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What to give a little girl for her birthday

Cursive Script Name Necklace. Every girl likes a piece of jewelry and a year-old is no exception. Choose between gold, silver or rose gold, and this personalized necklace will be her favorite gift this year. Shopkins Join the Party Pack. This season 7 Join the Party pack features 12 new party themed Shopkins, as well as brand new Topkins which can be stacked. My Fairy Garden Tree Hollow.

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Gifts for Girls – Baby, Toddler & Big Kid

But what about the gift? Have you looked for some cute and fancy gift for your kiddo? If you want to gift something unique to your munchkin, refer to the unique birthday gift list we have curated for you. When a little boy grows up, he looks up to his father and often imitates his behaviour. If your child is a little old, you can get him a nice shaving kit that is specially made for children. It comes with foam, which is child-friendly, a nice brush, as well as a toy razor.

Your kid can join his dad in the morning while he shaves, making it one of the most wonderful birthday gifts for a little boy. If your child shows an interest in action and like action figures in cartoons and movies, you can perhaps buy him a boxing set. With great-fitting boxing gloves and a nice boxing bag, he can find his fun in this sport as well as develop hand-eye coordination.

He is sure to carry it wherever he goes. Toy binoculars are easy to operate and are quite durable. Your child will be able to use it and make it a part of his games and play the part of a secret agent spying on someone.

You can also teach your kid to observe the birds in the neighbourhood or track an aeroplane as it flies in the sky. Plastic toy cars wear with time and your child will get bored playing with it. So get him kinetic sand cars instead.

These have the basic car chassis, with the rest of the parts made out of the kinetic sand. Once the car is made, ask your child to play with it and feel free to crash the parts into one another. These can be remade right away. This gift is for kids who are slightly older and show a high interest in science in school. A science experiment kit comes with almost all the apparatus your kid will require for conducting experiments. It also comes with special chemicals or papers.

These help the child learn more about the underlying principles of each experiment and showcase his science skills to his friends or even in school fairs. Barbies and dolls will never go out of style and make for a perfect gift for girls. If you want to gift something pretty to a girl, get a doll for her. You can complement it with a styling kit.

Nail polish, hairbrush , clips, hairbands , and some items which constitute this kit that can help her fashion the doll in many beautiful ways. If your little one shows an interest in arts and craft activities, you can also get a bracelet-making kit for her as a gift. This gift can be used almost instantly as it comes with different coloured ribbons, accessories to decorate and personalise them, and a lot more.

All her friends will have unique bracelets making their bond stronger. Girls have an intense fascination for mythical creatures like mermaids and fairies. Let her exercise her imagination by gifting her a colouring set themed on those lines. There are colouring books and canvases that come with a mermaid or fairy outlines, as well as glittery paint and many other items to make the fairy more than just a painting.

Encourage and inculcate this habit by gifting her an adorable money bank. These are available in a variety of styles, buy the one you think your child would like. It will become a wonderful companion in her bedroom and instill saving habits in her.

Girls are usually quite expressive and have a multitude of thoughts as they start growing up. Give them a private space to express those by gifting a diary. In fact, add to his fun by getting him a stick-on moustache. These come in different styles, which could turn one into a clown, a pirate, a businessman, or even a jungle-dweller. Role-playing with a moustache on his face will make your little one extremely happy.

Replace that with a physical etch-a-sketch that brings back the physicality of the art. Comparing heights together is what kids love the most. These can go up to three feet tall or even more and you can always get more of these as your child grows up. If you have a home garden or even a terrace one, get your children along to help you with their gardening kit.

It comes with a nice shovel, fork, a cute little bucket and a manual that teaches the basics of gardening. Some of them could come with tiny seeds that can help your child set up his very first plant. Nimble fingers complemented with inexperienced hands are the best combination to play this exciting game.

You can join your child too as you arrange the blocks to form a tower and then gently pull out each piece until it all falls. Use a pencil to scribble a tiny activity on each piece and make the game twice the fun. Festivals are a time for joy and of course, gifts make them even more special.

Here are some festive gift ideas for your little one. When Christmas arrives, decorations and celebrations are all abound.

Let your girl be the focus of it as well by gifting her a nice costume to be Mother Mary. She can work with her friends to set up a small play or even use the costume later at school, too.

You will perhaps a lot of pictures with your family on Diwali. How about you gift your child something that they can hold on to? Gift him memories. Click tons of pictures and gift beautiful photo frames to your child. You can even gift a large photo frame that can house photos of all family members.

Let your child decorate it with special Diwali photos of previous years and place it in his bedroom. As Eid approaches, your child will perhaps want to help you with cooking favourite festival sweets, but he may not know how to. But you can always teach him. To get him started, get a toy baking kit. He can make use of simple everyday ingredients to make sugar cakes and tons of other sweets that everyone in the family can enjoy during Eid. Some kids do not like to indulge in the colour fights that happen during Holi, but they, too, like to have fun.

By giving your child a face painting kit, he can artistically paint himself with skin-safe colours. Let your talented kiddo paint your face too, and your family will end up looking beautiful and colourful on Holi. Not all gifts have to be toys or playtime things.

Bring out the energy in your little one and all her friends by organising a flash mob on Baisakhi in your neighbourhood. Watch everyone smile in delight as they see these wonderful girls come together in colourful attire and dance to their favourite song.

The joy of giving is one of the wonderful gifts that every child should be taught from early on. Gather any old toys, books , showpieces, or anything from your home and drive to nearest orphanage or NGO to donate them. Let your child donate the things to the people who need them — your child will return home matured and with content. He will understand the importance of helping others.

There are some English films for children set around the theme of Christmas, the most popular of which is the Home Alone series.

No matter what is being celebrated, a celebration is incomplete without any music present. Let go of the music player and allow your child to bring his music to the forefront. You might have an entire collection of photos of your previous idols. Let your child choose of 12 Gods and design a calendar themed around those. You will have your favourite God on your desk in various styles for the entire year. You must be praising your child when she does something nice — and being appreciated by you must encourage her to behave nicely all the time.

Buy a bunch of blank coupons for her and give it to her whenever she does a good deed. You can also assign her certain tasks and give it to her whenever she completes anything assigned to her.

Reverse the rules this Christmas and let your kid be Santa. Gift him a Santa costume, with a nice beard, some chocolates and his very own reindeer set. Republic day allows your boy to see the might and prowess of the Indian army. Gift him some play dough and let him create tiny foot soldiers of his own as well as tanks and missiles. When he creates his parade, click photographs of him with everything he makes and give it to him for keepsakes. What if your little boy could put out fire as well as spray people with water this Holi?

Do that for him by buying a wonderful fireman-themed water gun set. Sankranti is celebrated all over India, but the celebration takes another level in Gujarat. Flying kite is an important part of this festival.

This January, teach your kid how to fly a kite — you will not find a better occasion than Makar Sankranti. Buy a kite for your kid and let him fly it. He is going to love flying kite! All our festivals are rooted deeply in our culture, our history, and the stories surrounding it.

Let your boy start knowing the culture better by diving deep into the exciting world presented by the Amar Chitra Katha series. But looking beyond the traditional options and the obvious ones can reveal a multitude of choices that can suit each kid and make his day worthwhile.

First Birthday Gifts

All my children love Legos. Rachel wants girl themed Lego kits like these. This would keep her occupied while her brothers are creating their own Lego towns.

And how quickly time flies. So light the birthday candle, blow up the balloons and cue the party music, because Personal Creations is here to help you with the most exclusive 1st birthday gifts on the web. Or, for a great gift any child will love using, take a look at our kid-ready bookcase.

Think about the things that matter to her most. Is she passionate about style? You could get her a fashionable personalized t-shirt gift. Is her room her personal palace? Add a touch of fairytale magic with a light-up unicorn or get her a plush blanket that will take her bed-scape to the next level.

Little Girl Birthday Gifts

By the age of 5, children usually start to demonstrate fine and gross motor skills and articulate feelings more meaningfully. The games that children play and the toys they play with can help contribute to their growth. Buying or choosing the best gifts for 5-year-old girls is in no way easy because girls of this age may not be easy to impress. But do not worry — MomJunction is here with a list of some of the best gifts for 5 year old girls. These are some of the gifts you may consider. Gift options for girls are not limited to soft toys or dolls. You can gift them anything that would have their interest. If you have the notion that construction play sets are only for boys, you are completely wrong. This toy set with magnetic blocks is for girls who enjoy building structures and dream of becoming engineers.

40+ Amazing Gift Ideas for Little Girls

For those who refuse to stay within the lines: nontoxic crayons made from soybeans! Bag available in muslin cotton or red velvet. Keep kids from excessive screen time with these finger-powered toy cars that fuel creativity. Each battery-free Modarri car comes equipped with high-quality parts, and when paired together, three cars can be designed over 35, different ways. Perfect for boo-boos.

Shopping for your gal pal? From a life on Mars wooden playset to a book of stories about real-life heroes, these days, gifts for girls are fun, fierce and pretty darn fabulous.

Searching for cool birthday gifts for kids? These gift ideas are sure to please. You'll find toys for the budding writer, scientist, artist, or musician. Grab 'em fast!

31 Best Gifts To Buy For 5-Year-Old Girls In 2020

Are you stumped on what to get her for gifts? Or, are you a friend or family member who is short for ideas? If so, we have this gift guide for you.

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But what about the gift? Have you looked for some cute and fancy gift for your kiddo? If you want to gift something unique to your munchkin, refer to the unique birthday gift list we have curated for you. When a little boy grows up, he looks up to his father and often imitates his behaviour. If your child is a little old, you can get him a nice shaving kit that is specially made for children. It comes with foam, which is child-friendly, a nice brush, as well as a toy razor.

29 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Skip to main content Little Girl Birthday Gifts. In Stock. This tent is sooo cute!! My pumpkin loves it! Goes perfect with the lights on her bed. The best Christmas ever. Add to cart. The deal site took almost 3 weeks to ship directly from China vs.

May 13, - So choose the best one & buy for your girl & impress her. Little girls can be extremely particular about every item they wear, including.


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