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How to get abs girl yahoo answers

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Try working out your abs 5x a week. This way you aren't overworking the muscles. Here is a routine that worked for me, if you aren't sure how to do any of them just google it:. Also, jogging a couple times a week for 25 minutes will get you in better shape AND it's good for the core abs. Of course try to eat healthy as well. Just keep doing what you are doing.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 10 MIN AB WORKOUT // No Equipment - Pamela Reif

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Do This Every Morning To Get 6 Pack Abs

how to get abs?

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Hey I am wanting to get abs. Not bulging ones just ones that show! How do I get it? I would like a list of stretches and how to do them.

Okay first off you will not get abs like britney in one month You may start to see a difference in about months. All you have to do is do crunches everynight. Tons of them. Hundreds of crunches. I think britney was doing like crunches a day.

Plus they put some makeup on the abs. I would just start doing as many crunches as possible at night and in the morning. Start small You wont be able to do the first night Cut back on sugar and get on a diet.

Good luck. Hi: I'm your age and my best friend and I recently found something I like for my abs. We were looking on Netflix and found that they have workout videos. We searched "abs" and a program called trainers edge killer back and abs came up. So we tried it, and you can really feel it. Also, go to the gym. And as with pretty much everything, you'll need a healthy diet to develop your abs. It's not even about your looks either.

I've seen attractive guys have a hard time getting a girl while an average guy gets a bunch of girls. You just got to know the tricks. Have fun. You can totally get abs at 13! She now has a 4-pack and she looks amazing! At 13 you shouldn't need to have abs.. They are hard to get just make sure you eat right no snack foods and do various crunches each day when you wake up and throughout the day Or see a personal trainer.

Allyssa K. I am 13 Weigh lbs. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Remember losing weight is not a quick solution - It will take time. Claudette Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. You can't get them "fast. Sorry to disappoint you. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

how can a girl get abs?

So this is my body right now. On May 31st, we have a 3 day field trip just for the 8th graders and we're going to aracade, great america, and marine world. I want to look fabulous when we go to Marine World water park. I want to get Victoria's Secret abs or even a 6 pack like Pyeton Mabry!

Hey I am wanting to get abs. Not bulging ones just ones that show!

If I'm eating more food to gain weight then won't that cover my abs? Building muscle is about using those muscles. People get buff by doing strength exercises such as weightlifting. You should have a day of rest after a workout, because your muscles need to repair themselves.

How to get abs? (Female) Please Answer!?

I need excersies that actually WORK If you've got fat on your stomach everyone has, don't worry , then you're not going to see your abs any time soon. You need to first burn your body fat by performing 3 sessions of cardio each week. Cardiovascular exercises including running, swimming and cycling. But the most effective are multi-joint exercises which actually promote the most amount of fat loss on your body. Once you've burnt your body fat, then you need to do abs exercises. These come in the form of sit ups lots of them , crunches, inclined sit ups and others. You need to make sure that you first build a sold foundation with a routine of like 50 situps a day and 30 crunches a day

How to get abs for girls? (Pic included)?

What are some excersizes that can strengthen abs. Is there any equipment out there that actually works. I am 16 years old and weight 52kg. I play soccer, go jogging in the mornings and play the wii fit.

I am 14, about lbs.

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how do i get six pack abs (im a girl)?

If you are looking for exercises to lose belly fat yahoo answers? You are exactly right. I found the information that will be helpful for you.

I recently stumbled on a website that I think will be very helpful for you. There is all different types of work outs, has pictures, and explains to you how to do it. Lazar Angelov is not only a certified personal trainer. He is one of the best fitness models in the world. He is also regarded as the man with the best abs on the planet.

How do I get abs fast? (for girls)?


Aug 2, - ok i'm finally got my stomach flat since i was a little bit chubby well now i need to know how to get abs i've be doing sit ups everyday and eating right but  How can a 15 year old girl get abs?


How do I get girl abs fast?








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