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Girl meets world riley self harm fanfiction

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Rilaya ~ Love Story [3x05 spoilers]

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Girl Meets Smackle/Transcript

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I got bored last night, so I made a second story in my free time. This is the second story. I love these 2 together. I hope you will like it as well. If you have a suggestion for any stories, remember to post a comment. Maya and Riley Matthews-Hunter are married to each other. They have graduated from college; they have good jobs they enjoy, Maya working in a small community Art Gallery and Riley working as Copy Editor at a local community Newspaper; they live in their own Condominium in New York City, New York USA; and they keep their marriage Pleasurable and Spicy by playing what they call Honeymoon Games that they started playing on their honeymoon.

Blame it on the champagne! Now with the help of Minkus International, and their family and friends, and some Time Travelers and Technology from the Thirty-Third Century, they have become the Pure Essence of their Country of Rilaya, and they are changing the future of the whole world, as they were destined to do!

Just a bunch of Joshaya one shots because the world needs more Joshaya. This work was originally on Quotev, but I moved it onto here. I base most of these one shots off of pictures I've found on pintrest so if they sound familiar thats why.

Always Safe In His Arms. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her. On top of that her feelings for a certain Uncle Boing, she has ignored for a few years, find its way back to the surface, stronger than before.

What happens, if the two of them meet each other at a college party, drunk and vulnerable? Will Josh finally admit his feelings? Or will Maya finally let go of hers? Can Maya figure out this huge mess with her friends? How will Mayas life turn out? Maya Hart wasn't a stranger to Bad Timing, but she was usually careful to keep her friends away from it.

And the best way to keep them out of harm's way was to never entertain Hope. Maya noticed the pattern early in her life: Hope turned up suddenly, seducing Maya with a happy future; Bad Timing swooped in, causing immediate heartache; Hope fled. While Maya knew the signs and tried to ignore them, Hope was devious in its tactics. Each time it escaped, Maya fortified new walls around her heart.

And each time Hope found a way to crush those walls, it held Maya hostage until Bad Timing arrived. Two people in Maya's life unwittingly participated in Hope's schemes: Riley Matthews, sunshine enthusiast and future tour guide; and Lucas Friar, moral compass and future senator.

Maya couldn't say no to either of them; she let them lead her into the dangerous underbelly of Hope's corrupt city. It was all rainbows with sacks of gold to them; they were immune to the reality of Hope's true nature. Until now. Hope had seduced them all that year. They were Seniors. This year, Life was to be celebrated.

This year, Life would take a different turn. The gang is in college together. They've gone through a whole lot, but college is different. They'll have to face the fact that they're becoming adults and adulting can be hard, especially when you're confused about yourself and life. Riley will face a lot of things, more than the ideal college student, but she'll try her best to understand her feelings, emotions, and self-worth.

There will be flashbacks to Boy Meets World moments and moments where visits from past characters will occur. Maya agreed to play the long game with Josh. The problem is she isn't sure how long the game is or what the rules are.

But she has a plan and she's going for it full steam ahead. Her plan is convoluted and involves a level of mischief that only Maya can muster. Her friends are all in relationships that have their own ups and downs.

They don't notice that Maya is slowly becoming distant from the group as she grows closer to Josh. It could take months or years. Maya could lose even her best friend in her pursuit of Josh. She's willing to do almost anything to become Mrs. Maya Matthews. Smackle wants to give herself to Farkle, but she needs to work through her issues first.

Can the girls help her? Mainly Rucas and Joshaya but other pairings will be mentioned. Topanga has to take care of Auggie after he breaks his wrist. What other things will she have to take care of?

Maya is alone naked next to a waterfall Prepare yourself for a story of passion like no other. This story is co written with a friend. This is a Rilaya fanfic If you don't like the ship get out of here. Or just don't read. If you do not know what this is from it is from a show called Girl Meet's World My favorite show tbh Rilaya: meaning Riley and Maya together. Especially when the game board is always changing, and there are no written rules.

Or Josh learns to be an adult while Maya grows up. A few years ago, they had made a pact to possibly date each other when she was older. Finally, the day has come but Josh wasn't expecting another man's arm to be around Maya's shoulder. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Of Course I Love You.

i adore you so — fic recommendations! so!! here it is!! it took me...

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya and Riley Matthews-Hunter are married to each other.

Spot on as usual Sean. I fucking hate this episode.

I've been super busy, I started college and that makes it very hard to write and post. Plus I had some issues going on, but then it inspired me to write. So this is a new multi-chapter. There is a trigger warning for self harm and suicidal thoughts, so please keep yourself safe and take caution before reading. Hope you enjoy.

There had always been something about Lucas Friar that distinguished him from the rest of the boys she knew. At first, she thought Joshua Matthews had that little something, but when she met Lucas, it all became clear. At first, he was Mister Perfect. The unattainable, the prince charming her best friend had always deserved, and the most perfect guy anyone would love to be with. He had an incredible physique for an 8th grader - even if he was a year older - but most important of all is that he was the most loyal friend Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Isaiah Babineaux and Maya Hart could ask for. His anger issues became clear to his friends after he had almost beaten up Billy and the other ass who had practically tried to kill Zay. They all told themselves that there was more to him than they knew, and Mister Perfect was gone. The day of his funeral was one of the worst days in their lives.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I got bored last night, so I made a second story in my free time. This is the second story.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Riley Matthews.

Farkle says nothing, just moves to brush a piece of blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear. I never have and I never will. She wants to deny that this is even happening and just ignore it until it goes away. And then Riley opens the door, flips on the light switch, and every single thought, every single idea disappears from her mind.

No one knew how it happened. That day they were friends. The next, they were not.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World- Lucas finds out someone's been bullying Riley - Girl Meets Rileytown

Riley Matthews blearily opened her eyes, awoken by the sound of her cell phone vibrating. Riley groaned and turned over in her half awaken state to silence her cell phone. This had been happening for quite some time now and Riley was beginning to get sick of it. But seeing as she had this responsibility toward her best friend, Maya Hart, the loyal friend rolled out of bed and grabbed her phone and a scarf as she trudged to Maya's house in order to calm her down. She quickly walked in the cold New York night towards her friend's apartment I could have sworn it's an apartment.

Muhammad had watched silently for weeks, simply studying the young girl as she began to withdraw from herself. True, when she was with the other girl, the young girl seemed to brighten but her whole face would shift once she realized it wasn't just her and her best friend in the large school. Muhammad would look on and notice the change occurring readily as she would hear the two talk about a boy during lunch. Every lunch day Ms. Muhammed would study the girl to see if her hypothesis was correct. Muhammad was a twelfth grade history and political science teacher, but she was the hall and lunch monitor for the younger grades and could see the change in the young girl occurring every day. And now the girl wasn't eating, just pushing food around the tray.

Jul 23, - That's what set Boy Meets World apart, was wise, competent adults. Josh and Maya arrive as doctors to diagnose Riley with Gooey Sap the "ambient light" conversation too, go fuck yourself, Girl Meets World. It's *insert less here. compared the lucas, who is basically a little girls fanfiction character.

This fanfic was requested by indulgent-s. Wake up! She was debating between a sweater and jeans and a cardigan with a dress when Maya called out from the other room.

Summery: The first time it happened, it came out of nowhere This is a day by day of when Riley was being bullied and how it really affected her. Warning: This story is rated T for bullying triggers.

Hey guys, so I got this idea in my head and I decided to write about it. I had a hard time writing this first chapter. Riley Matthews woke up and found her best friend, Maya Hart, sitting in her window seat, looking down drawing in a drawing pad.

If you are reading this you probably read the original to this sequel, Save Me. So, thank you for reading.

The tension filled the room as Riley shivered under his gaze. Now he knew why she had squashed down her feelings and he knew that no matter how much he liked Maya he still like riley. You aren't the only one who gets to decide" she let a lone tear fall down her face and gulped. She couldn't handle this, she was not in the right state of mind. He reached forward to hug her but she shoved him away.

This was a normal greeting for Farkle when he walked around school, especially after him and Lucas came out as a couple their freshman year, and it was now their senior year. He tried to just shrug it off, but even after so many times, it still hurt more and more every time. I love him, but it keeps getting worse. Maybe I should just lie and say it was a phase. He was walking towards the lunchroom when Lucas came up behind him and grabbed his hand. Lucas started walking forward when the thoughts came back to Farkle. Farkle smiled, more like grimaced, and turned around.


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