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I dont need a man quotes tumblr

And I hate that I let you still have that power. Ok it took me like 2 days to get through all these because you guys sent me so many songs but they were all somehow exactly what I was looking for?? You guys are amazing, I smiled, I cried, I loved all of them. Such a variety, including songs from other countries. And only some of them were songs I knew and the rest were new to me, which is exactly what I wanted. I updated this playlist guys and am looking for new songs if you have any more suggestions please reply or message me!!!!

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an introduction

Thank you for not committing and not treating me as I should be treated. My friend asked me what makes me happy. I was like money and food. He was like so if a rich man was like a chef it would be ideal for you. I can get my own money and food. I can make myself come so what are we discussing. I want to grow and learn; not only about myself, but I want to travel and enjoy my younger years.

I have an entire life ahead of me and I want to do the things the way I want. I want to see things my way and I want to become one with myself. I want to try to make a change and make my wishes come true before someone comes around a distracts me from what I really want. Relationships can be good things, but I believe that you must love yourself and learn to be independent from another first. I want someone who can understand that I enjoy space from one another.

I need someone who will trust me and my word. I want someone who will allow me to take my own explorations. I want to have someone who will just be there for me and support me completely. My new bunny came today. Best bunny ever. Review up soon C:. Keep reading.

For years I had always been in a relationship. For the first time, I am going to just do me. Single and unavailable. I am tired of relying on a guy for emotional support. I am tired of revolving my life around a relationship. I cannot remember the last time I was truly alone and independent. After all, I now know what I want in a man. And let me tell you… those expectations got ten times higher.

I hate when some random guy hits me up and expects to have a conversation with me. I am wiser than before and my standards are higher since the last. I do not have the time to converciate with someone whom I have no interest in. I do not want to build any sort of relationship with any guy. I just want to explore and have an adventure of my own. I love every second of being single and have hated every second of being in a relationship.

But right now… Can I just be young and wild and free? I might be buying a ticket to see 1D…one ticket…just me…fangirling…by myself. I think I can do it…. It was very obviously feminist. Log in Sign up. A girl without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. The smartest thing a woman can ever learn is to never need a man. Thank you. A women without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle.

Men independent women's independence Don't need a man. FUCK relying on anyone else for romance. I'll buy my own fuckin' flowers, tell myself that i'm beautiful and treat myself to gifts. I'll do a candlelit evening with wine and chocolates and watch a great movie with myself.

Because I fuckin' love me. Me is awesome, and If I can't do it for myself- why would I expect anyone else to? Holy fuck. Rampant rabbit Don't need a man Review Satisfaction ;. The reason I'm still single. Masturbation reminds me that I don't need a man ;. A guy: Keep reading. I refused to be defined by what happened to me You know what they say: A woman needs a man about as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Ridin' Solo Bitches! Single, no kids, going to school,full time job, and I have my own apartment. Let me do my squats and find a nice pair of leggings. Watch "Frozen - A Musical feat. Disney Princesses" on YouTube youtu. Never tell someone you love them just because you "feel" like it. I am so happy with being single right now:. In other news zendaya and Nicki help me love myself. And we need to protect them at all costs. Everyday I fall a little bit more I love with… Skyrim.

I love skyrim, nobody else but skyrim. I'm proud that I haven't messaged him Where the Wild Things Are. Want to see more posts tagged don't need a man?

63 Hilarious Tumblr Feminists That Will Make Even The ‘Manliest’ Men Laugh

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Feminism should never be seen as pretentious gals with hairy armpits demanding for more than they could take; feminism should be seen as common sense, because only by common sense we can start to see, that men and women are, indeed, equal. Equal not in the understanding of sheer physical capabilities, but rather in making the same choices and expecting for the same outcomes as men get.

Meng Yoe Tan. Many facets of social life are now intrinsically linked to the Internet through increasing dependence of user-centric platforms like blogs, social-networking websites, online forums, and open source websites.

Source: tangledasterisms , via purplebuddhaproject. Source: purplebuddhaquotes , via purplebuddhaproject. Source: liveloveevintage , via forever-a-fighter. Source: ithelpstodream , via one-step-at-a-time-x. It cures a multitude of ills.

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "tumblr" Showing of All Romance books are exactly the same. The endings are so predictable. You know romance doesn't happen like that in real life. You're setting unrealistic expectations for yourself about love. Real men don't have abs like that.

Time to focus

Many women dream about finding the perfect man, getting married, having kids, and living in a beautiful home. I feel like there is so much more to life than that. I want to be free. I want to see the world, meet new people, and experience all sorts of feelings. Now, I do respect those who choose this life and commitment, but please do respect my wishes.

Thank you for not committing and not treating me as I should be treated.

I think I want to settle down one day; get married and have a family. Historically, women have given up their careers for men and families. Okay that was a little exaggerated, but I do value my alone time more than most.

I Dont Need A Man Quotes



an introduction


Discover and share I Dont Want Your Man Quotes. Explore our Sad English Quotes Sad Quotes Tumblr About Love That Make You Cry know for sure that.


The 5 Reasons I Don’t Need A Man To Complete My Life







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