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Did you just look at my wiener

The New York Times bestselling and Animal Star People's Choice Award - winning popular blogger, internet sensation Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund returns with a beautiful and whimsical book full of heartwarming and goofy photographs of his around the world travels in Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog. Join the photogenic Crusoe as he leaves fame and fortune behind to expand his horizons, get his passport stamped, and journey across the globe to eat delicious food, relax on beautiful beaches, dig lots of holes, and generally enjoy all that celebrity travel has to offer. You'll also get to see a little of his "staycations" and life at home between travels. Jet-setting is what dachshunds do best. In hundreds of brilliant color photographs, see the charming and charismatic mini-doxie embark on such thrilling adventures as

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did you just look at my wiener?

Under the glasses and beard, he looks like any regular New Yorker on his way to work or play. Now, if you saw him getting off his signature yellow school bus in front of a New York pizzeria, followed by a gaggle of pizza-eyed tourists, you would get it right away. Or at least a walking pizza encyclopedia. How are you doing today Scott? I remember you riffing for what had to be hours about pizza, the history, the trends and just random pizza trivia.

I was impressed. How did this obsession begin for you? What is your earliest pizza memory? It was always just there. It just had a warmth that was physically inspirational to me. Brian: So, the cardboard itself had a big impact on your earliest pizza memories? Just the smell of the pizza boxes? Scott: Absolutely. Pizza always came out of a box. We would go out for pizza sometimes, but more often, we would bring it in or get delivery. So, the pizza box was part of the whole excitement.

Brian: Now did that lead to your obsession with pizza boxes? I heard you collect them. Scott: I do not think that the experience of handling pizza in a box is what directly led to me collecting pizza boxes, and having a world record for it, but who knows.

Maybe subconsciously that trigger was there. Brian: You mention the world record for pizzas boxes. A Guinness World Record largest pizza box collection. In , I had over pizza boxes, and that was a world record. Brian: That is very impressive. How long has this been around?! Scott: It was totally weird. I used to go with my friends to pizzerias for fun.

Not uncommon in the New York area. You just go around, eat a lot of pizzas, then go home and take a nap. But that all started to change on my birthday 10 years ago. It was so much fun I decided to keep doing it. Brian: Well the next question I guess would be, why just pizza tours? Did you ever have any ambition to go into the pizza business for yourself?

I love making pizza, but on a small scale. It really became more about celebrating pizza. I just love pizza. I never really thought about tours at first. I thought about what could I do? Should I blog? Write a book? Take pictures? There was no Instagram back then. Tours just seemed right. There are tons of tours in New York. I met a lot of people who do food tours, and I started going to meetings of the Tour Guides Association. Then I studied to take the test to get my Tour Guides License.

I failed it the first time. I took it again and I passed. What are some mistakes you notice as a consumer that can help out anyone getting into the business? Then you see the new ones come along, the little whipper-snappers, and they are better in a lot of ways. New places are utilizing social media to help spread the word of mouth.

Using Instagram to showcase successes and mistakes on the menu. The older pizzerias tend to not have as much social media presence. Scott: I find the older places are a little more resistant to technology, which is ok. Brian: That makes me feel old. So, you think loyalty programs are a good thing for independents to start up?

Scott: Definitely. Consumers shop for food in few different ways. They do it for value. Sometimes people look for speed. They always say you can things cheap, hot and good. You really have to pick 2 of those. But if you can hit the trifecta, then Hazaah!

What is one of your biggest success tips you can let our readers know about? Maybe something they can apply to their own businesses. Because when you do, you become open to more opportunities and more ideas. For my business, I allow myself to get really into it. The more I get into it, the more the press picks up on it. The more people know about and talk about you, the more they are doing your promotion for you. Brian: That leads to another question I had.

How do you do your advertising? Is it social media, print ads, radio or is it all word of mouth? I went to check all the hotels and none of them had the cards. The problem is, if you put it out to the world without any process of refinement, you might be setting yourself up for people who might not like your product. How many pizzerias did you start with on the tours and how many do you have now?

Scott: When we first started the tours, maybe there was a batch of pizzerias in our stable. Now there are And each tour is different. It varies on my crowd.

At any given point, I really only know the first pizzeria we will hit. It changes on the geography of our guests. Brian: So, pizza making.

What is one ingredient you will never use? Brian: Hazaah! So, there is no ingredient that makes you cringe? Brian: What a very progressive attitude on that subject. I love it. I never do peppadew. You know, sweet, salty, acid. I just want to play with it. I really like trying things that are different. Click to check out Scott's own pizza creation complete with recipe video , the Mo-Heato!

Scott: I did work at a couple of pizzerias, but only for short term. Most of it was while I was running the tours. Brian: Well, not to be rude, but how does someone with your limited experience working in the industry, become so knowledgeable about that industry and the history of pizza?

Scott: Well, the history was the easier part. I just paid attention and researched it. There were a few books out there when I started about pizza history, not that many, but I would read them. What else can I get from that source?

Did U Just Look At My Wiener??

Most mornings, things are pretty chill on my Facebook feed. Typical middle-age mom stuff. But on Monday morning, I woke up to major mom drama.

It seeps and creeps, until you can no longer look away. At 25, my age now, Wiener left her job at a New York City literary agency to join a tech start-up.

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. Hey dad, is that a wiener dog on that pier? Someone told him to get a long little doggie. This joke may contain profanity.

I Feel Personally Judged by J. Lo’s Body

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She moved to California to work at a mysterious data-analytics company, then an open-source software platform that had just been through a famous scandal. There are plenty of abuses of power and absurd anecdotes in Uncanny Valley —a manager forcing a job applicant to take the LSAT on the spot stands out—but the strangest thing about the book is how well it makes Silicon Valley look like a mirage that anybody could be taken in by. They were not lonely. Wiener was a customer-support manager, not an engineer or a founder, so she always found herself a little bit peripheral to the big-dreaming action, but she was still present for the glamour and the gold rush. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Under the glasses and beard, he looks like any regular New Yorker on his way to work or play.

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Did you Just look at my Wiener?

Top definition. A wiener is a sausage or hot dog. Because its the phallic shape, the word is also slang for penis. In terms of spelling, wiener is a variant on the spelling of weiner, but both are recognized as correct by Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Instead it is a unique drama that pulls you in and takes you for a ride. The book is based on a medical malpractice case but don't let that Suzy's Case is a rolling stone. After the plot gets a little push the action gets faster and faster. Enter Tug Wyler, personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer who defends mostly small time

Did You Just Look At My Wiener?


Is That A Dog In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? Now. Tweet Now. Big Bro: How Did You Fit My Entire Wiener!? Lil Bro: I Guy1: Look, Your Roommate Is At It Again, This Time His Wiener Is Standing Up Guy2: You Think.


Did you Just look af my Wiener?







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