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Can a woman get pregnant with a vasectomy

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Do you want to get pregnant yet your male partner has had a vasectomy? Perhaps he should consider a vasectomy reversal. What is a vasectomy? This blockage will prevent sperm from travelling through the penis during ejaculation. A vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control that leads to male sterilization. Thus, he will be unable to get a woman pregnant.

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Pregnancy After a Vasectomy – Is it Possible?

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If your male partner has had a vasectomy, but he has changed his mind so you can both have a baby together, he can undergo a procedure known as vasectomy reversal in an effort to become fertile again. During a vasectomy, the surgeon cuts or seals the vas deferens to prevent fertile sperm from mixing with semen. A vasectomy is considered a permanent form of birth control, especially after a doctor can confirm that samples of semen contain zero sperm count.

Most health care professionals say that the odds of your becoming pregnant after vasectomy reversal depends on how long ago the male had the original vasectomy. The lower the amount of time that has passed since the original vasectomy, the higher the odds are for becoming pregnant following reversal.

Men who have vasectomy reversal within three years of the original vasectomy offer a 76 percent pregnancy success rate, whereas men who had their vasectomies between three and eight years prior to reversal offer a 53 percent pregnancy success rate. This percentage drops to 44 percent for men who had their vasectomies between nine and 14 years ago, and to 30 percent for men who had their original procedures performed over 15 years ago.

In some cases, men opt to undergo a second vasectomy reversal in the event their partners are unable to become pregnant within a certain amount of time following the original vasectomy. Eat healthy, whole foods high in nutrition, exercise regularly, and have sex with your partner during your most fertile time of the month.

As the male, there are additional steps you can take to increase the odds of pregnancy following vasectomy reversal. First, talk to your health care provider about obtaining a scrotum supporter, which can often be purchased from a medical supply store and helps improve the healing process following reversal. Also, wear boxers instead of briefs to promote extra circulation around the testicles, and to keep them cooler, which can help increase sperm count.

From a dietary standpoint, talk to your health care provider about vitamins and supplements that can help increase sperm count, such as zinc, and vitamins B12, C, and E. Reduce or stop your consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks — both of which can lower sperm count, and avoid consuming soy products, which some studies suggest can be fatal to sperm. If you and your partner are still unable to become pregnant following vasectomy reversal, speak to your OB-GYN or health care provider for more options.

In some cases, fertility treatments may be able to help increase your odds for pregnancy. CarePoint Health is dedicated to providing you with the individual care and attention you need so you can relax and focus on what is most important — the birth of your new baby. Content on our website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call Always consult your physician before making any changes to your medical treatment.

What happens during a vasectomy? What are the odds of becoming pregnant after vasectomy reversal? Need to make an appointment? Connect with our concierge team. Call us at or email us at Concierge carepointhealth. Call us at Share this page with a friend.

Can pregnancy occur after a vasectomy?

Change the Man or Woman , Now Change the Plan Vasectomy, surgical severing of the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles into the semen, is one of the most common forms of contraception in the U. About , men get vasectomies every year, according to a study done at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. An even greater number of women, some ,, undergo tubal ligation every year in the U. This, too, is an effective form of birth control. But life happens, as the saying goes.

Will vasectomy make a man lose his sexual ability? Will it make him weak or fat? After vasectomy, a man will look and feel the same as before.

During vasectomy consultations, I hear a number of concerns from men. Often, they want to know if the procedure is reliable. Many share stories of couples they know who got pregnant despite a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a very effective and permanent form of birth control. Only one to two in 1, men have a vasectomy that fails.

Getting pregnant after vasectomy reversal

Vasectomies are a widely used method of contraception today. The failure rate is extremely low such that they are a very dependable way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes a man who thought his family was complete may change his mind and want to have more children after a vasectomy has been performed. There are a couple of ways of resolving this dilemma. To be able to have children after a vasectomy you can undergo a vasectomy reversal or try In vitro fertilization IVF and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection ICIS using aspirated sperm. The traditional approach has been to carry out a second surgical procedure wherein the severed vas deferens the tubes within the scrotal sac which carries sperm from the testicles to the outside world is sewn back together. This is a microsurgical procedure which is actually far more technically involved and complicated than the original vasectomy where a piece of the vas was burned, removed or clipped. The procedure will typically take a couple of hours to perform and is done by urologists with who have undergone specialized microsurgical training. Unfortunately, these results are not always the case and the actual patency rate i. The other complicating factor with surgical repair is the prevalence of anti-sperm antibodies.

Family Planning

Every man who has undergone a vasectomy in the UK is sure to have thought seriously about the decision, and to have been advised by his NHS or another medical practitioner that the procedure should be considered permanent. But the fact is that lives change, circumstances change, and a new social or personal dynamic can lead to a change of heart. In this article, we take a look at the realistic possibilities of pregnancy after vasectomy. How to get pregnant after a vasectomy?

If your male partner has had a vasectomy, but he has changed his mind so you can both have a baby together, he can undergo a procedure known as vasectomy reversal in an effort to become fertile again.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that cuts or blocks the vas deferens, the two tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra. The procedure stops sperm from getting into the semen in order to prevent pregnancy. After a vasectomy, an individual can still ejaculate and produce sperm, but the body reabsorbs the sperm, and it never reaches the semen. A vasectomy is a very effective form of male birth control , but is it still possible for a partner to get pregnant?

My Partner Had a Vasectomy. I Had My Tubes Tied. Can We Get Pregnant?

NFL free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie just welcomed his 14th child, despite having a vasectomy years ago. Now, the couple says they really, really mean it. Absolutely, positively done with having kids," Terricka told Us Weekly.


Vasectomy is currently one of the most common methods of sterilization in the United States. After your vasectomy, if you change your mind about having children, there are two procedures that can help you have a child with your partner. The two options are: a vasectomy reversal or sperm aspiration prior to in vitro fertilization IVF. Your doctor can help you choose which procedure is better for you and your partner based on:. The first thing to do is see a urologist. Your urologist will take your medical history and do a physical examination to make sure you have no other health issues that would affect your fertility.

Vasectomy Reversal vs. Sperm Injection

A vasectomy is one of the most effective ways to prevent a pregnancy; it is basically a permanent birth control solution for men. Find out! A vasectomy is a surgical intervention that involves tying off the reproductive tubes of a man. In other words, the vas deferens are tied off and severed, thus hampering the sperm from reaching the egg. This is not a temporary form of birth control but a permanent one.

Will there be any long-lasting pain from vasectomy? If a man's partner becomes pregnant during the first 3 months after his vasectomy, remind the Is it better for the man to have a vasectomy or for the woman to have female sterilization?

Vasectomy is a form of birth control for men that is meant to be permanent. During vasectomy, the tubes that carry sperm are closed or blocked. Vasectomy is nearly percent effective at preventing pregnancy. But what if your partner has had a vasectomy, and now you want to have children? One is vasectomy reversal.

Fertility Options After Vasectomy

A vasectomy is a surgery that prevents pregnancy by blocking sperm from entering semen. The procedure involves cutting and sealing off the vas deferens. These are two tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

A Vasectomy Is Permanent, but Restoration of Fertility Is Possible

Depending on when the vasectomy was performed and the age and health of the couple depend on which option is best. TESE is a procedure performed under local anaesthetic where sperm can be extracted from the testis by passing a fine needle into part of the testis. If there are low amounts of sperm in the testis, mico-TESE can be performed under general anaesthetic using a microscope to take samples and seeks live sperm from the testis. The sperm that has been extracted can then be used in the ICSI procedures which is used directly into an egg or sperm can also be frozen.

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Pregnancy After Vasectomy: Is It Possible?



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