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How to find friends on tumblr app

If you don't have a Tumblr account, you can't use the lookup feature available to registered users. Since there's no way to directly search for friends on Tumblr if you aren't signed up for the site, you'll have to rely on some detective work to track down a friend's Tumblr account. With enough perseverance, you may be able to find it. If your friend wants to share her Tumblr, she can give you a direct link to her blog. You'll be able to see all the entries she's made as long as her blog isn't set to private.

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How to Find Friends on Tumblr Mobile App

Go to as many parties, meet ups, events and groups as you can. The more people you meet, the higher the chance to find some you really vibe with. Or someone with a great group of friends you then become a part of. Never fear to be awkward: everyone feels weird when it comes down to meeting new people. Just go for it! Smile at people and then talk to them, you have nothing to lose.

But you have the chance to meet some great new people. Nothing to worry or feel bad about! You want to surround yourself with mutuals you can share you interests and thoughts with, therefore be authentic when trying to meet friends you want to stick around.

You probably like to be invited to parties, asked out for a coffee or some adventure to go on. So do others! If you want someone to stick around make spending time with them a priority.

When it comes to making friends showing interest and caring about the other person is usually the first big step out of acquaintanceship into friendship. They stop texting back, never have time for you or something just feels off. You meet plenty of people, get along with some or many , stay in contact with a few and even fewer stick around.

But those who do stick around, are some hella fine friends. They like you for who you are, want to spend time with you and care about your wellbeing. And honestly: having a handful of friends you can always rely on is worth so much more than a room full of people you know barely anything about and have nothing to say to.

Originally posted by cl1n. Hello Friends, I have just hit 50 followers, and in celebration I have set up a way for you all to find friends. Thank you to everyone who is following me and putting up with my bullshit, I love you all.

I want more atheist friends?? I also love fetish jokes and dad jokes. Please be my friend, dm me for my other social media. I like coloring, drawing, and my pets! Contact me! I draw but I stopped because of family issues so no meds at the moment, I like literally any animal!

With consent please be my friend I will always have you Instagram notifications on,, please,,,. I feel so awkward making this post but I miss the days I had online friends and I was hoping to gain at least one friend I could talk to every day, maybe even late at night. I want someone who I can be there for and someone who can be there for me for rants, exciting news, bad news, etc.

Warnings: I am really insecure and stuff and I swear a lot so yeah. If you need a support I can be your own friend. Just write if you are alone like me. I want someone that I can joke with and has a sense of humor. That I can tell my issues to and vice versa. My life is falling apart and I have literally nobody. Hi, if you are lonely you can write me. I want some pal friends. If you are a follower of my Blog new or old , please promote your Blog by putting your Blog address in a comment below along with a brief description of what your Blog is about.

Let readers know why they should visit and follow you and what they will find when they do. Also, consider reblogging or sharing this post to get your readers involved and connected as well. Originally posted by usedpimpa. Sounds like you just need better friends. You niggas are about to be ruined. Pretty please? So i want to start just by saying hey! We are have a place to let find our nitch.

Which would usually be fine but lately their lives have gotten quite busy which has left me a bit lonely. I hope people in tumblr friendly and sociable.

I like music, films. I will be glad see all as my friends. Please, message me. Looking to meet some cool new people over the internet. Some specific favorites are writing, games, and physical exercise. Send me a message and I will be sure to get back to you. I like K-pop. Some of my favorites stories anime not included are IT the new films , The Umbrella Academy Netflix series , Shadowhunters only the books. I like puzzles and other shit like that. I like drawing, photography and writing.

So if you want to be friends message me. I really like pastel, aesthetics, plants, animals, and stickers. Originally posted by l-a-r-r-y-s-h-i-p-p-e-r. What do I need to do? I feel so alone sometimes… And sometimes I really need someone to talk to…. Originally posted by aestheticcabyss. Hey everyone! If you share similar hobbies or just want to talk hmu. I enjoy memes, video games, youtubers Ex. Snail mail and online friends both accepted! Peace, love, tranquility.

Stay weird, be crazy! I multifandom, beginner cosplayer, love photography. Recently I began life with a clean slate and now I want to find those with whom it will be possible to talk heart to heart and to become BF. Hope this works :D. I also take singing classes and play ukulele. Also I do some crafting from time to time, as well as photography and art in general.

What I am looking for: someone preferably around my age and of any gender, willing to talk about anything, both deep and funny, in a non-judgmental way. Fun fact about me: in middle school, every student in my school had to learn the alto flute as it was mandatory. Than I will follow you, too. I want to be your friend. With Internet, everything seems to be at your fingertips even in finding and making new friends. There are now many social networks that allow people to reconnect with lost buddies or form new friendships with people all around the globe.

While it is good to have friendships personally, having online buddies is also great. Online makes it possible to develop friendships that transcend geographical restrictions. Now you can have more friends from different parts of the world where you can share different experiences. It is easier, faster and even cheaper. Whatever reason it might be for losing contact with one another, you can simply go online to rekindle friendships. It only takes a few minutes in becoming a member and searching them through keying in the names of people you want to find.

Making New Friends Online There are so many websites where you can choose to make new friends. On choosing which site to join, consider your purpose in finding friends. You can find friends based on your interest as well for instance you might want to build friendships with people interested in photography. You can also find friends online based on location. Finding friends online is also easier since you are often provided with the profile of many kinds of people.

In this way, you can choose whom to connect to. There are social networking sites that allow you to send private messages, emails, instant messages and many more to one another. If you want to make a good impression, you might want to also take time in setting your profile. Write something about yourself that will interest people and adding photos is also a big plus in finding friends.

Aside from social networking sites, you can also make friends online through participating at forums and also through blogging sites. One very effective means of earning friends online is also through participating at chat rooms.


Go to as many parties, meet ups, events and groups as you can. The more people you meet, the higher the chance to find some you really vibe with. Or someone with a great group of friends you then become a part of.

The blogging website Tumblr. With such a large amount of traffic, there is a reasonable chance that many of your friends may be Tumblr members.

Updated: May 15, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to look up a Tumblr blog by searching for a user's name, the blog name, the user's email address, or related categories. While you can't follow specific people on Tumblr the way you can on Twitter or Facebook, you can follow their blogs. Open Tumblr. Tap the magnifying glass 3.

How to Find Friends on Tumblr Without Signing Up


Unwrapping Tumblr — Tumblr recently removed the “Find Your Friends”...







Since there's no way to directly search for friends on Tumblr if you aren't signed Parker now serves as a marketing specialist at one of the largest mobile app.








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