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Money needed for dubai

I will be traveling to Dubai soon for a week and wanted to know how expensive it is, as appose to London. What will be the ideal budget? Also chose a room with a swim up pool and our own private terrace so we can drink our own drinks we bring. If you want luxury and expensive places you can find it big time and if you want budget restaurants and shopping then you can find it as well.

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How to travel in Dubai on a budget (Updated 2020)

Some of our links are affiliated, we will earn a commission when you buy a service or product. This will have no extra cost for you. For further info please refer to our Privacy Policy. Neha from Dubai Wikia blog is sharing her experience with us and talking about how much does it cost to travel to Dubai, on a budget or in a very luxurious way. The nomadic life across the world is fun, interesting and exciting. Rest assured, it is everything but boring. While traveling liberates you from inside, it also helps you adjust to every possible situation.

I have lived in extreme conditions in Cambodia and therefore, coming to a luxury city like Dubai was a welcome change. As I discover more and more about this fantastic city, I want to share with you how much does it cost to travel to Dubai, how to make your money last longer and still enjoy all the amazing things to do in Dubai. It is not a paradise but it certainly is a great place to visit for backpackers even with a shoestring budget.

First of all, before talking about how much does it cost to travel to Dubai, you need to understand a bit about the city. Dubai is a part of the seven emirates of the UAE and its most popular one. Dubai is regarded as the safest city in the world with a crime rate almost negligible. However, to book at the best rates, it is better to book in advance. They are one of the most popular local tours and are well organized.

Or give a look at TripAdvisor reviews. You can reach Dubai from other neighboring emirates too. Landing at Sharjah instead of Dubai is a much cheaper option as the road distance between the two amazing emirates is hardly 20 kilometers. So, you can save money by booking a flight to Sharjah instead of Dubai directly. To find the best flights to Dubai use Kiwi. They have a useful tool for searching for flight connections and the best prices. Everything about Dubai is larger than life.

The roads, rails, attractions, food, and even warm people. The city has a major population of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other Asians. Most of them are here on employment contracts. Metro rail — Dubai has a super-efficient metro rail system. These driverless metro trains are the fastest and cheapest way to travel the length and breadth of Dubai. To travel in the metro, you need to get an NOI card. There are various tickets available. You can take a red ticket and can use it up to 10 trips or 5 day passes at the unbelievable cost of AED1.

Road transport — The taxis are frequent but costlier than buses. The bus transport of Dubai is very convenient. There are many special busses that organize exclusive Dubai tours for the tourists. These tours give you an overview of the best attractions of the city in an economical way. The buses mainly serve low-income groups and are well maintained, clean, and air-conditioned.

The average cost is 2AED per ride with a prepaid NOI card, but the buses can be a bit slow, especially during peak traffic hours. Abra rides — The oldest mode of transport on the Dubai creek connecting Bur Dubai with Deira, an Abra ride is a must-try as it is super fun and cost you just 1Dhs to enjoy this historical ride. If you want to charter an Abra, the cost would be Dhs Living in Dubai is a matter of choice. From the epitome of luxury to economic choices, Dubai has a huge range of budget options.

Finding dormitories is a bit difficult. Youth hostels are the next best option for the ones with a shoestring budget but that too is limited. They come at a far cheaper price than the ones in the heart of the city. The urban accommodation in Dubai has no upper limit. Recreational amenities like swimming pool and gym etc. To find the best hotels in Dubai do your research and book via Agoda or Booking. There you can find accommodation in Dubai for all styles, tastes, and pockets.

You have to be a foodie and ready to eat everything I mean eatable street food if you want to save BIG on your food cost. Dubai as a city has impeccable food choices and almost every famous cuisine in the world is available here like Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Arabian, Emirati, Portuguese, European, Thai, and the list goes on.

Dubai has a colossal range of restaurants and eateries catering to all pocket sizes. Dubai is an out and out tourist city. Every attraction is made to please its visitors. A benchmark city for the world, Dubai is a live example of intelligent channelization of resources. How else would you describe the world entertainment hub that was nothing more than a small Bedouin fishing village just 4 decades back.

Most of these attractions are inexpensive in fact, free. A few attractions that need you to shell out a few bucks are worth every penny. Dubai Museum — one of the best museums in the Middle East. Once you visit the museum, relating to the city becomes easier. Attractions like Dubai fountain, malls of Dubai, and Dubai aquarium are free while many others like Dubai Dolphinarium.

Global Village, Ski Dubai, and more are chargeable but every bit worth your money. For any city to observe a great nightlife, alcohol plays a significant role, but in Dubai, there are several restrictions in consuming alcohol. You need to have a proper license not only to sell alcohol but also to drink it. Yes, the Emirati citizens have to obtain a license to buy liquor even to drink in their homes.

The cosmopolitan nature of the city of Dubai makes its nightlife happening in high-end clubs where liquor and dance are in full swing especially on weekends. Almost every month some popular DJ performs in these clubs. Now you know how much does it cost to travel to Dubai! Follow our travel tips to save big and enjoy your holiday. A postgraduate in Mass Communications, Neha loves everything about life.

Traveling is extremely close to her heart and writing came to her naturally. Her ambition is to explore as many places as she can in her life. Travel by road — Uber and Careem work well in Dubai, with Careem edging it in terms of service. The latter offers two for one deals in major restaurants, hotels, spa, services, tours and hotels — so two people can save an absolute fortune. This is such a comprehensive post!

It sounds like you can do a lot here on a shoestring budget, which is great news for someone like myself. Like anywhere, it does depend on what you want to do! Will have to visit in the near future!

I also thought the same. Always associated Dubai with heavy price tags. Good to see budget options there! This is a good break up of different expenses. I was particularly interested in the food expenditure… I love to hog you see. I lived there for 2 years, and one of the things all the expats use to buy is the Entertainer, which is a set of discounts to practically all restaurants, bars and attractions in Dubai.

So interesting to find out how large the expat population is. Thanks for providing some insight into Dubai facts and culture before writing the guide, which was amazingly in depth. I can see a lot of research and experience went into writing this. I will definitely come back to it when I visit Dubai next time. Quite an informational post.

At an exchange rate of 1USD to 4AED approximately it could also be inexpensive if you know where to live and eat and use buses and metros. Of course some of the activities are bound to be expensive anyway. Dubai is definitely expensive in terms of other Middle East destinations, but we love it there. And going to the top of the Burj and dune bashing are must dos, in our opinion.

The water park at Atlantis is also a nice way to spend an afternoon. I have been in Dubai many times but never thought it could be a budget trip. You are right there are many ways that people can spend less but have a great experience. Also, I think it is cheap to rent a car, since the price of petrol is not high there.

We were in Dubai last December. This is a delightful journey. Thank you soo much for the enlightenment. I have never traveled outside my country and i would want to use this opportunity to for the first time to travel outside Ghana.

Planning a trip to Dubai

If you are traveling to Dubai you might not think of researching Dubai currency before you arrive, and it can save you a bunch of hassle once you arrive in the UAE. So many times I have arrived in a country, gone to get money out of an ATM and realized I have absolutely no idea what the currency or exchange rate is - what a pain in the butt! Luckily for me, as an American, the Dirham is pegged to the US dollar at an exchange rate of 3. There are fils in a dirham and there are one, half and quarter coins. Notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, , , and 1,

A single person monthly costs: Cost of living index in Dubai is 3.

How much money will you need for your trip to Dubai? All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. A vacation to Dubai for one week usually costs around AED7, for one person. So, a trip to Dubai for two people costs around AED14, for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs AED29, in Dubai.

How much cash should I carry for 5 days trip to Dubai - Dubai Forum

Heading to Abu Dhabi and Dubai shortly for a week Everyone seems to have a different oppinion?? Day 1: Concert at Atlantis the palm hotel tickets paid for. Day 3:Some sights in Dubai, followed by Dubai World Cup and out for the night, stay in Dubai that night tickets for races and accomodation paid for. Day 4: Lunch in Dubai, souq, Dubai mall and some more Dubai sites, and going to the bar in the Armani hotel in the Burj Khalifa to finish before driving back to Abu Dhabi that evening. Day 5: Mosque in Abu Dhabi and some more abu Dhabi sites and going on a dessert safari in the evening. Day 6: Pool day--Relax and walking the F1 track before we leave for our very early flight home! Everyone has a different opinion and no one can tell you how much you will need because they don't know what you will eat, what you will drink, how you will get to places. Not sure why it is a problem either because you can take whatever you think you need in Euro, change it when you get to Abu Dhabi airport or in any mall or exchange house in either city and if you start to run out you can use an ATM 'hole in the wall' just like home and get some more; so why not start with euro and if you need more get some. Just back from the most fantastic holiday ever!!!

How much spending money to take for 7 days in Dubai - Dubai Forum

Some of our links are affiliated, we will earn a commission when you buy a service or product. This will have no extra cost for you. For further info please refer to our Privacy Policy. Neha from Dubai Wikia blog is sharing her experience with us and talking about how much does it cost to travel to Dubai, on a budget or in a very luxurious way. The nomadic life across the world is fun, interesting and exciting.

Dubai in detail. In malls and most stores, prices are fixed, but in souqs and outdoor markets, it pays to know some bargaining basics.

Hi, going to Dubai with a friend for a week staying near dubai marina but was just wondering how many pounds to take? We have already pre booked atlantis waterpark but are wanting to go to bars, clubs in the evening. What is the nightlife generally like? There are usually ladies night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where ladies drink either for free or get free drinks.

Is Dubai expensive - Dubai Forum

Each dirham contains fils. Try to carry smaller notes with you—not only are they handy for tipping, it can be hard to get change of anything larger than a dirham note in taxis and some convenience stores. Since , the United Arab Emirates dirham has been pegged to the U.

Are you considering a trip to Dubai, but have no idea how much it costs? Is Dubai expensive to visit? How much money do you actually need for a trip to Dubai? This article should answer some of your questions! The biggest expense is, of course, the flight and the hotel, followed by some activities and excursions.

How much money do you need to travel to Dubai and things to do there

How much does it cost to visit Dubai? I know some people were interested to know how much stuff cost in Dubai and how I managed my budget. So here it is! This is including my flights, my accommodation, and all food and activities. And now lets get into the detailed breakdown in each category.

Dec 15, - How much money do I need to visit Dubai for one week? 40, Views. Other is the cheapest way to visit in Dubai?

Dubai essentially is like marmite; you either love it or hate it, but you cannot possibly ignore it. I wanted to see for myself and wanted to stay in Dubai for quite some time. Before visiting the city, I did my research and came to know how this Bedouin village flourished post discovery of oil and became rich overnight.

How Much Money Do You Need to Visit Dubai

Dubai is probably the most expensive and least backpacking-friendly country I have ever been to. Accommodation, food, alcohol and any sort of activity always turn out to be very expensive. On top of this, public transportation is quite limited, therefore on occasions, you are forced to take a taxi. Besides that, whereas in other expensive cities such as London or New York , you can always find a cheaper alternative and free events, in Dubai it seems that only the expensive choice is available.

Heading to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, how much money needed?? - Dubai Forum

Traveler Type. Trip Activities. Travel Style.

I am on a 5 days trip to dubai.


Dubai Currency: All you need to know (2019 Update)


Budget breakdown: 2 weeks in Dubai


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