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Best way to get an aquarius man back

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Email address:. The Aquarius man dreams of freedom and of doing what his heart desires. This may be the main reason why you no longer happen to be with him anyway, but it can vary from one relationship to another. He would get scared your new relationship will lead to a breakup again and neither of you would want this. The best way to win the Aquarius man back is to be cool about the breakup and to just let him go.

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Ways To Get An Aquarius Man To Want You Back After a Breakup

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Everything you need to know about how to get your man back is here and in the stars. Keep reading and find out how to get an Aquarius man back. Aquarians are extremely independent and like to be on their own most of the time.

Once you have his mind, you will also gain his heart. Keep the conversation alive and let him know why you want him back. Be passionate, and the conversation will be fulfilling.

Aquarius men love spontaneous gestures, so do something exciting together. This will let your Aquarius man know that you are actually a fun person and you can have a good time with him. One thing to steer clear from when trying to date, or trying to get back with, an Aquarius man is talking too far in the future. This can mean anything from dinner plans to marry. The one thing that will tip an Aquarius man off is talking about the future of your relationship too soon.

The more fun you have together, the closer you two will get. Going deeper into their Astrological chart, you can find out more about them and how they act and feel. To get back with an Aquarius man, both parties have to be willing, and for that to happen, they have to be in sync emotionally with each other. They are the type of people you would give your heart to, and they will keep it safe on their own.

They will protect you will all that they have if you both are willing. Your hearts together may break, bend, and shake, but you cannot stay away from each other. Aquarius men are some of the best people you could ever be with, so if you just so happen to let one slip through your hands, this is how you can get them back to loving you. My Aquarius and I have been dating for seven years and very much in love.

He caught me cheating and has not talked to me since. Is it hopeless to get him back? I have sent him letters apologizing and I have sent him a card every week as encouragement for healing. He even talked about the future, was very affectionate, showered me with gifts. However, he recently lost his mom and is on workers comp, amidst my shenanigans. Is there anything I can do? Be patient with him and let him work on himself.

My aquarious ex has left me. Sending you photos of the two of them together is so that you will stop trying to get him back. Give him what he wants. Ignore him and let him go.

I think you need to give him some time and space. Try letting him be. He should let you. There is no reason to hold onto your stuff. I was with my boyfriend for 10yrs. During that time everything was perfect!

Then things to changed for the worst. He was always working never seemed to have time for me so i started to get lonely.. He forgave me but from there our relationship ended up spiraling down even more.

He still continue to work long hours I talk to him time in over in time over again letting him know that I was very lonely and I needed his attention. It seem like he could make time for other things like friends, his mother, going out of town with his friends but never me. I thought that he needed time to figure things out I thought we were going to talk things out but never happen come to find out he bought a house.

Leaving me in the home that we once shared together. I never thought that I would lose him completely. Do i still try! Do I continue to give him space do I reach out to him please help me! Hello, I wanted to get your input. And stoped saying I love you. And when we would text he seemed to be mad for some reason. Of course I was devastated, but also confused. This happened a little over a week ago. He also asked me if I wanted to hangout.

Thanks so much. Im a sagg and I was just left by an Aquarius man. We went on a date 4 years ago and I wasnt really into it but we followed each other on social media and discussed random topics via message at any given time, he tried asking me out on a second date throughout the years and I always politely decline. This year he came to do his taxes with me and sent an edible arrangement right after, I accepted his dinner date this time howver I had just gotten out of a long distance relationship and he knew that.

In getting to know each other I learned that he was very interested in me and even spoke to his family about me, and told me he wanted a future with me. I got comfortable and even spoke about marriage and would sleep over his place almost every day. Out of nowhere he became so distant and stopped answering my calls. That im amazing and hes just been out of it and he cant appreciate getting everything hes ever wanted. He apologized for not getting back to me sooner. My reply was that thanks for letting me know and as far as the stuff were in quarantine and he can just dispose of them and that I hope he finds what he wants and that no hard feelings.

He still looks at my stories on instagram. I want to get him back but I dont want to text and be ignored or come off as clingy. He was committed to the relationship for a while, making grand and loving gestures.

I could see he loved me but he never wanted to admit it. Gradually this got very difficult for me and he could see I was unhappy. We almost broke up once, and he was adamant in making it work.

I am desperately in love with him and for the longest time I thought all my paths had led to this one. All of a sudden, from one day to the next, he chose to end it. He had just left an old job and was starting a scary new one. I made him swear never to speak to me again but he still watches all my social media etc. We were quite happy until a year ago I ran into my ex boyfriend Aquarius.

And when I came back one day we saw each other by chance on the street and immediately reconnected as if it was yesterday that we saw each other. We chat for ours having a coffee and we start catching up for a coffee every two weeks for about 2 months, and then one day he told me how every single day he had thought about me and how happy he was I was back in his life.

We felt in love again, and after two months more months seeing each other we started an affair. I could feel his love so pure and intense. Until we had the bad luck his wife saw one message I sent to him and start controlling him very much, fights, giving him hard time and not allowing him to go out or talk with anyone.

After that he seemed very distant from as if everything has disappeared suddenly. I was patient for a week trying not to bother him even when I missed him badly and I felt as if everything he had told me was I lie although I know he is a good person.

I was ready to leave my life, to lose everything I have for him, and we were always so perfect when together and he said so many intense and honest things and show me so much love that I was in shock for the sudden change just because he fight with his wife. What about the pain I felt because of his attitude? Feeling like I was nothing. After that he blocked me from everything in his life, phone, whatsapp, Facebook, etc. We never could resist each other when together because above of all we are were best friends and we always have a great image of each other.

Could you please tell me what should I do to recover it at least as a friend. In reality I would never do anything to hurt him. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome to my blog about the Aquarius man. Conclusion Do you know how to get an Aquarius man back? Let me know!

Hi Dilly! Hi Tia! Hi Meron! Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. May 20th, Is a Good Year for Aquarius Men?

How to Get an Aquarius Man Back and Keep Him Hooked?

The problem is: you can hardly keep him by your side. This guy loves his freedom more and takes what his heart desires to his top priority. Is there any chance for him to return after a breakup? In fact, this man of present moves on pretty fast, and it can be a challenge to convince him to come back to you. Your Aquarius man is a true humanitarian ; thus, the first thing you need to do to win again his heart is to show your kindness.

An Aquarius man have the material for a perfect partner for you. That is why you need to keep him close. But what if you lose him from your grip?

You are not the first ex-girlfriend of an Aquarius man who wants to get back with him. They have a charm, these Aquarius men. You probably couldn't tolerate him when you decided to break up. And now he has left a hole in your heart now that he's gone.

32 Ways to Get An Aquarius Man Back to Your Life

Aquarius men tend to have a kind heart that can break easily, making it hard to win them back. But a little bit of effort can help. Despite being unexpressive with their emotions, Aquarius men are very sensitive. In addition, Aquarius men have certain traits that contribute to their somewhat unforgiving nature. Yet, if they see you making an effort, their hearts can be won back. By taking the right approach while making your apology, you can figure out how to get an Aquarius man to stop ignoring you. Aquarius men are very sensitive and need to know that you understand and fully realize that what you did was wrong. They will even try to make you understand this point.

8 Tips to Win Back the Heart of an Aquarius Man

Did you get that break up out of emotion? Did you and your ex get bored and decided to stop? Did the break up happens due to external conflicts such as parents and friends? Probably yes, probably no.

Aquarians ability to cut off from their feelings means that — unlike more ordinary mortals — however bad the situation, they rarely get angry and are usually able to look at things in an impersonal and logical way. Love and freedom go hand in hand for Aquarius.

Ways to get your Aquarius man back will Depend on the circumstances, and how much emotional damage has been caused in the breakup. However, the methods you use should be considered with regard to the characteristics of his zodiac sign. But he is also determined, resolute and a creature of habit. The great thing about Aquarius men is that they like to finish what they started, so he may well be open to giving it another shot with you if the bridges have not been burnt irreparably.

How To Get An Aquarius Man Back

Everything you need to know about how to get your man back is here and in the stars. Keep reading and find out how to get an Aquarius man back. Aquarians are extremely independent and like to be on their own most of the time. Once you have his mind, you will also gain his heart.


How To Get An Aquarius Man Back (With 8 Most Efficient Ways)


If you can be subtle about it, that's even better. First things first, you've got to give the man some space. Aquarius men need some time to process what happened.


How To Get an Aquarius Man Back: What No One Tells You


How to Get a Aquarius Man Back




How to Make an Aquarius Man Fall Back in Love With You (Secret Tips)



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