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Compliments for good looking guys

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So why do so many people say the way to get a man to like you is to never compliment him? If you want someone to like you, say nice things that make him like you! I mean you should be honest and authentic in praising people when they do something worth praise. There are 11 specific moments where I know complimenting a guy will make him like you way more.

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200+ Best Compliments for Guys

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Get expert help crafting the perfect compliment for your man. Click here to chat online to someone right now. Click here to skip straight to the 40 best compliments for men. And receiving a fake compliment is likely to have the opposite effect on a guy than what you hope to achieve. Guys like to hear things that they can believe. There has to be some truth behind the compliment and it has to be delivered in a genuine and sincere way. Make it specific.

It gives the man something to focus on. Focus on what he prides himself on. Quite often this will be an aspect of his physical appearance, such as his muscular physique or his sense of style. But it could also be something related to a talent or trait he has that he is proud of, such as his cooking skills or quick-witted humor. But compliment his other good points too. It can be very flattering to hear positive words about some aspect of ourselves that we are unsure of — or something we never really considered in the first place.

They will reassure him that he is loved not only for his most prominent positive qualities, but for the all-round person he is. Refer to how he makes you feel. These sorts of compliments show the guy the effect they have on you, which will give them all sorts of good feelings about themselves. Unexpected compliments are good. There is certainly a balance to be struck between too few and too many compliments. Too many and he might not believe them. One of the best ways to ensure he believes you is to make your comments somewhat unexpected.

Decide how to deliver the compliment. Generally speaking, compliments made in person are the most effective. Smile at him and look him in the eyes when you say it. This will convince him that your words are genuine. With texts, you might wish to avoid physical compliments. Perhaps he is telling you about a difficult customer he served at work — you could compliment him on his patience. Or maybe he mentions how is helping his friend out with a DIY project — you could say how kind or generous he is, or what a great friend he is.

On these sorts of occasions, a letter or message in a card can include multiple compliments relating to all of the things you love about him. Compliments are expressions of admiration. They are not hooks with which to fish for nice words about yourself. Say it for him and him alone. Your real aim should be to make him feel good about himself. Your hair is so on point today — especially if his hair is a big part of his style.

That shirt really brings out the blue in your eyes — works for green eyes, too, but not so much brown. You could wear anything and make it look good — some guys really suit every style.

Wow, you can really tell you put the effort in at the gym, those arms of yours are impressive — or pecs or six-pack….

I love the way you carry yourself — for guys who stand tall and keep their head high. Compliments about his personality. You are just so comfortable with who you are, which I love — for guys with high self-esteem. You are by far the most fun person to be around — does he make an occasion pop and sizzle just by showing up? Compliments about his actions. You are such a great listener, and I truly appreciate that in you — is he able to close his mouth and open his ears? Not all guys can.

Wow, you did a really great job of [insert something he has done well, e. I love how you try to have a positive influence on everything and everyone around you — is he always looking for ways to make the world a better place?

Thank you for making such an effort, you really know how to make someone feel loved — when he has gone to the ends of the earth to do something nice for you. I feel so safe with you — if he protects you and looks after you. I love how I can just be myself around you — when he is fully accepting of everything you are.

You know how to make a girl feel beautiful — a compliment for a guy who is good at giving compliments. You make me feel like I can achieve anything — when a guy supports you at every possible turn.

I feel so relaxed around you — when he knows how to help you forget your worries and just chill. I am so lucky to have you in my life — for the guy who is a huge positive influence on you. I feel so inspired by you — if he is a role model to you by the things he does.

I am always so interested by you — if he says interesting things and tells exciting stories. Still not sure how to compliment the man in your life? Chat online to a relationship expert from Relationship Hero who can help you figure things out. Simply click here to chat. This page contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them. I receive a commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them.

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How to Compliment a Guy and Make His Heart Melt (11 Examples You Can Use!)

Get expert help crafting the perfect compliment for your man. Click here to chat online to someone right now. Click here to skip straight to the 40 best compliments for men.

Everyone loves to hear a compliment- right? Try out one of these 40 best compliments for guys and really make his day! You are so handsome.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! How do you feel about yourself when someone pays you a nice compliment? These are just a few reasons why it is nice to give compliments to other people. We all need a confidence boost from time to time.

315 Compliments for Men

Believe it or not, men like hearing compliments. That may sound silly given the number of hyper-masculine stereotypes present in our society. From a psychological perspective, verbalizing heart-filled, genuine compliments is critical to male self-esteem. The insidious thing is that once it happens, men are less likely to verbalize how crappy they feel. When you factor in historical dynamics, like having an unlucky dating history and male body image issues , that insecurity can become compounded. That said, the material appearing below has been broken down into typologies. You can customize as needed.

How To Compliment A Guy (+ 40 Best Compliments For Men)

Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping at infinite information and reveling in entertainment and fun. We all know at least one guy in our lives. It could be a father, a brother, a boyfriend, a buddy, a comrade, or an acquaintance. Think about this really carefully: What nice thing have you told him lately?



7 Types of Compliments Men REALLY Want To Hear


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40 Best Compliments for Guys


Sep 11, - Complimenting a man on the way he looks, his personality or his to stick to generic compliments like 'handsome' to appreciate your man.








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