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How to look beautiful for your husband

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One of the most disturbing things about the Petraeus affair, and others before it, is the compulsion to blame the betrayed spouse. Self Control. How could any red-blooded man control himself? They were an incredible team that devoted their lives to this country and the members of the Army they both served with and for. But what does that partner owe the marriage?

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Since we know this about men and if we are married to a man, we should do what we can to stay attractive for our own husband. I agree with this and I am sure a lot of husbands would as well.

Maintaining their figures and beauty—through reasonable efforts—is one important way that women can make their husbands happy. She gained 65 pounds while she was pregnant and soon after her birth, she shared that she had already lost 30 pounds and wanted to lose the rest so she would feel good and look good for her husband. Women went berserk over this and ridiculed her for saying this! Instead of being ridiculed, she should have been applauded for wanting to make her husband happy!

Women should not be ridiculed for wanting to look good for their husbands or for wanting to please them. Why do we think there are so many divorces today?

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world Titus We are not talking about being skinny or looking like a model. No, we are talking about eating healthy, exercising, eating only your portion not overeating , and looking the best you can with what you have been blessed with. Weighing yourself consistently is vital and even telling someone is good.

If you are a believe in Christ, one of the fruits of the spirit is self-control so Jesus inside of you has the self-control to eat less and lose some weight!

Lori, I am constantly amazed at the wisdom that you teach. You are giving women all of the keys to please God and achieve success in their marriages. Thank you, Trey. Being married for over 36 years to a man who is a good communicator sure helps, too! Love this and all these kind of posts! I still need to lose about 15 kg, to look as I looked when we got married 6,5 years ago. I already lost 12 kg from most heavyset i was year and half ago. I struggle with binge eating problems.

All these good reminders that we can be strong in Christ are really helpful. Thank you Lori for all your wonderful advises that you put so simply to understand. It gives strength and inspiration to continue to improve in all ways possible as christian wife. I want my husband to be really happy and proud of wife he chose and not living in regrets…. Maybe have your husband hold you accountable.

Every morning I weigh and report to him! If I go a bit over, I eat less that day, especially at night and portion control is the number one way to lose weight and to keep it under control.

You can do it because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! If you have lost 12 kg, you can lose 15 kg but you do need to stop binge eating, Zanete. Learn to have a few bites and then stop. I heard that increasing good fats and protien and lowering carbs and drinking lots of water helps curb cravings and leaves you constantly feeling full.

Might be worth giving it a go. Its worked well for me so far. Lori I love it when you post on this subject.

It is an area where I struggle the most. It is a besetting sin for many women. All we need to do is people watch, and we can see that almost half of all women are overweight. Thank you! I know I can do this through Christ who strengthens me! I look forward to more of these posts if you will. Thank you, Diane. Yes you can! We all need consistent encouragement in the ways of godliness and this is what the body of believers should be able to freely do with each other.

No sin or struggle in our lives should be off limits. Science is showing us more and more that many women are also visually stimulated. My wife is and many of the women she ministers too are as well. If a man is looking at women, mentally undressing them and thinking about sex with them then he is in engaging in lust and is in sin. I feel for this wife who has a mentally unfaithful husband. This is not should not be accepted as normal male behavior. You can notice someone you find attractive but then immediately move on so as to not dwell on it.

I am 52 years old and I have never once mentally undressed a woman. We did not raise our sons this way either. If one of my daughters was dating a man with this issue, we would strongly suggest against such a relationship because often mental unfaithfulness heads into, or is already hand in hand with porn use.

A man who views women solely as a body to have sex with is not an honorable man. Women are people first. With hearts and souls. About the weight.

Guys, if you hardline expecting your wife to look a certain way than you better return the favor. Spouses should never ever nag or demean each other about their weight. Strive for health? But tearing another person down is wrong. Trying to stay ahead of 5 kids is an Olympic feat. But slowly we are getting the house back to ourselves. My wife is about 30 pounds heavier than when we married, 30 years ago.

We Christians keep the mindset going by telling men they are weak slaves to their sex drives. I agree with you, Brian H. It is so uplifting to read a man say these things.

Sounds like you are very understanding and your wife is blessed, and so are your children. Women do have a responsibility for how they dress and act, and men a responsibility to look away or ignore sexually teasing behaviors outside of marriage.

And this is what Lori is teaching to the women who read her. Perhaps you are just using exaggeration to make your points, but we are freed from sin and responsible to walk in the Spirit, and a part of walking in the Spirit is not being a stumbling block, which some women want to believe is all on the man to ignore her sexually attractive dress and behaviors.

Ken, Thank you. We all know the heart is wicked and modern women and girls prove it. Have you considered starting a blog? I ask because it seems you have a lot you want to say to married couples and this blog is mostly limited to an older woman teaching us younger women which I appreciate because so precious few older women have made themselves as available to help us younger women.

If we want to encourage one male to start his own blog, we should ask the same question of the others. It seems some are welcomed with words of praise and some are not.

Since I found this blog, the tone of the comments and the actual regular comments have changed dramatically. I must say it has left me a bit puzzled as I no longer know the purpose of the blog. I mean no disrespect, dear Lori and Ken. Maybe just need some clarification. Thank you for your time.

I cannot get this anywhere else. I have searched and prayed for years and Lori is the only woman who has regularly taken up the call to Titus 2. As for encouraging one man over another to start his own blog. I think this can be hard for women to read when they are struggling with husbands who may be disobedient to the word. That would be a good blog for men and women, not a Titus 2 blog. I did not realize this was a women only place, as plenty of men comment here regularly as well.

I am a longtime reader and enjoy the online discussions with others who are also active in ministry and mentoring. This is what Lori says of her own Blog in the About Me page My ministry is based upon Titus in which God commands that older women teach younger women to be sober, love and obey their husbands, love their children, be chaste, discreet, good, and keepers at home.

Also, as a woman, she has always said she will not teach men although I know Ken writes here at times. I too hope for clarification as I come to this blog because I have no where else to turn for this kind of counsel from an older Godly woman.

I have lost a bit of weight due to stress. But i just found out baby 10 pregnancy 11 is on the way. So i expect to regain some. So im trying to make healthy choices. Lots of good fats with protien. Eggs fried in coconut oil, topped with avacado chunks and sour cream, yum!

Ten ways to be more attractive to your husband

Updated: April 1, Reader-Approved References. However, you may be in the mood to spice up your look and just to try something different to make your special man see your beauty in a new light. If you want to look beautiful for your boyfriend, then you have to take care of your outward appearance as well as your attitude. Not quite! The trouble with using lip balm right before a kiss is that it might make your lips unpleasantly wet.

They say "Happy wife, happy life," but I'm happiest when my husband is happy. My husband and I probably have a more traditional marriage than most millennials. If I'm there when my husband gets home from work, I love to make him his favorite cocktail it's kind of Mad Men , but it works for us.

May 21 27 Iyar Torah Portion. Plane travel used to be so glamorous. Even when I was younger, I flew very rarely and it was always special. I felt excited and made an effort with my appearance.

10 Simple Ways To Immediately Be More Attractive To Your Man

This is simply a common situation that most couples find themselves in after being together for a few years. You might begin to take each other for granted. Small, unprocessed arguments start to stack up and resentment quietly builds, like a subtle din in your partnership. Like anything worth having, getting the spark back is going to require a bit of effort. Effort that is well worth it. Spiderman said that. I would encourage you to only use these techniques with men who you are in a relationship with, or are seriously invested in having commit to you. On to the man-melting magic tips! But if you get out of your head, drop into your body, and slow down the pacing with which you speak, this will draw him more deeply to you in an instant. Just slow your speech down a bit compared to whatever your authentic, natural pace would be otherwise.

26 Ways to Become Irresistible to Your Husband

Posted by Carolina Jun 17, Marriage 8. I think all of us girls can agree that we all want to look more attractive for our husbands. We have unrealistic expectations of what beauty is. When it comes down to our husbands, you have to remember that he decided to marry you because of who you are not because of how you look.

When your husband was just your boyfriend and you were eager to impress him, you spent hours debating what to wear for a date. You simply wanted to look your best and nothing less would do.

As an Amazon Associate, as well as an affiliate of other programs, this means if you purchase something using these links, I will receive a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you! Hello, Friends! I know, in advance, that this post may ruffle some feathers.

Beauty is Fleeting: Looking Good For Your Husband

The single most important reason to be attractive is so that we can feel good about ourselves. The second most important reason is to please the one's we love. To be an attractive mom means that your children like to be with you and to introduce you to their friends.

Some people believe that sex plays a very small part in marriage, as true as that may be, its value cannot be undermined. Things may go haywire between two people when they are married especially if they have lost physical contact with each other. Being sexual involves having a strong attraction and bond between two people. Do you remember the time when you used to go out and look for unique gifts and surprises for your spouse? The problem in a lot of cases is that women forget to keep up with their personal touch which causes relationships to take a downward course.

26 Best Quick Ways To Attract Your Husband Sexually

Since we know this about men and if we are married to a man, we should do what we can to stay attractive for our own husband. I agree with this and I am sure a lot of husbands would as well. Maintaining their figures and beauty—through reasonable efforts—is one important way that women can make their husbands happy. She gained 65 pounds while she was pregnant and soon after her birth, she shared that she had already lost 30 pounds and wanted to lose the rest so she would feel good and look good for her husband. Women went berserk over this and ridiculed her for saying this! Instead of being ridiculed, she should have been applauded for wanting to make her husband happy!

Mar 22, - Here are 26 best & simple ways to attract your husband and get the spark in for your age and those that will start making you look sexy and attractive, Remain beautiful and attractive so that your husband wants to come.

In: Marriage. Your husband is constantly spending all day in pajamas, or gym attire. He has dark circles under his eyes and a grumpy disposition because of his long to-do list. While he is a wonderful father, you often feel like you are the last thing on his mind. At the end of the day, he collapses on the couch and binges television until he falls asleep.

Staying Hot For My Husband Is ESSENTIAL To A Successful Marriage

What does it take to make my husband desire me? In other words, both your husband and you have started taking each other for granted. Your husband might still be in love with you but as mentioned above, he has started taking you for granted. Here are a few tips that will help reverse the situation:.

The Muslim woman makes herself beautiful for her husband by means of make-up, clothing, etc. In this way she will appear more beautiful and attractive to him, and make her husband, Allah willing, love her more. They would wear fine clothes and jewellery at home, aswell as when they were traveling, in order to make themselves look beautiful for their husbands. A Muslim woman's beauty should be primarily for her husbands and not just for her friends and peers.

He comes closer to you. Gives a naughty look, and then pulling you nearer to his masculine body, makes you feel wanted.

However open and honest we might want to be in our marriages, there are still some things we wish our spouses knew without us having to tell them. I wanted him to notice me and to be attracted to me. Thankfully, he did and he was. Understanding the ways that guys are visually stimulated worked to my advantage in those days.



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