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To verify the operating system level, use the following command: oslevel -r. For more information on these commands, see the man pages. Some daemons related to CXFS output a message in the console log. To see the contents of this log file, use the following command: alog -o -t console.

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What’s New With AIX in 2020

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I am new to Unix. There are many command line options to use. You should check out the man pages for sar, vmstat, lsps, ps and topas. You can also download nmon free, which is probably one of the easiest tools to use. Want to know more? Use man sar or man vmstat. Once you have understood these 2 commands, you can start using a topas command and nmon command. I run one of these all day. I don't understand what you are looking for when you ask for "Memory usage per processor". As an addition according as below; you can download nmon and use for this purpose I downloaded from the site that you gave, then it gives the crc error while I try to uncompress with gzip.

Check with file command is it really gz file. Some browsers decompress on the fly gz compressed files. If this is true just rename the file:. My recommendation: download nmon form IBM web site. It will give you more viewable and understandable output regarding CPU, memory, top process, network speed and disk read write actions. There are a ton of performance tools that you can use. Try them all but it is a good idea to learn and understand vmstat, since it is a quick view and is "mostly" standard for all the Unix and Unix like OSs.

So learn that and you will use the rest only to go deeper when required. Operating Systems. Some name 7. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. Some name 32k Followers.

Follow Tech Sign In Page. Set up sar. Check out the man page on sar. March 11, PM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. March 12, PM. You can check for memory usage by using: vmstat 1 This will check your memory real and virtual.

March 13, AM. August 03, AM. You can try entering topas if the monitor is installed. Use topas, nmon, svmon to see the various statistics. Sawan Gupta. January 07, AM. Use the command: topas or vmstat 2 5 or svmon -G. Hello, As an addition according as below; you can download nmon and use for this purpose Hi, Please try: gunzip nmon4aix. Romeo Ninov. It is a gz file.

Hi, My recommendation: download nmon form IBM web site. Hi, Just type one command sar -u 1 10 for check utilization. January 18, PM. January 19, AM.

Try vmstat -w 3 3 The first line is an historical since system reboot so ignore it Juan Medina. Dear, Only use nmon tool. January 21, AM. Jaco Bezuidenhout. Sign In to Post a Comment. Sign In. Hide Comments View Comments. Looking for more? Search the archive of solutions and how-to's. Ask a new question to a community of peers. Minimum Characters in a Password. Job Slowness in Streamserve.

Use the Unix find command to search for files

The below is the find command that I used, but its doing the recursive search how to stop that find command from doing recursive. As daboule suggested, you can filter using prune. The maxdepth option you described is only available on the GNU version of the find command, which is delivered on Linux boxes.

To use the find command, at the Unix prompt, enter:. Leave the double quotes in.

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How man Pages Work: Troubleshooting Tips

The Linux find command is very powerful. It can search the entire filesystem to find files and directories according to the search criteria you specify. Besides using the find command to locate files, you can also use it to execute other Linux commands grep , mv , rm , etc. If you just want to see some examples and skip the reading, here are a little more than thirty find command examples to get you started. Almost every command is followed by a short description to explain the command; others are described more fully at the URLs shown:. If you know of any more good find commands to share, please leave a note in the Comments section below. If it finds the file, it prints the location to the screen.


I am new to Unix. There are many command line options to use. You should check out the man pages for sar, vmstat, lsps, ps and topas. You can also download nmon free, which is probably one of the easiest tools to use.

This document contains common questions about setting up man pages and applies to AIX Versions 3. Then it displays the file.

This section documents additional platform-specific issues regarding the installation and setup of PostgreSQL. Be sure to read the installation instructions, and in particular Section Also, check Chapter 30 regarding the interpretation of regression test results.

find Command

Importance of Tuning. Operating System Tools. Tuning Memory Management.

You can see these settings as follows:. This includes paths that are in enabled and failed states. This is the default. Other modes include enabled which sends the command to only enabled and failed paths, or failed which only sends the command to failed paths. This should be set according to performance needs and disk vendor recommendations. This provides the serial number, the name in the disk subsystem for the LUN, the size and the machine type and model for the disk subsystem.

The find command recursively searches the directory tree for each specified Path parameter, seeking files that match a Boolean expression. The Boolean expression is written by using the terms that are provided in the following text. When the find command is recursively descending directory structures, it does not descend into directories that are symbolically linked into the current hierarchy. The output from the find command depends on the terms that are specified by the Expression parameter. The find command does not support the 4. For example, -amin 2 is true if the file is accessed within 1 to 2 minutes.

AIX COMMAND GUIDE You may find this file helpful despite the numerous omissions nonetheless. man ps # will list the manual page for the command ps.








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