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Xem the woman in black

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The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. Hell House LLC. The Evil Down the Street. The Child Remains. Insidious: Chapter 3. Well crafted ghost story with a classic feel. Classy with out being boring or corny. As a horror fan I come into any ghost story with an air of skepticism ready to be disappointed.

Thankfully this movie delivers. I thought the casting was excellent, the drama suspenseful and not overly predictable. The scenery and the sets were outstanding in so much that just being in those places and rooms would be spooky enough to give one shivers down the spine. The story lends itself to some typical horror tropes but not in such a way as to cheapen the whole experience that much.

Given today's heavy use of cgi its to be expected in movies such as these but in this case often I felt it was understated and it was more the content of the scene that made it scary rather than a frightening monster so to speak. I dont want to give anything away but the swamp scenes were deliciously horrific and scary good fun. The over all melancholy tone and sinister bite of this story line have all the makings of a good horror flick that made me keep watching.

A gothic ghost story to leave you chills A fantastic ghost story that will leave in with chills and a lingering fear of shadows throughout the night. I love scary movies but hate what they have been reduced to over the years. This is a classic haunting ghost story created with modern technology. If you loved shows like the Changeling, Flowers in the attic, Stephen King, this is an absolute must watch. I watched it several years ago and loved it.

I rewatched it again last night over amazon prime and it was just as fantastic if not better. I enjoyed it the first time so much that I even found the original classic novella written by Susan Hill. The original story is classified as "written in the style of a traditional Gothic novel". The novella is quite different in some regards and stands as a must-read in its own right. Although there are differences in the story line, the two seem to compliment each other well, which alone itself is a mystery.

Too often one belittles the other. The use of CGI fog is almost unforgivable, but on the whole this was a pretty good film. English villages c. Speaking of zeal, they would have intervened much more decisively that is, violently in preventing an outsider from stirring up the trouble we see; they would probably have tried to burn down the haunted house at some point, probably decades in the past.

There seems to be a rule, though, that characters in horror movies do not behave like real people would. On the other hand, the element of mystery is well played, and both the motivation of the ghost and the ghost's behavior at the end of the film follow a kind of traditional logic -- she may not have been reasonable, which is probably too much to ask of a vengeful ghost, but she was at least consistent.

Love this spooky ghost story! I love British mysteries and gothic horror stories. This film had all the ingredients for an excellent movie and did not disappoint. The acting was spot on and wonderful. Daniel Radcliff has indeed grown into a fine actor with sensitivity and distinction. The other actors were also wonderful, including, the "Twins" so cute and the other cute little dog. I love dogs and especially in this movie because none of dogs became casualties like other movies manage to stoop to.

This movie was so visually gorgeous. Beautiful cinematography of the English countryside. The old mansion was so realistic with all the antique furnishings and architecture.

I could tell that the antique toys were real and that lent a spooky aspect to the story. The ending was quite a twist.

Highly recommended! Kinda creepy and good production value but story was meh. The setting was great as were the visuals. I didn't care much for the acting, though it did what it needed to. I liked the setup, but felt the payoff was lazy and uninteresting. The story was good, but not great. Jump scares felt cheap and contrived - like the movie was saying it can't be scary without them.

I found them annoying more than anything. It was one of the better haunted house movies I've seen though, they did that really well. I wanted the plot to be something different and, in the end, was quite disappointed at where they took it.

This is a solid 3 star movie, not bad, but not great - just good. Good overall story with some standard horror cliches. We picked up this movie on Amazon Instant Watch because we've been considering heading out to the theatre to see the sequel. On the whole, I think we were pretty glad that we did. The nutshell view on this is that our protagonist is sent off to a spooky house to tidy up some probate paperwork after the death of the house's last inhabitant.

When he arrives, the townspeople do everything in their power to get rid of him and refuse to explain why they're acting so oddly. The rest is left as exploration for the prospective watcher. To the positive, the imagery in the movie is, at times, extremely creepy. At various points old toys are shown and I found these delightful for their historical background and as a motif for the film. Lots of wonderful images in this movie.

Further, the whole story didn't succumb to the standard pattern you typically see in these movies. I can't really say much more without spoiling it but suffice to say that you don't get what you expect in the end and the final twist is shocking and delightful. To the negative, many of the horror details were very cliche: lots of doorknobs turning and when the door is opened nobody is there, briefly glimpsed faces in mirrors or in windows and mysterious shadows. This is all standard horror movie fluff and while well done is was just like every other horror movie in the world.

In summary, this movie is heavy on imagery, setting and narrative arc but many of the details are rather blah. As horror movies go it was high on my list simply because it didn't run the usual course of 'good, then bad, then even more bad, then better, then REALLY bad, then yay, rainbows and unicorns! I always aim to improve. The Woman In Black is a period piece ghost story.

Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps is a lawyer who travels to an isolated town in rural England in the early s to look into the will of a deceased woman. It turns out the estate Kipps is looking into is haunted by a vindictive woman ghost who is taking out her revenge.

The movie is a slow burner. Much of the beginning is setting the mood of the film. Everything has dark over tones and is kind of Gothic.

As for the ghost there are only hints of it at first. There are noises and screams and then a brief glimpse of a woman.

Kipps in turn, spends a good amount of time walking around the estate looking for clues as to what is going on. Eventually that all builds up as Kipps begins to see more and more of the haunting, which finally gets to be scary. At some point, you'll start to realize that some Harry Potter fans wrote love note reviews of this movie that in no way stands on its own. Frankly, because of Radcliffe's role, it's actually difficult to tell if it fails more because of him or less.

At times I'm pretty sure I saw his pained expressions over being in a film trying so hard to be eerie Victorian Gothic but ends up being so flimsy and predictable.

At times its almost dark comedy but only due to its absurdity. In fairness, there are some great "film" moments with lighting, sound, SFX and some beautiful sets and even creative ideas within, but everything else going on around it just can't hold the water of those other elements. The novel it's based on, which I'm wholly unfamiliar, may have been a dandy but if it's too similar to this film I'd pass on reading it.

The concept was interesting but somewhere development of the essentials got passed on for sake of expedience or special effects. Its kind of hard to say. Nicely done. Almost everybody likes a good ghost story. This one is pretty good. But how much original can you do with ghost stories? So, we focus more on the characters. I liked the townspeople going about their frightened existence. The cinematography was very good, giving the estate grounds the feel of isolation and desolation.

I liked nearly every aspect, but I did not the ending, not at all. If you like ghost stories, this one might be for you.

The Woman in Black. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. Hell House LLC. The Evil Down the Street. The Child Remains.

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