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Where to rent a girl in thailand

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. Note: this is a totally serious question not a troll , and I would prefer serious answers by people who want to contribute, and not just get off by speculating or moralizing.


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Thai Girlfriend Guides

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Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions.

More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. Note: this is a totally serious question not a troll , and I would prefer serious answers by people who want to contribute, and not just get off by speculating or moralizing. Anyways, the number of travelers with Thai ladies in tow around Khao San road these days is just amazing.

Travelers of all ages really. I have some understanding of the Thai bar girl scene, but what you see around Khao San is a bit weird, so I have some assumptions I would like to verify, and some questions. What is it? Are most of these girls going with the guy for a week, so they get free hotels and food, plus some really expensive gifts fancy phone, jewelry, etc at the end?

Or are they also getting cash? If cash, I am curious about the amount and how they work that out, because I would expect most of these guys would be uncomfortable with that, at least in the beginning. Also curious because I don't know if most of these guys could afford normal bar girl prices for a week or so. My guess at the arrangement has been food, hotel, 1, baht a day with the cash request labelled as something like a gift for family or whatever and hope of presents at end.

I would love to hear real experiences on this. Second, I am guessing most of these girls were picked up from Gullivers, but damn, there are so many couples out there, did they really all come from there? Also, given that most budget hotels in the area prohibit Thai guests, are all these people basically switching rooms to one of the few permissive hotels once they find a girl?

But what about the first night??? Is there some short time hotel in the area I don't know about? Why does every couple in this category awkwardly hold hands every hour of the day? Real couples don't need to do this, so why such a forced behavior?

And why does every single one do it? To be honest, I considered getting myself one of these girls if it was a good deal, but since it seems to require constantly walking around Khao San area holding hands, I'm not sure I can do it.

Generally, I'm curious about how ambiguous this situation is for the guy. These girls know what's happening. But how gently are the guys brought along, or is it all upfront discussed right in Gullivers? It's possible some of these are real relationships, but their behavior is all so identically weird, it doesn't seem so at least to me.

I've been observing it for a while. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I'd be surprised if I was wrong overall. Let me know. I never see that many truly normal Thai girls partying around Khao San road unless it's the weekend, and then girls are all in big groups, giggling shyly, and not approaching westerners.

But what do I know. Finally, I have actually seen some young guys with genuinely old and ugly women doing the same walk. What the hell??? I hope this at least is for free. Otherwise, someone needs to help these guys get out of some sort of trap they fell into. Anyways, this is a serious post, and it's become a big part of the Bangkok scene, so I think it's worth discussing.

It seems to me these girls have developed a unique system that works well for the younger travelers, who wouldn't normally be interested in the normal bar girl scene. But maybe I'm mistaken about some of this, so would like to hear from people with first hand experience.

Dozens of times I've just wanted to walk up to the guy and ask what the deal was, but obviously that would not go over so well. Online is the right place for this. Man, seriously you are kind of sad if you go around actually studying whats going on between people who are just holding hands going up and down the road On a recent trip to KSR i have to admit there has been an increase in young Backpackers with Bargirls..

Do a sweep of the board to Askew's 'My ex Thai Girlfriend' post where the differet 'levels' of prostitution have been talked about. In this scenario the woman doesn't have to go through the hassles of working a bar and can take her time to choose her mark - the dumber the better. If you 'know too mut' you don't have a chance. The bloke can pretend his girl isn't a hooker as he didn't pick her off a pole or a in Sukhumwit, Patpong etc.

Generally I assume if they aren't holding hands then they are married. If they are holding hands, then I assume that they are "friends".

But yeah, the hand holding is a bit over-the-top I've noticed. As for the rest of your observations, as mentioned above you're analyzing things way too much, and it's pretty obvious you're looking for a way to get yourself hooked up with one of those pretty young things. Remember they're people, not a piece of fruit at the market. As said before you think too much. Each interaction is different and will be based on love, money, sex, friendship, convenience, curiosity and god knows what else, all to varying degrees.

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Send as an e-mail. Print current page. Print whole topic. No moralizing please : Cheers! View last reply. Straight from the bargirl's mouth: "Thai man no good Copy and paste the url below to share the link. Permalink to this post. You think too much. Its just people having relationships.

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Rent-A-Girlfriend In Thailand

A growing number of men are hiring young women to accompany them on dates and public appearances, but sex is off the menu. I tried to act calm and cool on the outside, but I was very nervous. As I walked closer to her, my heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty. But anything is possible in Thailand, where money talks and the companionship of a beautiful young woman can be bought as easily as fancy clothes or a designer label watch. They negotiated a price of 1, baht with the condition the date was during the day and there was no expectation of a sexual liaison.

But the down side is that some times the ladies ask for money, a few may not be genuine, and can have boyfriends and husbands. We have looked over and reviewed many, many such websites and only a found a few worthy of recommending.

You can find Thai girls to rent all around the country. A sort of girlfriend or mistress as you want to call it. Most travelers think there are only girls working in the red light districts that offer companionship but in reality, most girls you see in the streets, shops, universities and even online, are potential rental material. For example, many girls studying at university struggle financially. They barely have money to pay their rent.

Girlfriend in Thailand

These days you hear more expats in Thailand than ever complaining about all different sorts of things: The uneasy visa situation for long time residents. Unreasonable prices for condos given the generally poor building standards. Increasing number of both road accidents and criminal rates. And so on and so forth. Leave alone all the super modern shopping malls and western restaurants that you can barely find in the neighboring countries and if you do, then the quality usually sucks. But more like this, a mostly clean environment and a more or less well organized and easy to navigate public transportation system like in Bangkok:. You can meet Thai girls either online or offline. Online means you would sign up on one of the dating sites. And then you can also go the traditional way of meeting Thai girls during your sex holiday and that is by approaching them offline.

Where and How to Find a Thai Girlfriend in Chiang Mai

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Not shady at all!

Yes it's true, Thailand the land of smiles rents young Thai girls out by the hour, day, month, year. Some might think this is deplorable, others revil in the idea of a hot thin girl basically on your beck and call. Whatever your thoughts there is no denying that for a small cost, girls are for rent in thailand ever day of the year.

How To Rent A Girlfriend In Thailand

The price of the girls depends on a lot of factors like your appearance, behaviour, hygiene and so on. However, you can really get the best price if you know exactly what to do. If you are visiting for the first time, then this article might just help you in understanding how Pattaya red light districts work.

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You might go for drinks, catch a movie, go nightclubbing, and finally back to your hotel to get a little more intimate. Because you can see inside without entering, and quickly see how many girls are working, how good looking they are, is there a pool table, etc, beer bars — like this one on Soi Diana in Pattaya photo below , are a good place to start your search. For many guys who holiday in places like Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket for the nightlife and sex, and pick up bar girls every day or as required, a Thai girlfriend experience happens by chance when they pick up a girl they hit it off with and ask her to stick around. It depends on what type of bar you hire the girl from. For example, a girl from a typical beer bar in Pattaya would most likely ask for around baht per day, and the bar fine at beer bars is usually a few hundred baht, it varies from bar to bar.

Girlfriends for Rent on Khao San Rd?

Do you want a girlfriend for a vacation in Thailand? Do you want a long-term girlfriend in Thailand, or do you want a Thai girl for marriage? In either case, I will try to help you with some information on this page regarding Thai girls and where to find them. In Thailand, you are not limited to choose between girls and men; if you are looking for a third option, please take a look at the ladyboy article. Thai culture is quite different from the Western culture when it comes to relationships. One of the differences is that a Thai girl often gets married for security over love.

Feb 23, - Finding the right Thai Bar Girls is not easy. But our guide will show you how to pick up any spinner in Bangkok and take her home with you for.

Choose your holiday companion, select the length of stay and fill out a form confirming your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation and further guidelines. We need also your photo, it is confidential and needed only, to be accepted by your holiday companion. Please note additionally names of two girls, as an alternative. Our aim is to give you an unique opportunity to spend unforgettable vacation of your dreams.

Bangkok Girls

Ever wondered when you've seen a western man walking around in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand with a stunning Thai girlfriend on his arm, or just nearby him? Perhaps you've wondered, "Hey! What's this guy got?






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