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Halo ce anniversary look out for the little guys

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Since there are of them, I thought it prudent to break them down into smaller chunks. This is just a guideline of course. You may find other ways to get these achievements. Also, I want to make note of another person joining me in on this Guide.

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Jump out of the way, and shoot it in the orange bit of its back with the pistol. Voila, you've got one nice, big, dead hunter. But if you're skint for weapons, do the charge and jump motion, but hit them in the back.

You might have to do it like 3 times. Or you can jump run 'em over with a warthog. More fun. On 2 player co-op to conquer legendary send in player 2 until he dies and keep player 1 in a safe place. A good easy tactic! Put Scorpions on Zanzibar. Now start Zanzibar. Go get the Scorpion then drive it over to the base with the ghost and the openable metal gate.

Get back in the Scorpion and go to the left of the big wheel near the base with the openable gate. Drive into the area with the wheel's spinning pillars sideways. One pillar will hit you and will push you up. Drive forward and the pillar and the bridge going to the sword will squish the front of the Scorpion and you will go flying around in the Scorpion You might die, but One time I got on the roof of Zanzibar!

When you fight the flood it is best to use a combo of the Assault Rifle For the little dudes And the Shotgun For the big ones. When the flood that look like humans come at you try to aim for their big arm. If you use Grenades try not to use the Plasma Grenades.

Also in order to get more check points try to kill all enemies in the area and the comp will generally give you a check point. Against the big flood just put a shotgun to their chest a pull the trigger it works best that way. Heres a cheap sniping tactic to aggravate your friends with next time your in a deathmatch. Here's a good way of killing elites or hunters in legendary.

For the hunters, unload an entire clip at their backs so the shot doesn't reflect off their shield and start shooting at them with another weapon while waiting for the needles to explode or just sneak up on one and smack him in the back, and if you cant to that Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially for the little ones.

Shot gun- use on big floods, and little floods. When those little guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shot gun, it shoots out a lot of bullets at a time you can see this if you shoot at a smooth wall, or the ground Also close to medium range range to the big guys. Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are moving too much it screws your aim very badly and you waste bullets and have to re load more often and then they have a clear shot.

For the grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall, or when you see a lot of flood coming at you from a safe distance. Don't use your grenades all at once.. They are to important, and sometimes rarest when you need them. Real messy however turnes most covvant into mush and wreckes covenent vehicles Ghost-Quick, hovering, OK shot but bad defence make this vehicle quite a dish, be careful howver u can get blasted easily Banshee-only thing that can fly but the best damn thing for just about everything.

If your going to use a plasma grenade, try throwing the grenade on the alien where it sticks onto them. It will blow up on them making sure it will kill the alien. Also the aliens can do this to you if you don't move. Its like playing with a bull a bull with a fuel-rod gun and a bad attitude with a red flag. Wait for it to melee you and right before it hits you move out of the way and hit it in the back. Then jump out of the way so it doesnt kill you.

This trick is very hard to do however, try and get behind one hunter so the other one shoots at you and hits the other one in the side Its simple, if you have a plasma pistol charge it up and fire it at an elite if it tries to dodge it, the shot will follow it and that should take out its shield, then pull out any other weapon assault rifle works best and waste em!

This will help if your annoyed by always having to go back because the yellow dude locks the door. First find a warthhog and get some people inside. Go where the place where there are lots of guys and where kortana says the covenant are putting up a real fight.

Go down completely with your warthhog and go at full speed directly where the yellow dude is. If you did it right then your warthhog will be half way through. Press forward and get out. Then pass the level like you usually do and come back where the warthog is stuck.

You may think it is impossible to get out but just press back and then get out. You will be in back of it and now you're done the hard part! Don't use the pop-gun unless you want a fuel rod chaser] [Plasma Rifle][Go for the orange flesh,but human weapons seem more effective] [Needler][The needles will bounce harmlessly off there exoskeleton armor]. It will tear through the Elites shielding.

Use smaller arms. Instead,fire continuous bursts to bring them down more quickly than with the pistol or assualt rifle] [Plasma Rifle][Very effective if your aim is true. If not,the overheat can leave you vulnerable to a charging and angry Elite] [Needler][Highly Effective.

Empty a clip at the elite,and the needles will home in on it,piercing its shield and quickly dispatching it.

When driving a warthog before you drive off a cliff spin right away to the side and the warthog won't tip but will stay horizontal and land from and height, this won't work if the cliff goes off that certain level. Also when turning to make a perfect turn, only do lots of little movements on the right thumb stick. Do this so that the warthog doesn't skid out from big turns and you can control it better. There is in level 5 a secret cave at the button of the map entrance.

It comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall be easier. In the multiplayer level of Blood Gulch there is a secret place on the side of the canyon.

Itz a cliff that's really high up, with a rock for protection. Grab a Banshee and a Sniper Rifle and fly up there, you should be able to see it clearly when you are close to the cliff turn the Banshee around and fly backwards to the cliff, when you are as close as possible, press "E" and you will land on the cliff.

Ok, this isn't really a cheat, just a thing to try. Go on the level Assault on the Control Room. At the very beginning you'll get off the Pelican. Right away tap x and you'll get back on the Pelican. Now you'll fly with the ship and eventually enter a mist and full to your doom and "press x to flip the Pelican" will appear on the screen. On any level in Halo, get the assault rifle, the shotgun and all the ammo and grenades you can carry.

When you engage the Covenant or they engage you , charge into them and unleash hell with the shotgun. If there are any elites in the group, pound lead into them with the shotgun until their shields fail. Then, whip out the assault rifle and mow 'tem down. The resulting blast should kill them all. Or, you could just charge in, assault rifle blazing until their shields fall and then whack them with your melee attack.

In the level "Assault on the Control Room" you can steal a Banshee. This is on the bridge where Cortana will talk about the control room being subtle, if you take out a sniper rifle and hit the Elite that is next to the Banshee in the head and kill him before he can climb into the Banshee, you can steal the aircraft and fly to the control room. If you've ever run into Jackals before, you'll know how annoying they are. Find a Covenant weapon and fire at him. The plasma with over-heat his shield and hit him.

This is effective against one, but for multiple Jackals, I suggest this. Throw a grenade behind them and shoot. They will turn to you and open fire. With their shields turned toward you, the grenade will pepper their back with shrapnel. These Hints should get you through most levels without any trouble from the Jackals. This works on the multiplayer level on halo. Im not sure which one it is but on the sides of the cliffs there are caves. Kill all of the aliens at the first part.

Shoot the captain in the Pillar of Autumn. Drive as far out as possible in the water in The Silent Cartogapher. On Two Betrayals, their is a sniper rifle in the building right outside the control complex.

Shoot the monitor in the Library level to hear him yell at you. Play the Pillar of Autumn on different difficulties to hear the sergeant in the beginning video tell different things for the soldiers to do. It go from keep your "keep finger on the trigger" to "pump the enemy full of lead and drown them in their own blood". Have men in the warthog and drive off a cliff to make say stuff.

Obviously effective,but use it on bigger threats before grunts] [M90 Shotgun][Can take down multiple Grunts with a single shot. It'll work but what a mess. This is the weapon of choice against the grunts.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Achievement Guide

It is awarded for completing the level Two Betrayals on Heroic difficulty or higher, without killing a single Grunt. Attempting to unlock this achievement playing solo is both very difficult and frustrating. A far easier method is to play cooperatively and have the other player kill all of the Grunts. In the absence of another person, players can complete the level on another profile leaving their own controller untouched.

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[Halo] Combat Evolved stealth released on Steam!

Jump out of the way, and shoot it in the orange bit of its back with the pistol. Voila, you've got one nice, big, dead hunter. But if you're skint for weapons, do the charge and jump motion, but hit them in the back. You might have to do it like 3 times. Or you can jump run 'em over with a warthog. More fun. On 2 player co-op to conquer legendary send in player 2 until he dies and keep player 1 in a safe place.

Master Chief Collection Achievements

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 's full Achievement listing has been revealed. The 44 unlockables focus solely on the game's campaign, rewarding players with standard mission progress and completion as well as various side objectives, according to XboxAchievements. Terminals and skulls, which are both new additions to the original Halo campaign, account for a number of Achievements. The remainder focus on level-specific challenges, from completing The Library without dying and under 30 minutes on Legendary, or finishing The Maw with over a minute left on the clock. Playing multiplayer or using the recently-announced Kinect features won't be required to unlock all the Achievements.

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It's almost time, folks. For those unfamiliar with game industry lingo, what this means is that the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary has finished development and is now on its way to be made into hundreds of thousands of discs for public consumption. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will feature improved graphics compared to the classic Xbox shooter, with the option to toggle between the updated graphics and the original look.

Halo Cheats

Local H Jay Registered User regular. December edited March 4 in Games and Technology. This here is the Halo 5 thread.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Halo CEA: Glitch/Look Out for the Little Guys Achievement (Difficult part walkthrough)

Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement? Add a guide to share them with the community. Game want to boost. Halo: The Master Chief Collection walkthrough. I am Mindslave , 27 Nov 16 Nov 10 Dec Unless you like the challenge of carefully picking your shots and being very conservative with your use of grenades, the best way to do this is in coop with someone who is okay with you taking a backseat role.

Look Out for the Little Guys

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If you beat Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on the Legendary difficulty setting, you will get to see an alternate ending. If you play Look Out for the Little Guys.

Halo: Combat Evolved is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released as a launch title for Microsoft 's Xbox video game console on November 15, The game was later released as a downloadable Xbox Original for the Xbox Halo is set in the twenty-sixth century , with the player assuming the role of the Master Chief , a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier. The Chief is accompanied by Cortana , an artificial intelligence.

Halo: CE Anniversary Achievements Revealed

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