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How to make a gemini woman obsessed with you

They are hard to read because of their spontaneous personalities. They have bags full of tricks that never fail to surprise anyone who comes near them. You need to show them and prove to them why they should put their hearts in your hands. One of the dark sides of Geminis is that they tend to be paranoid.

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10 Highly Effective, Foolproof Tricks To Make A Gemini Fall In Love With You

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It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. How to make a gemini man obsessed with me?

How to make a gemini man obsessed witha a cpricorn girl. Asked by: rushapathak. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. A lot of women are attracted to Gemini men. Coming on to strong will not going to make a Gemini man fall in love with you.

Gemini men seem t Add your answer. But you can make him interested in you and you can even make him fall in love with you if you want. Try to be friends with him first, keep it light. Capricorn girls can do that! They can use their charm to slowly seduce Gemini. It can be a very enchanting experience indeed. Show him your intelligence, quick wit and all those qualities only Cap girls have ; They are attracted to intelligent women and able to fall in love with those who are able to form a soul-like bond with them on a mental, physical and emotional level!

Good luck! Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Gemini men seem to have long , loving relationships with women whom they are friends with first, so try being his friend first. Men born between May 22nd and June 21st seem to have short attention spans, so you will need to be more giving towards them. Women who date Gemini men like this usually feel neglected due to their short attention spans. If you are supportive you can make the Gemini man fall in love with you.

Men born under this Zodiac sign place open communication very high on their list. You have to let the Gemini man feel free to communicate his feelings without no reservations. You need to have an active imagination to keep the Gemini man's attention. Plan new adventures and always suggest trying new things with your involvement, of course. Don't try overpowering him verbally, because it will not work. He will come at you twice as hard. Remember, keep things fresh and alive in your relationship with a Gemini man , and become his friend first.

Thank you for your question, and I hope this answer helps you. Have a great day! Someone said: geminis are cheats well cnt judgeevery gemini but ones ive known they are sulky moody funny though and when in a good mood best company but when feeling bored or things arent going great the worst company also if want to dump you a gemini will; cause a load of rows and also keep dissapearing so it looks like ur fault why they had to get rid but tht just my experience cnt tar every1with same brush.

Was this comment helpful? Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Well being a Gemini , as you probably know, they relish intellectual challenges. What is blocking him is fear. Stay friends with him if you can and live your life happy and free.

Let him keep finding out more about you, that is the biggest draw, he needs to see all the dynamic parts of you. Good luck to you. I have bitter experience with Gemini. Those factors affect the victimised not the Gemini.

In the long run, life is as much about adaptability esp. So overall, there goes the negative side of Gemini. Unreliable and actually, unjustifiable too. Someone said: Gemini women Gemini man 5 years together never a dull moment great in every way, bad upbringing on his part father married and divorced 5 times he ended our relationship found out he is a liar and cheat watch out for newdaddy Capricorn men are generalized as preferring intelligence and character over looks - so one might consider focusing on these traits when trying to keep him interested.

Libra is an air sign. This means that usually they will be really stimulated with intellectual conversations. It also takes a relatively long time before a Libra man realizes he really likes the person.

He tends to be very careful when it comes to relationships. It might be best for you to yes, talk to him. Let him know how interesting you are. They are considered to be the diplomat of the signs.

Try to have a refine attitude, they would greatly appreciate that. There is no such thing that telling a zodiac sign has to do in your goal, if you dress well, act well and take good care of your body I am sure boys will catch a grenade for you, and do not forget to be humble because all of those physical attraction is nothing with out humble hearth.

Anonymous "They do string you along and will break your They DO string you along and will break your heart as soon as they are done with you and find someone new. It is terrible. You are never the one. They have to have the thrill of the chase They will dump you ansstill looking innocent. They leaves you because you are not ready to be committed when they do their research and knowing you have things to take care of.

Someone said: I am a Libra guy and we are not awful A libra will try their hardest to meet the needs of their partners and if a Libra feel the partner is tryn there hardest to meet their needs, A Libra will wonder to someone who has potential to meet their needs.. And give a Libra space please dont crowd them. Someone said: Best boyfriend i ever had was a libra guy Sadly he died in an accident I myself am a Sagittarius Someone said: I am married for 25 years to a Libra man - and the Libran comments above are perfect!

I am a Cancer - very sensitive to his 'frankness'. Libra men love to be appreciated - they work hard at everything they do - and expect the same from you. They respect it, and they should.

They are romantic - and love to be showered with your attention - dont we like that too? Should men be treated with any les indulgence. I love my man more than my own life. He inspires me to be the very best I can be.

I am a better person now than when I met him. And YES - dont smother made that mistake some , and try, ladies, to trust him. He's a flirt, but if you give him everything he loves at home, he's yours for life. He doesn't like fighting, and loves peace. Educate yourself and TALK with him. Someone said: The libra boy I dated abused me rigt im front of my kids pulled knives out on me than stole.

Someone said: my father and current bf are Libra, they have this alone time, they love peace, but sometimes likes to debate.

I noticed that they love you.. Anonymous "They are players who love to string you along..

7 Ways To TRULY Love A Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is flirty and fun. She enjoys being social and loves to talk. She is so friendly to everyone, it is hard to know whether you are special to her. Gemini women date often, but they have a very difficult time settling down with one person. To know whether you might be that person, pay attention to these signs a Gemini woman likes you.

Email address:. Despite her naturally playful side, a Gemini woman will never engage in games that endanger own heart. This means that you should employ a more intellectually focused approach when attempting to seduce her.

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How to Attract Any Zodiac Sign

Last Updated on June 4th, Interested in the signs a Gemini woman likes you? Then this guide is for you! When a Gemini girl falls for you, she behaves like a teenager in love. This will give you the opportunity to respond appropriately. She enjoys exchanging ideas with you. She just wants to be with you, to hear you talk. Gemini girls do not always turn up for dates. They talk such engagements as inconsequential.

Gemini Man Secretly In Love: 7 Obvious Signs To Tell

The Gemini gal wants to be admired for her brill memes and general sparkle. She's looking for someone to zigzag through life with. A Gemini in love wants to fascinate and delight her crush. Her kryptonite is to see you stifling a yawn. And she too has a low threshold for boredom.

Confident and attractive, a Gemini woman is not an easy catch.

He is a person with a spontaneous and fun-loving personality, but things become even more surprising when he falls for someone. This guy is fascinated and interested in a variety of objects and people, so it might be a bit complex to tell if he really likes you or he just gets attracted for a moment. After all, men are not really open about their feelings, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. Fortunately, you will get a key to his personality, his behavior, and even his desire nature if having clarity about Gemini man characteristics in love.

Geminis: How To Seduce, Love, And Sex Them

Gemini women truly light up a room. There's something about this lady that shines brighter than the other zodiac signs. She's able to talk to absolutely anyone, she's not shy and she loves to interact with people.

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Well, Gemini woman is a figure worthy to be reckoned to be a lover. However, before seducing her, you must know the reasons what makes a Gemini woman deserve to be your lover. The following below here is the personality of Gemini women you should know, boy before you know her further. Learn and understand her. Look at her, are you see the charm of her?

How To Attract A Gemini Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

Skip navigation! Story from Spirit. Happy Gemini season! People born under the sign of the Twins are known for being intelligent, outgoing, playful, and adaptable — and of course these traits show up in their sexual interests. Geminis are imaginative, so it makes sense that they love role play. Geminis do love quickies, spontaneous sex in unexpected places, and experimenting with new positions. Geminis are all about the mouths and tongue, so they love French kissing and can spend all day making out. They also love giving oral sex and receiving it, too.

As a gemini woman, If I am ignoring you it is because you did something to annoy me. If it's romantic, and if she initially demonstrated interest, it is likely that you.

Updated: January 7, Reader-Approved References. To be with a Gemini is to know two different people. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. However, both sides of her can be equally eye-catching and intriguing. If you're ready for quite the ride, a Gemini girl is for you.

7 Secrets To Making A Gemini Woman Fall In Love…


25 Cool Ways to Seduce a Gemini Woman in No Time






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