles with the included wireless remote and the mat has a minute safety-shut off.

Plus the mat doubles has a softer surface to lay on compared to the bottom of the tub. Forest Origins makes it super easy by providing everything you need to grow your own edible oyster mushrooms in your home. The future-mushrooms come in a plastic wrapped block and all you have to do is water it through a slit at a pre-marked spot on the top.

Check out how easy setup and care is at this YouTube video. Everyone loves bath bombs but these take it to the next level: every fizz is inspired by a different cocktail. The cute gift-ready box comes with six individually wrapped bombs in the scents of Blue Hawaiian orange, pineapple, coconut, cherry , Margarita agave, lime, fresh citrus , Blackberry Cabernet blackberry, strawberry, grapefruit, bamboo , Mojito lime, mint , Pomegranate Champagne champagne, pomegranate , and the classic Pina Colada pineapple, coconut.

The bath fizzes are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and handmade in America. It could be her favorite song, wedding song, or a song she sang to you as a child. Rindle Waves, an American small business, will take the song of your request and turn it into soundwave art to visually represent the music.

You can customize the color or colors of the sound wave as well as the font of the song title. The image is then printed on stretched canvas which is ready to hang as is with the option to add a frame. Whether their guilty pleasure is makeup, nail polish, or hair styling, she probably needs more storage. Everyone needs more storage for the things they love collecting and this set from Shany not only delivers great organizing space, but an easy way to transport it. For colors, it comes in black and orchid.

Give her something to remind her of a place where you have fond memories. Evoke a very personal memory with a bracelet stamped with the longitude and latitude coordinates of the spot on the globe where you were. You can easily look up the coordinates of any place using LatLong.

Need a gift for a foodie, or just someone who loves to travel? Help her enjoy the cuisines of exotic lands with this deluxe spice blend set. There are 20 spice blends and gourmet salts included, inspired by far-flung locations like Provence, India, Thailand, Italy, Shanghai, Egypt, and Jamaica.

The backs of each tin are magnetized, making it easy to store the spices on your fridge, or mounted on a metal plate.

Gift Ideas for her

The highly-anticipated and brilliantly crafted crime-thriller sequel to the no. Jackson [is] a homegrown thriller writer to watch. Pip Fitz-Amobi is not a detective anymore. With the help of Ravi Singh, she released a true-crime podcast about the murder case they solved together last year. The podcast has gone viral, yet Pip insists her investigating days are behind her.

Looking for unique and interesting ideas for how to celebrate a birthday in lockdown? As we face further time spent separated from our friends and loved ones thanks to the lockdown, plenty of people will be faced with the dilemma of how to celebrate birthdays from a distance.

These unusual items will surprise and delight even the most discerning lady. You bring your own vodka and this kit does the rest with two infuser bottles, funnel, strainers, all the gin herbs and spices you could ask for, and plenty of recipes and tips. Okay, so she probably already has coasters but I doubt she has anything as neat as this. This set of handmade wooden coasters has the roadmap of famous cities carved into them and there are over 75 cities from across the globe to choose from.

Lockdown birthday ideas: 6 easy ways to celebrate a friend during quarantine

In Stock. This kit works great! It is so easy and fun to use! Besides getting your own ingredients, the kit comes with everything you need including beeswax, lotion molds, lip balm containers, gift bags, and instructions on how to make everything. I have a few tips for this product though. It takes a little longer to heat up the wax than it says. I had to put it in the microwave 2 separate times for 1 minute for it to melt.

Gifts for A 8 Year Old Girl

For those of you who forgot to get something for that special someone in your life and need a rescue idea mission to surprise the person, you have come to the right post. Thanks to the Reddit platform, where some of the most fabulous ideas are pooled. So here are some great last-minute ideas from Reddit users that you could find very useful. You can never go wrong with cute personalized picture frames.



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We have been together for 4months and her birthday is coming up next month. We are both still college students so it doesnt have to be expensive. She loves.








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