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How to find a person by car number

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A vehicle license plate search is similar to a VIN check. You type in the license plate number of a given vehicle, and we provide you with information about it. You can learn a wealth of information that has been recorded about the vehicle the license plate has been assigned to. This can include:. People do license plate searches for a variety of different reasons.


Vehicle License Plate Search

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New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Topmark Start date 5 Mar Topmark RMS Regular. I recently downloaded an App for my iPhone MyCarCheck, whereby you type in a registration number or license plate number and you are given the details about the car it is linked to.

There has been a number plate I have been after for a while personalised to me , so I typed it in to see what would come up. I now have the details about what car the number plate is registered to, but I would like to get the details of the person so I can contact them and offer them a price for it. Is there any way of doing this? Or is it just out of the question as a result of data protection? Thanks, Mark. Nicky RMS Regular. Drives HiluxSurf. Get a pig friend to run the plates for you Nicky said:.

Location Bangor Drives Mk2 Leon. You can get the owners details from the dvlni if you have a valid reason and pay them for the info. Data Protection goes right out the window!! Location Enniskillen. RoniN said:. Andy92 RMS Regular. Location Northern Ireland Drives Subaru. Nice little money earner for them, popular for dating purposes or to give abuse to another driver Over here there is no legal way.

Yeah I'd guess it is Illegal, and you won't get their details. Like You could simply want to give the person a hiding, by using t0eh reg getting all their details would be a massive security breach. But as mentioned above, looks like you can buy it from the DVLA, let us know how it panns out. But even paying the DVLA shouldn't be allowed. Ge0rge Banned. Location Belfast. The DVLA must consider the reasons why you need the information and how it will be used before it is given to you.

It is a criminal offence under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act to unlawfully obtain or sell personal information. KaraokeMidget said:. Ge0rge said:. I can read you know and type in RED too lol. I can type in any colour, just name it. Location Slumming it.

Ge0rge go a read the pdf files from the link I posted regarding evidence needed to demonstrate reasonable cause, then look at the form you send off, it really is that simple, you can argue the case all you like but this is how the system works, I have personal experience of getting owners details this way before and I wasn't stalking anyone "honest your honour".

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Lookup by License Plate

A vehicle registration plate , also known as a number plate British English , license plate American English , or licence plate Canadian English , is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. All countries require registration plates for road vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Whether they are required for other vehicles, such as bicycles, boats, or tractors, may vary by jurisdiction. The registration identifier is a numeric or alphanumeric ID that uniquely identifies the vehicle or vehicle owner within the issuing region's vehicle register.

You can search the records of over million registered vehicles in the United States. You can check whether a used car, truck or SUV has hidden problems. The state DMV assigns the license plate or registration number to a vehicle upon registration.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. CarInfo is a one-stop solution and a must-have app for most of your automobile-based needs.

How to Find a Person Free With Their License Plate Number

Find out the details of any vehicle registered in India through DriveSpark. Enter the vehicle registration number in the search box shown below. Enter Vehicle Registration Number Find. State-wise Vehicle Registration. Hyundai Grand i10 4. Volkswagen Polo 5. Hyundai Elite i20 5. Maruti Suzuki Swift 4. Ford Figo 5. Renault Kwid 2.

Free License Plate Lookup

Year - Month. Recent Years. You see a vehicle rashly brush against someone on the road but flee the scene in fear of getting berated for it. Even though you manage to note their registration number, you do not have any immediate recourse to know other details of the vehicle or the driver. You eventually end up at your Regional Transport Office, go through mammoth documentation and bureaucratic procedure, after all of which you manage to find the details you were looking for.

Our license plate number search engine is in BETA development, if you notice any issues, please let us know using our Contact form. In most cases the website will identify the car and its basic information.

Buying a used car is a good investment, but only if you approach this issue sensibly. Not only super minimal odometer measures , lovely fresh-painted body or brand should be considered, but also the vehicle's ownership and theft history. If you're going to buy a pre-owned vehicle, you might and even should be interested in its ownership history.

Trace Vehicle Number

Renew vehicle registration easy Renew vehicle registration complex NEW! Transfer title NEW! Duplicate driver license NEW! Duplicate title NEW!


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Find Vehicle Registration Details Online

It is possible to obtain the name and contact details of a person using just his license plate number. This kind of information comes in handy if somebody has fled after hitting your car and you have written down the license plate number. If you know the state where the license plate number has originated, tracking this information is quite simple. Get the information together. You need to have complete plate number along with the state. You will not be able to locate the person with partial information or car description. Submit a request application for obtaining public records. The procedure of obtaining information and waiting time varies from state to state.

May 12, - It's not as straight-forward as you might think to find vehicle owner information by using nothing but the number plate (VRM). The DVLA don't  Will a Vehicle Check show the registered keeper details?

Get the most recent information on South Australia's response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Penalties apply for driving an unregistered vehicle or operating an unregistered boat. If you're not sure that a vehicle or boat is registered, it's best to check. Registration is valid until midnight of the expiry date.

Vehicle registration plate


Search Vehicle Registration Details by Vehicle Number




Check vehicle or boat registration


Lookup Vehicle Owner by VIN


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