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Is virgo man compatible with sagittarius woman

Virgo and Sagittarius are the preverbal odd couple match. One is an introvert and the other an extrovert. One has their eyes on the here and now, while the other has theirs on the future. At any moment either can be trying to foist their lifestyle on the other. It's not as if they're opposites; they have a squared off dynamic that can make both a bit crazy until they realize there's a time and a place for everything.

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Sagittarius Love Chart

Virgo and Sagittarius are both very bendy and changeable. They share a quality mutable that means they're adaptable. One sticking point is that Virgo thrives in the rhythm of the familiar.

They can be resistant to acting in the moment, which the racy Sagittarians can find maddening. Spontaneous Sagittarius is met with a pre-planner in Virgo who wants to plan out the deets first. The Archer is one of the most impulsive fire signs, bursting with enthusiasm to stay in motion.

Virgo's momentum is in subtle refining, and getting in a productive groove. Much patience will be needed with this difference in temperaments. Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter and is often a born optimist.

The Archer takes risks because of a general trust in life. Virgo's need to plan the day can seem tedious and crowd out the joy. It can even feel claustrophobic. Virgo's ruler is Mercury and more recently Chiron, "the wounded healer. The Archer is a charmer — many a player is cut from the Sadge cloth.

When Sadge flashes that winning smile, something might not add up for Virgo. They sense a wildness in Sagittarius that makes them uneasy, especially if they're eager for a settled life. The steady-natured Virgo grows uneasy around the unpredictable Sadge. Virgo stays cautious, and while dating can fall into the trap of being the 'naysayer,' the one that curbs the Archer's enthusiasm.

Sadge can seem reckless, with Virgo sensing the need to be the "brakes" in the relationship. Too long in this contrary role becomes a drag for Virgo too. Virgo likes to dig into conversation and become entrenched in details. Sagittarius casts a wider and looser net and has an aversion for the mundane. Both thrive when ideas can be put into real experience. Virgo helps Sadge bring goals down to earth. Sadge shows Virgo that following an inner call often pays off, and that fulfillment is worth taking risks for.

Virgo likes to create order in the day, while Sagittarius prefers to follow the inspirations from moment to moment. Trouble ensues when Sadge starts to plan travel on the fly since Virgo needs adventures to be thought out in advance. A Sagittarius in love will want to reassure Virgo of their devotion and try to allay their insecurities. This pairing brings up the age-old conflict of freedom vs. If a commitment is there, differences can be worked out over time. Upside: passion; flexible and open to change; health-oriented; focused on personal best; lovers of variety; intellectually stimulating; great conversation; many interests.

Downside: different philosophies about relationship; less is more Virgo vs. Sagittarius ; caution and freedom; thriving in a daily groove meets a restless soul. Molly Hall. Updated April 18, Together, they make a pair that's always evolving — never a dull moment here. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our.

Virgo and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Imagine a pair like this. Imagine how much love is given and received. Imagine the differences, the similarities, the way they work together. They are both aware of their blatantly different lifestyles and interests, but still want to work on fitting together anyway. If both signs are willing to adapt and they usually are!

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You are both independent, so getting either of you to commit to a long-term relationship is going to be tough. As soon as one of you thinks it could be possible, the other is likely to get the jitters. Of course, there are Sagittarius and Virgos who do team up beautifully, so be patient and go slowly. You could make this work if you want to! There are up sides to this union, but down sides, too.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

There is a great deal of chemistry between a Virgo man and Sagittarius woman, but there is also a lot of friction as well. This means that they have a connection, which is known as a square, but they are fundamentally different in nature. Because of this, they tend to rub each other the wrong way. This can add a dimension of volatility to their relationship. Yet, this volatility is not necessarily a bad thing, provided that it managed well. With Sagittarius, the fundamental question is whether she will stay around. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer and the wanderer. She has a fundamental sense of the impermanence of life, and this extends to her relationships. As a Fire Sign, however, a Sagittarius woman has a taste for challenge and sometimes even a good fight. The combination of sexual tension and conflict may keep a Sagittarius woman interested enough to stay.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

When Virgo and Sagittarius join together in a love match, the result is a well-rounded couple. Both enjoy talking about it with one another. Virgo and Sagittarius have unique approaches to life; Virgo is more practical and less distracted, while Sagittarius is the energetic explorer. It can be hard for Sagittarius to go along with the pragmatic realism of Virgo.

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For the Virgo man and the Sagittarius woman, a relationship is a partnership of equals who genuinely like and respect each other. Principle and Ethics. He is a modest, unassuming, practical man with a real desire to serve others. The Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, is a reckless free spirit, whose main desire is to please herself and to maintain her freedom at all times.

Are Virgo and Sagittarius a Good Match?

Donna Roberts. How compatible are Sagittarius women and Virgo men mentally, emotionally and sexually? As the fire sign she is a trailblazer, and as the earth sign he is a go-getter. But while the Virgo man achieves this through critical thinking, the Sagittarius woman barrels ahead.

Email address:. The Virgo man and the Sagittarius woman have so many differences, it would seem impossible for them to ever be a couple. Not to mention they have interests that can be in opposition. However, the way these two signs are able to understand each other is difficult to be found in other couples. No matter their differences, if they manage to find that middle ground, they will continue to be a couple, because they tolerate one another very well. The Virgo man Sagittarius woman relationship will look more like the most elegant dance anyone has ever seen.

The Good Things About A Sagittarius-Virgo Pair

How compatible are Virgo women and Sagittarius men mentally, emotionally and sexually? This can be an odd pairing, for the Virgo woman is steadfast and practical, while the Sagittarius man is brash and unpredictable. The female virgin likes her time making decisions and the male archer leaps forward without considering the consequences. If the Virgo woman Sagittarius man compatibility are to stay together in a relationship, compromise is key. This love match can only work if both are willing to make the first move. The earthy Virgo woman in love is reasonable and obsessed, which makes a pairing with the fiery Sagittarius man in love a little difficult. He is fun and carefree, making an appearance here and there while searching for the ultimate life experience. But if the Virgo woman can dazzle him with her beauty and grace, he will stay long enough with a conversation.

This is another example of this couple harmonizing together, despite their very different outlooks on life. Virgo man Sagittarius woman compatibility is far reaching.

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility is exceptional when this duo is on the same page! This romantic pairing has the right stuff to form a lasting relationship. Both parties have the gift of gab and inquisitive minds. Their matching intellect and leadership skills make them a force to reckon with. They are both action-oriented and driven.

I am Virgo, My Lover is Sagittarius

Chemistry and simpatico build fast between these two Fire signs, and you find a twin soul in each other. You're both independent explorers, driven by lust, joie de vive and a breathtaking moxie that others mistake for arrogance. That brio and derring-do is the badge of your spiritual kinship—a primal mating call that draws you together.


Travel plans could be cut short owing to some complication involving the Virgo man's family. An illness or crisis impacting your extended circle is highly likely. Be attentive and offer support.

Virgo and Sagittarius are both very bendy and changeable. They share a quality mutable that means they're adaptable.

Just like all mutable sign combinations, these partners could have a lot of fun. Even though Virgo can be quite demanding and critical, especially from the point of view of Sagittarius, their sex life can be satisfying for both. The good thing about their connection lies in a fact that these signs are ruled by planets that also rule their opposing signs. This means that they will feel attraction and a need to begin a sexual relationship in the first place. The main problem here is in the difference in their elements.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility



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