Simplify (3yz^-2)^-4

Rewrite the expression using the negative exponent rule b-n=1bn.
Multiply 3y1z2.
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Combine 3 and 1z2.
Combine y and 3z2.
Move 3 to the left of y.
Change the sign of the exponent by rewriting the base as its reciprocal.
Use the power rule (ab)n=anbn to distribute the exponent.
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Apply the product rule to z23y.
Apply the product rule to 3y.
Multiply the exponents in (z2)4.
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Apply the power rule and multiply exponents, (am)n=amn.
Multiply 2 by 4.
Raise 3 to the power of 4.
Simplify (3yz^-2)^-4

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