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Why i get new friend suggestions on facebook

By Harry Pettit For Mailonline. You can now track how Facebook recommends new friends through its creepy 'People You May Know' feature. A free tool lists every person Facebook suggests you know to help you uncover how the platform uses your personal information. People You May Know PYMK has frequently left Facebook users unnerved by its ability to find familiar faces with no mutual connections on the social network. In August, a user said the feature had suggested her long-lost great aunt as a friend, despite the two having never met or contacted one another.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What does it mean when you get a friend suggestion notification on Facebook?

How does Facebook suggest potential friends? Not location data – not now

Facebook is all set to add another update in its friend suggestion algorithm. Has this ever happened to you that you see the same girl every time you walk in to the coffee shop, but, never had a chance to talk to her or ask her name? I have seen this happening to a lot of guys, including me!

You feel like approaching Kim Jong Un. A hell tensed situation. Well Facebook seems to have an axe to break this ice. Facebook is well-known for its amazing yet scary data mining algorithms and machine learning features that suggest you friends and other posts. It compares all the information you offer to suggest you connections. For example, you see people from your high school, from the same living area, your interests, mutual friends, and even people from other networks as well in suggestions.

In addition to that, Facebook has taken a step ahead in guessing who can become your friend from the places you often go. If you and a person have been using the same Wi-Fi network for some time, you will see their faces appearing in People You May Know section.

This seems both creepy and innovative at the same time to me. These packets play central role in tailoring the suggestions. Facebook is enough smart on that front. Now, let me come to the point why this new friend suggestion algorithm by FB is both creepy as well as good for you.

That is to say: though this feature is creepy , but it can be awesome for you. Hey, at least you will know her name. And the chances of you sipping coffee with her are damn high if she accepts your friend request! Everything aside, this new friend finding method of Facebook is quite innovative when it comes to Social media networks.

What are your views about this new method? How is it going to affect interactions on Social media? Let me know in the comments.

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New tool lets you track how Facebook suggests new friends

Since I joined Facebook in July last year, one of my favorite third party apps has been Introduce Me. With the click of a button, I can introduce two friends who I believe should meet for specific reasons, typically business-related. This feature only applies to NEW Facebook users. Though I believe the introduced parties have to install the app. So, what do you think?

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Started seeing her clients in her recommended friends. In I visited Vietnam with my then wife; our guide for the northern part of the country was a nice young lady who worked at Hanoi university and was incredibly fluent in Italian, having studied in my country some time before. We had no common acquaintances in Italy or anywhere else, and I have never been in the Italian city where she studied. I did not have a FB acount back then, and opened it a couple of years later.

27 Facebook ‘Friend Suggestions’ That Show How Creepy This App Can Be

The feature has been known to suggest users who have no or few mutual friends on the network — and, reportedly, nothing in common beyond having shared the same physical space — prompting concerns about how it works. Still amazed at how accurate the "people you may know" thing on Facebook is. Facebook's people-you-may-know algorithm is so good it's almost creepy. A friend of mine says the devil's in the sidebar on YouTube. I'd say the devil's also in the 'people you may know' sidebar here on Facebook. But Fusion then published an updated statement from Facebook, which said it did not use location data — though it had briefly in the past. Not all staff were aware that the test had ended. Facebook "people you may know" option is annoying, especially the list with 1 or zero mutual friends

Where Do Facebook Friend Suggestions Come From?

After having more than a decade of experience in using Facebook and having more than 4K friends on Facebook, I am confident to say that I know how does Facebook friend suggestion works. The Facebook suggestion is a feature of this social media to introduce new users to be connected. Friend suggestion is based on the Facebook algorithm, which considers different factors, including previous connections, previous activities, and also the information on the profile. If you want to choose your own and desired list of friends, you should be very careful about it, and you must know how the Facebook algorithm and suggestion work and even how to control it. The basis of Facebook and also Instagram algorithm is based on three main factors of interest, timing, and connection according to their speaker at a conference.

Facebook is all set to add another update in its friend suggestion algorithm. Has this ever happened to you that you see the same girl every time you walk in to the coffee shop, but, never had a chance to talk to her or ask her name?

When you log into Facebook you may see a list of friend suggestions. The people listed here are other users of the network that Facebook thinks you might know. These suggestions are based on the number of mutual friends you have, your education and employment information, contacts you've imported into the social network, and various other factors. For each suggestion you have the option to add the individual as a friend or prevent the user from appearing in this section in the future.

How Does Facebook Suggested Friends Actually Work?

Today I was trying to suggest a friend on Facebook to another one of my friends. It has moved though. To find it, follow these steps.

So why is she being suggested?! Were we once in the same cafe? Has she, completely understandably, been stalking me? Have we finally found the definitive answer to how you can tell when people have looked at my profile?! So many questions, and so many conspiracy theories.



Mar 9, - The article tells about new Facebook friend suggestion algorithm which describe I have seen this happening to a lot of guys, including me!


You have a friend suggestion!


How to Find Out Who Looks at Your Facebook Profile




Facebook’s next Friend Suggestion Algorithm will be Ice Breaking



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