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Virgo man cancer woman love horoscope

Care and nurture is the strongest theme in the relationship of Cancer and Virgo. This pairing is one of the better combination of Water and Earth. Both the Cancer and Virgo crave for security and dependability in love relationship and since they both are capable of delivering these things to each other, the relationship usually go on well. A Virgo man is basically a very caring and lovingly dutiful towards his dears ones and the ones who really need him. He is very practical person and a fairy tale romance in not his cup of tea. He always believes in quality rather than quantity including romance.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Virgo Man & Cancer Woman (Love Compatibility)

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

Email address:. The Virgo man and the Cancer woman will get along very well in a relationship because they are both nurturing and supportive. The partners will respect each other a lot.

They can provide security to each other, which is something both of them are looking for in a relationship.

Not necessarily the most exciting relationship in the zodiac, the Virgo man Cancer woman union can be described as quiet but very rich in feelings. The elements to which these signs belong are Earth and Water. Water does good for the earth, just like the Cancer nurtures the Virgo. And the earth soaks up water just like the Virgo takes on the emotional baggage of the Cancer. These two can live a comfortable life together, because they both like to plan and to have security.

Neither of them likes to fight or to express their feelings loudly. In mythology, the Virgo is the Healer and the Cancer is the Mother. Their combined wisdom can only bring good things to a relationship. They are both romantic. She will pretend to be the damsel in distress, and he will love to be her knight in shining armor. The Virgo male will be manly and protective, and she will love him for this. If he wants to conquer her forever, he should be by her side in difficult moments.

She will like everything about her Virgo man. As a matter of fact, this is one of the few zodiac signs with whom the Cancer woman feels the safest. This combination is naturally going to work out. When it comes to sex, they are going to be very satisfied with how it goes.

They have passion and devotion for each other. Their every desire and fantasy will be fulfilled. In the beginning of the relationship, neither of them will open up easily. The Cancer is too afraid of getting hurt and the Virgo is very cautious with new people. He appreciates her sense of humor. Her determination to have a comfortable and secure life will be highly appreciated by him.

Both want something long lasting and stable. Not to mention how family-oriented they are. The Virgo hates depending on someone. Because the Virgo man is a thinker and the Cancer woman relies on feelings, misunderstandings between them may appear. He needs to be careful not to hurt her with his pragmatic thinking. Since none of them accepts to be criticized, they should both avoid making harsh comments about each other.

Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. And the Cancer woman may be too sensitive to put up with criticism. While he learns how to have more patience with her, she must become more rational and indifferent. Only this way, can they be a happy couple. Everything about Cancers is about emotions.

But the woman in this sign is also known for being very empathetic. However, such sensitive people are also very easy to hurt. He may need to guess her thoughts and feelings in order to keep her happy. She will be hurt by his harsh comments and will bring up any mistake from the past into discussion.

When a Virgo man marries a Cancer woman, a relationship of profound respect and complete acceptance begins to form between them. When times get tough, she will be the first person he relies on. They are going to laugh a lot as they both have a good sense of humor. Having someone for long talks and unconditional support is something they both need. The Virgo man can be a little pessimistic, and he can influence the Cancer woman to be the same.

If things went wrong, they would both panic and end up in a very dark place. Too much worry can destroy the relationship between these two. He will be adored and respected by her for everything that he does. They will be caring and affectionate with each other for many years. His love will keep her warm and secure, just the way she wishes to feel all the time. This couple is unique and the partners will find it difficult to live without each other.

The Cancer woman is ruled by emotions. The Virgo man lives to think. This means the two will complement each other emotionally and intellectually. While they are both very cautious with their feelings, they will learn to trust each other more after a few dates.

After all, this is a couple in which partners understand very well what the other one feels. He will open up easily, she will trust him to be by her side for the rest of their life. She will allow him to have his personal space, he will let her express her creativity. No need for conflict between them. They will not hurry to get married, and their time as a couple will be spent kissing and cuddling. The Virgo is a mutable Earth sign, while the Cancer is a cardinal Water one.

This means both the Cancer woman and the Virgo man are family-oriented and not bothered by domestic duties. She likes spending time at home and organizing parties with her family and friends. He may love their company, but not all the time.

If others get involved too much in their relationship, the Virgo man can become irritated. This is a guy who loves his privacy. Communication is key in any relationship. His comments may hurt her. If he says something harsh, she will be depressed and upset for days to come. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Menu i. Search Search for: Search. The Positives The elements to which these signs belong are Earth and Water. Search for: Search.

Cancer Love Chart

Cancer and Virgo as a romantic partnership start out on the right foot, since both are reserved, and neither tries to force love on the other. Their courting may look downright old-fashioned to more restless types, with polite respect shown on both sides. They could act like it's okay to be "friends with benefits," but in reality both seek the stability of commitment, though both may fear it, too. Virgo and Cancer are so sensitive, it's easy for each to feel they're in over their heads.

A Virgo man and Cancer woman are a very good match by zodiac sign. Both of these signs can get nervous and worried, but they will be able to help each other calm down. She will be able to help him relax with respect to his perfectionism, and he will be able to steady her emotions.

The Virgo man-Cancer woman compatibility is an unusual one where there are instances of them being as attached in one way and as detached in the other, making it a bit of a complex situation for both of them. The male with 6th zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of Mercury, also known as the Messenger of Gods, and it represents communication in the day to day life, involving expression of one's ideas, thoughts and opinions. This often makes them a bit more expressive. The female Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, which signifies one's true self, their emotions and aspects related to their unconscious mind. The nature of virgo man is sensible and practical who does not seek attention.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

The razor's edge between love and hate lives in this common but contradictory coupling. Your attraction feels so fated, it's impossible to resist. Fire-sign Aries loves freedom and risk, but helplessly falls for prudent, parental Virgo, an Earth sign landlocked by practicality and protocol. The tips of Virgo's gossamer wings are singed by Aries' flame—yet, into the fire the Virgin flutters. Both signs have a hero complex, and this relationship centers around fixing each other, or exposing the other to new ways of life. For the first six to twelve months, it's exhilarating. Arduous Aries hand-delivers Virgo's sexual awakening with passion that's tender and all-consuming. Cautious Virgo teaches the impetuous Ram how to slow down, prepare and look both ways before crossing. New facets of your personalities unearth themselves—how lovely! Once the hormone flood is no longer at high tide, however, there are glaring differences to negotiate.

Cancer With Virgo: Their Love Compatibility

Email address:. The Virgo man and the Cancer woman will get along very well in a relationship because they are both nurturing and supportive. The partners will respect each other a lot. They can provide security to each other, which is something both of them are looking for in a relationship.

Cancer and Virgo compatibility is unquestionable.

Cancer man and Virgo woman He said yes shyly to. I left, never expected him to call, but he did. Im so thankful he did and so is he. We found dating I think only these to signs can share and it cant be put into words.

Cancer and Virgo Love Compatibility

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date? Answer: a U-Haul. Cancer is the zodiac's nester, and you'll quickly set up a home with a fully-stocked kitchen, cozy furniture, a hand-wired sound system and eclectic art. This is a Water sign match that can work out swimmingly.

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When Cancer and Virgo make a love match, a strong, down-to-earth relationship with staying power is the happy result. This is a relationship with great potential to get better and better over the passing years. Both Cancer and Virgo are goal-oriented and disciplined. They are sincere and devoted to one another and share a strong sense of purpose. No lightweight love here: These two were not really built for flings!

Virgo Love Chart

When Cancer and Virgo get together, there is potential for a great, everlasting love. Their sexual relationship seems to be a lecture on emotion. The sign of Virgo brings Venus to its fall and suffers from a general lack of emotion. It is a rational sign with a lot to analyze, that rarely gives in to the first impulse or their fragile emotional state. They are to learn on how to feel safe enough to let their guard down and shut their mind off in order to feel and enjoy sex. They will learn to understand their partner better and make a stronger sexual bond, realizing how different people can be. If someone can help Virgo build their trust, it is their Cancer partner.

Email Me: @genuinelydivi[email protected] In this video I will share my analysis of Virgo man's energy in a Sep 18, - Uploaded by Genuinely DIVINE.

A Cancer woman and a Virgo man are naturally compatible. Both homebodies, this water-earth element combination has solid potential to succeed in the long term once they make the initial adjustments required by any relationship. For these two zodiac signs , such shifts are relatively easy. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, deeply vulnerable and protective of her space.







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